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Post 201. Hang Drug-Producers, Importers, Peddlers and Abusers!

 Hang   Drug-Producers,  Importers,   Peddlers   and  Abusers!

This  is    part   of   an  e-mail   sent  to   a   British   correspondent  of   mine,   living   in  Australia,   belonging   to   a  British   Royal  Line  (   genuinely  Desposyniic )  going  back   to  the   Kings  of  Mercia,     about    800   AD,   however  having  had  its  claims  set  aside   and   ignored   in  the  times  of   Queen  Victoria,   to    whom    Jack   the  Ripper   may  have  been  related,     according  to   some  speculations   about   murders   never    solved,     by   the  notoriously   meretricious   and  manipulating   Members   of   an    English  Parliament   that    has  become  in  time   a   travesty  of    the  ideal   the    Barons  of   Magna  Charta   and  Templar-fame    envisaged    for   a   Parliament  that   instead  of   focusing  on   a  Liberty  without   Duties  as   blunderously  and  fatally    advocated   by   the   U.S.A.'s  Constitution inspired    by  the  French  Revolution,      a   delirious,    murderous,     abusive    offender  of  all   conceivable   human   rights   expounded   by   the   Rationalists    and   the   founders  of  the   Enlightenment  Movement,     a   Constitution  which  should   have   focused  instead   on   crystal  clear   Justice,   which  is   an  ideal  of   a  higher  priority than   and  inclusive  of   that  of  a  Liberty   which  cannot   be  true  Liberty,   unless   complemented   by  corresponding   Duties.

Incidentally,    one   should   see  the  statue  of   Justice,    not  that of  Liberty   
in   N.Y.'s   Harbour   and  at   the   top  of  the  Capitol.    
Congratulations    Americans  and   Frenchmen.........................you   have   goofed   again!
Libertee,    Egalite',    Fraternite'........................my    ponderous   BULLSHIT!
..............We  are  all   equal   with   the  exception  of  the  Wealthy................

Only    in  this   way   can  the   Liberties  of  the   Collective   be    met   by   those  of  the  Individual.
Failing   to    meet  the   demands   dictated   by   this   Liberty-Equation,    a   Society   becomes  libertine  and  corrupt,      opening   the  way  to   the   rise  of  a   corrupt  laissais-faire    government    which  soon   gets    infiltrated   and    manipulated   by   political    puppets   without  character    and   moneyed   Mafias.


You  say that the   Normans   were    butchers.    I  do  not   think   so,  not   particularly  so,     as  perhaps  they   appeared   to  be  so   because   they  loved  Law,  Order    and   discipline.     They  castrated    irresponsible,   wanton  rapists  of    women   and  I   guess  they   would  have  hung   drug-producers,  peddlers   and  consumers,  had  these  existed  in  their  times. 
They   would  not  have   complained   about  the  Chinese   or  the  Malayans    inflicting  the  death-penalty  on   fake   British  or   Australian   citizens   with   no  morality  at   all,    caught   with   heroine   for   sale,    trying   to  become    rich  quickly,   then   investing  in   more   drug-importation,   brothels,    pornography,  sexual-exploitation,   further corrupting     the   greedy,   weak  and   vulnerable   individuals  in   our   societies,    to   look-down   onto   original/genuine,   honest,   responsible,    caring,    genuine   citizens    who     follow   ethical   rules   and  remain   of   average    wealth  standards  or    acquire   wealth   by   honest   means.     The   Churches'    support    and   defence   of  these   bastards   makes  me   puke   and  alienates   me    from   these   hypocrits!    
They  say   the  English  Minister   Gordon  Brown,  who  is  certainly   not  of  the   political  calibre  of   honourable   Mr. Blair,   criticised  China   and  this   does   not    surprise  me    any  longer.     We  are  not  living  any  longer  in  the  times   of  the   OPIUM  WARS,   when  a  couple  of   English   gunboats  (   don't   start  fretting  please )  would  be   able   to   enforce,    against  legitimate,   perfectly    legal  and  ethical     Imperial    Edicts,    the  freedom   of   Chinese  irresponsible   nitwits   to    commit   genocide   by   smoking  opium  produced    and   supplied   by   the  English    from   India,    in  exchange   for   Chinese   gold.
The  tables   have   been  reversed   to-day  in  so  far  as    it   is   our  democratic   people    who  are    taking  to  the Opium  and  drugs   sold   us   by    everyone  else,   and  our  leaders   are  still    supporting  this  morally  bankrupt   policy  of  a  fake    defence  of   private  rights   to    destroy  oneself,     on   behalf  of    low-class,    more   widespread  and  callous    MAFIAS   and  TRIADS   who   are  financing  their   rise   to   leadership   and  the  meretricious    Parties    which    idolise  them,   employing  them.     Why?   For  the  same    reason  that   motivated    our    leading  classes    then   consisting  of    better,    so  called    well-to-do  people,    from  the   bourgeoisies,    who    displaced    the   better   people    from   the  aristocracies,   through   wholesale   massacres   as  in  the  French  Revolution,      malicious,   slanderous   class   struggles.
What  have   you   really   achieved   you  MONGRELS?
Our   Western  Civilisation  is   dying   in   your  filthy,   incompetent  hands.
You  are   going   to   go   down   with   it   and  it   shall   serve   us   RIGHT!

The  more   I   know   about  most  Chinese  I  see   here   in  Australia,     the   more  I  marvel   at  the   callous   racism  of    our  previous   western  generations  that  made  them   call   the  Chinese   'Yellow  people '.
I  especially  admire  their   women    whose   skin   is   a   beautiful   ivory   and   wish  I  were   young   again!    Good  on  you  Chinese!
Population   Control,    capital  punishment   for   drug-related   weackness   and    crimes............May  God  bless   you!

Ruthlessly,  determinately   hang   drug   pushers,   Mafiosis  and  Triad   members!
Do  not   worry  about  our   babbling,   guilt-riddled,   Ministers,  Priests   and  sold-out   Politicians!

I  am   with  Malaya   and  China  on   the   eradication  of  these   bastards.    I   would  even   fine  their   families  if  I were  to   discover    illegitimate   wealth  to  their  names.
No  Privacy    in  relation   to   wealth.
Transparency   and   revelation,    demonstration,   proof   
of     all   sources  of   wealth  and   incomes   is  required.  

Wake   up   Western   World!
The   Fear  of    the  Lord  our  God  is  one  of  the  seven  theological   virtues    and   it  should  be   seeked   through   prayers!
Else   go   to  Hell!

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201. The Super-New Universal Great Flood is Coming. Alleluja!

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The   Super-New    Universal   Great Flood  is   Coming.

The Copenhagen conference was supposed to save the world, instead, all they saved were the petroleum industry, the coal industry, the nuclear power industry and, as well as them, also the irresponsible economies of the old and new generation of industrialised countries. We will have to resign ourselves to the fact that those who won’t learn the easy way will just have to learn the hard way. The Pacific Ocean islands that are busy disappearing may not be our problem, but when the Island of Elba disappears together with the Tremiti islands and Venice, maybe then we will start worrying. Heading for catastrophe, with absolute optimism! Merry Christmas to Planet Earth.
Blog: "From Copenhagen we hear everyone stating that the conference was a failure and that we are facing some serious risks. What can we expect once we exceed the three degree threshold?"
Onufrio: "As regards us exceeding the three degree threshold ... what exactly did we expect from Copenhagen? To form the basis for an agreement that would be fair, that would share the responsibility for reducing the risk, and to limit the rise in global temperature to two degrees. In reality, many people are even questioning this objective, which was already written into the G8 document and was accepted by all of the Countries of the International Community. However, even with a temperature increase of 1.5 degrees, many small islands would be submerged by the rising sea level resulting from the combined effect of the melting of the glaciers in Greenland and the thermal expansion of the oceans.
No agreement was reached and the commitments made would lead to a maximum decrease of 20% in the level of emissions, while we need to achieve at least twice that decrease just to remain on the right path towards limiting the global temperature increase to just two degrees by the end of this century. Indeed, given the current commitments made, we are heading for an increase of more than three degrees. The conference has left the planet in a situation in which climatic chaos is guaranteed, which will be seen in a number of ways, such as the fact that the number of people suffering from drought worldwide will increase from the current 400 million to 1,700,000,000.
We will risk losing somewhere between 15 and 40% of our ecosystems, here we see (see the video) the temperature, this is the two-degree limit, at the moment we are headed for more than three degrees with a consequent increase in the impact, the number of people that risk landing under water will be somewhere between two and 15 million, and an increase in a number of different pathologies …"

Onufrio: "More specifically, the areas in Italy that are most exposed to this kind of risk are the northern Adriatic and the Ionian. ENEA has calculated some 35/36 points on the Italian coast that would be in trouble.
So what’s next? The failure to achieve what was planned is due to the fact that the coal and petroleum lobbies in the United States are blocking a bill from passing through the Senate. A bill that is in itself weak in that, in the United States they are discussing a system like the one in Europe, where pollution credits can be traded, namely CO2 emission reductions that would take us back to 1990 levels, which were the reference levels already used for the Kyoto protocol and that represent a reduction of four percentage points. What we are asking the industrialised Countries to achieve is a 40% decrease in emissions. Europe had already made a unilateral commitment to aim for a 20% and was prepared to increase this to 30%, which is the minimum needed in order to halt climate change.
This chapter was not completely closed in Copenhagen, so there is still a faint flicker of hope. We now have one year of time in order to update the Kyoto Protocol and for the less industrialised Countries to ….counteract the lack of any specific undertakings by the more highly industrialised Countries. The emerging Countries that currently have the highest emissions, remember that China has surpassed the United States in terms of emissions,….but the chemical composition of the atmosphere is the result of the emissions released in the past 100 years, because carbon dioxide has an atmospheric life span of around 100 years so, looking at the bigger picture of emissions during the past century, the highly industrialised Countries account for 75% and, although China has now surpassed the United States in terms of emissions, in reality, as regards historical responsibility, the greatest burden of responsibility lies with the United States and Europe.
... we have seen that a number of Countries have shown some willingness to deal, on condition that there is money on the table, because it is clear that no international agreement can be reached without something in hand to give to these Countries. Here we are obviously not talking about emerging Countries like China, but other Countries that are struggling to adapt to the changes that will affect Africa and the Asian Coast, which will be submerged by rising sea levels... the money needed to gain access to technology to reduce emission levels and to compensate those Countries, where there are still large expanses rain forest, namely Indonesia, Brazil, the Congo. Recognition of their role in combating global climate change, in exchange for basic resources to ensure ongoing biodiversity, climate stability and indeed to limit deforestation, which alone accounts for 20% of the overall effect.
We stood by and watched a conference fail, and I would like to remind you that 4 Greenpeace activists are still sitting in jail at this very moment, the four that conducted a blitz on the procession of the Heads of State going to the dinner in Copenhagen. So we have a paradoxical situation where the Heads of State that caused the failure of the conference headed back home in their private jets without having done their jobs, while the activists who faced the risks that Greenpeace always faces when involved in spectacular protests will spend the holidays far away from their families.
The conference was even a greater disappointment than initially expected. We were not particularly optimistic as regards the outcome because we had seen the documents that had been doing the rounds during the past year and … however, we hoped that President Obama would be able to take a real step forward, but instead, all that came of it was a document that has done nothing to close the discussion, but has essentially postponed everything so that they can wait and see what will happen."

Blog: "It’s like a script for an apocalyptic movie, a race against time, with the activists and the scientists on the one side and the intolerant politicians on the other."
Onufrio: "Yes, it is rather. The only thing that has changed since the end of the Bush era is that, these days, no one other than the press in this backward Country that is Italy would dare to state that climate change is not man’s fault and that the situation is not that bad.
Unfortunately, the signals coming from the scientific community are disturbing. There is a risk that the only international venue where an exchange can take place between wealthy Countries and poor Countries as regards the widely held concept that we live on a very small planet that is becoming increasingly warmer and on which our continued survival depends is being put at risk by changes that have the potential to become catastrophic."

Blog:"One newspaper headline carried the headline: “Italy paralysed by snow and they’re saying it’s global warming!”, a minor bit of disinformation...?"
Onufrio: "Unfortunately there is always an intellectual tendency to equate climatology with meteorology, but they are two totally different things. We talk about temperature increases, we mean the increase in the average temperature recorded during the course of any given year, but this does not mean that it will stop snowing, or that rainfall patterns will change, or that the number of days in a year that these phenomena occur will change because of global warming. Certain people whose job is global in nature realize that things are changing visibly. Plants bloom at odd times or increasingly frequently, increasing cases of bleaching of coral reefs and an increase in the spread of malaria, or of dengue fever, the climate is changing and this is visible in many parts of the planet, particularly that part known as the cryosphere, or the overall reduction of the planet’s ice cover, which is a very visible effect and gives a very clear indication of what is happening, as well as constituting absolute proof: the trend as regards the glaciers and the frozen areas of the planet."

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Comment-:      ALLELUJAH!
Like  NOAH   did  in  his  times,   I   hope   it  cleans  out   most   of   the   human   rot   (  the  Mafias  )  that   has   accumulated   through  the  Ages.  I   do  not    mind   dying   but  I  shall  be   spirit   before  it   all   happens.   Good  on   you  God!
Well  planned   God!
Erase  the   Bastards! 

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Post 200. A Letter to my Neighbours at Christmass.

An  Open  Letter
 to  my  Neighbours,
in  my  Templar-wise,  
Catholic-wise  Understanding  
of  the  Christian  Holy   Spirit, 
to  be  felt  at  Christmass. 

I  am  very  grateful  to  you   for   a  term   you   honestly  used  during   our  recent,   much  esteemed   conversation.
You  said   that   everyone   should  make   an  effort    at   communicating   at  Christmass.    Your   use   of   the    word    'effort  '   is  correct   but   sadly   exposes    what   you   probably  are  aware of   sub-consciously   
(   consciousness  may   be  the  beginning  of  reform   through  God's   Grace)..............................
the  sad   state  of   being  of   our   self-glorifying  (   according  to  Rudd  and  our  politicians-:  We...we...we...we...)   Australian    society   (  even   worse  so  in  the   U.S.A.   and  getting   worse   in   Europe ).       
I   am  prepared  as  a  Christian  to   empathise    with    anyone   in   the   sad   scenario,   provided    one    becomes,   through  God's  Grace,    conscious  of   the  problem,   but  I  shall  not   tolerate  the    white-washing  and  self-glorification   of  the   whole   Australian   Society    which   to  me   is   one  of  the  most  false   and   hypocritical   in  the    world,    since   by  tolerating  and   accepting   the  falsities   and   lies    of   our Christmass,   I   would  also   become    infected   by  the  same   EVIL  spirit.  (  there are  always    exceptions   though  as  maybe   you  yourself  are  an  exception ).
  Perhaps  I'll   die   as  a   lonely,   neglected,    despised,    smeared-by-slander,   psychologically-suffering   individual,  but   I    do  not  care  as  I   shall   not   compromise   with   Baal   and   Mammon!  This   is   more  about   sanctity  then   obsessions   about   appearances   and  accidentals   and  a  NATURAL   dependency   on   the   material  aspects  of  one's   LIFE.    I   shall  try  in  fact,   to  depend   entirely  on  God,  as   from  experience,   I  have  found   one  cannot  really   get  a   truly  Catholic (  a    spirit  not  biased   by  some    angle  of   the  dangle  or  a  quid  pro   quod) help   from   Society (  the  Churches  and  their   hypocritical,  mercenary   Congregations ),  in    general.
This  as  the  result  of  the  scenario   I  am  trying   to  present,  with  great   difficulty,  below.
I  am   sure  many  fellow-psychological-sufferers,   and   those,   the  few   lucky,  conscious-ones,   feeling  or  being  aware  of  the   emptiness   and   frustrations  of  their    after   Christmass-   feelings,   when   all  the   efforts  have been    uselessly   expended  and  exerted,   when   everything    becomes   as  before  Christmass,      a    sewer   of   lies,  neglect,   ongoing-murderous-if-bloodless-feuds  (   still    breaking,  in   spite of  its blood-lessness   one  of   the  ten   Commandments  against   false-witnessing    and   having  the  same  degree  of  sinfulness  as   the  other   Commandments) ,     deceptions,  slander  and   mutual  betrayals,   and    shall   benefit    from   my  insighting   which,  in   itself   represents   a   first line   defence   against  the  widespread   EVIL,   even   of   a   false  Christmass.

Australians    are   making   tremendous   EFFORTS   
Fred Hollows Foundation
 Australian charity 
restoring sight 
and improving 
Indigenous health.

at   supporting  charities    abroad,    getting  involved  in   the   vane  effort  of  stopping  Global  Warming,    protecting   whales,    dolphins,    budgerigaars,    koala   bears,   rat-kangaroos,     the    plethora   of   defectives  (   i.e.,  mongoloids,   etc. )  being  born  in  Australia   when  they   should   not  be  criminally   allowed   to  do  so,    since   these  unfortunate   human  beings  are  devoted   to   suffering,  in  a  world   with   6  billion    souls,   demographically  on  the  increase,   costing   billions  of   dollars   to   a    society    which  cannot   afford   a    hospital  bed   for   each   sick  Australian,  who   has   to   go  on  a  waiting   list,  makes   a  75  years-old-cataract-patient  wait   12  months   for   an  operation   to  the  second   eye (  please  note   I   have   paid   my  health-insurance    for   more   than   30   years   when  I   could   afford  it   and   was   retrenched    at   47 during  the   Bob  Hawke/Keating's   Government  ),    cannot  produce   its  own   Doctors   and   Surgeons,     is   barely   able    to  produce   enough   tradesmen,   who  are   thiefs/pirates/unethical  bastards   anyway,   constituting  as  a  class   one of  the local  Mafias,    and  overcharge   for  their   pedestrian   services,    for  jobs  they   can  do  blindfolded,..............................
etc.  etc.  etc.

The    revealing     reality    and   true   hypocritical   nature  of  the   European  Australians (    most  Australians    have   come  here   from  Europe   and  please   stop   giving    me   your   Australasian   BULLSHIT,   since   a  landing  in  Australia    does  not  necessarily   and    unequivocally   signify  a  self-purification  or  improvement   in   one's  character,   and   Mafiosis,   I.R.A.   or   other  types  of   criminals   and  terrorists,  etc............remain   quasi-genetically  the  same,    strangely   defying   all  the   ideals   blabbered/waffled-about   by  our   glorious,   naive,   obsolescing ,  democratic  Constitutions,  about   the  equality  of   everyone   to   everyone  else,   except  the wealthy  (  these  were   written   after  the   French  Revolution/Enlightenment,  reflecting  its   Utopias,  abuses   and   excesses,   when  a  remnant of  the  old-type   Ladies   and  Gentlemen   still   existed  undisparaged   by  marriages   to   our  modern  good-loooking   throllops  and  viragoes,  meretricious,   pornographic  queens  and  princesses ). 
No............playing   cricket   and  tennis  or   an  Olympic   Gold   Medal does   not   make  one   automatically   a  Lady  or   a    Gentleman............Sorry   mate! 

Similarly, and  conversely,   being  a  United-Church  or  Baptist   Minister  or  a   Catholic   Priest  does   not   exclude  one  from  being    a   child-molester,   belonging   to   a   sub-sub--class  of  individuals,  from  the   sub-class  of   the  homosexuals   in  turn  belonging  to   the  wider    class,   peculiar  to  the  human   species  alone,  called   sarcophiliac  (i.e.,  seekers  of  carnal   knowledge  irrespective  of   gender  or  even  species,   sometimes   even  with  bodies   in  a   state  of  death.      Bestiality is   advertised   in  the  West   with   as   glossy  and  expensive    websites   as  the  other   types  of    sexual   distortions   and   mental   aberrations  are,  mostly  in  the  U.S.A.    and  Japan.   They   must  have    customers  as  their   websites   are   expensive  to   run,  maintain   and  service,  Uncle  SAM,   HIROHITO   and  investors    getting  their   fair  share,   undoubtedly.   I  believe   some   extreme   sects  of  Buddhists  practice  these   extremes  of    self-mortification,  or  perhaps   I   may  have  got   it  all   wrong  and  only    look   at  colour  photographs  of   rotting    bodies   and  one  can  buy   these  photos  in   Cambodia.   One  look  at   these   should  be  enough  to   cure  one   from   desires   of   carnal   knowledge   for   months  on   end,   but  then   again,   my    dear  Watson,   why  make  such  a   big   fuss   about   healthy,     mutually-    consenting   and   biblically-natural,   carnal-knowledge.   
I  wish  I  were   young   again..........................

Regarding  the   shortly  interrupted   subject  of  a   genetically heredited   versus  a  background  and  educationally-influenced   character-trait   such  as    a  criminal   disposition   or      tendency   and   liking  (  in   most  cases  it  is  a   matter   of   DNA,  a  matter   of   heredity;   psychosis   can   become   a  mental   sickness    one  may   end  practicing).  
I  believe   in   a   theory   which  is  a  mix  of   the   Protestant   Conan  Doyle   for    whom   genetics  are  everything  and  the  Catholic  Chesterton,   for   whom    opportuniy,   education  and  background   are   everything,   a    false   view    that   is  being   disproved   time  and  time   again  in  the  Western  World  of  Democracy.   In  spite of  the  generous  social  security   and  pension   on   which  I  am   able  to  live,    since  I   do  not  have    evil  dependencies,   an  increasing   number  of   Westerners,  think  about  the    seven  out  of   ten   American  and  Australian   soldiers  in  Vietnam    who   used   cocaine   addictively,    fall   prey   to   drugs.  How   comes  the   Vietnamese    fighters   did   not  fall  prey    to  the   same   vice,    or  at  least   not  to  the  same   extent,   given   that   they  were  more  severely  tested   by their  war-scenario    which  the Americans  could   and  made  sure  to   make   a   hell  on  earth,    by  using  defoliating   Agent-Orange,  Napalm,  heavy  artillery  (   exposure  within  a   given   radius,   to  one   of    the   heavy  artillery:  115-120-150  mm  shells,    atomises  a  human  body    by    noise   and   vibrations   alone,   carpet  bombing   (  still worse  if    using    chemical   and    phosphor-oxigen-depleting   effects),  naval    shelling,   etc.  etc.  

Irish/Mafia/Triad-Australian   criminals    are   exactly  like   and/or  even   worse  (  owing  to  the   increased   available  resources )   than   what   their    migrating    anscestors    were   in  spite  of  their   two-storeys,   quadruple-fronted,     bay-windowed,    balconied,   wall  and  gate-enclosed  mansions   in  the well-to-do  inner suburbs  or    fast  expanding   suburbia   which  is  a   JUNGLE  of   obscenities   and    under-cover    evil-doing   and   social    distortions  and  deprivations,   resulting   from  lack  of   correct   and    traditionally   proven   moral   education,    a   lack  of   social   care,     controls,   supervisions,   the   existence  of   a   laissais-faire-mentality    which  is  not  at   all   a   belief  in   liberty   but   MALICE,   a   tool   for   the  exploitation  of  the  weak    and     af   those  who  are   easily  manipulated,    the   presence  of  a  multitude  of    psychiatric   cases   including   psychopaths   and    schyzofrenia-sufferers,    free   to   live  among  an   un-aware   society,   hiding   their   murderous,     damaging,   all-sabotaging    personalities,   since  most  of  them  are   smooth-speakers,   with   nice   voices   and   are    good   actors,     constituting    psychiatric   traps    for    the  un-awares,    such  as  I  myself   was  when  I  came  to   Australia,   the   CLEVER,   GLORIOUS   COUNTRY,   in 1959.     
In  Italy  these  people   were   once   locked-up   where   they    could    not  trap    their   victims.      Those   who  are  aware  of  all    this   social rot,  including  the  meretricious   local   Churches,   the  Police Force   with   its  greed/hubris   in  trying   to  act   too  many   ROLES,     a  greed   which  it   should  not  be  allowed   to  indulge   in,   as  I  believe  most of  our  policemen   and  women  are  really   of  inadequate    intellectual    capacity  (    capacity    for  pure,  investigative,  forecasting  trend-,   abstract   thought   as   contrasted   to    PC   work,   equipment-handling,   weapons-handling,   forms,   rules   of   engagement    etc.   etc.) to   measure   up   to  the   criminals   many  of   whom  are   mentally/genetically  their   superior.    The  Police   Commissioner   who   could  probably  be  the  best  Master-Senior-Sergeant  in  the  force,     has   publicly  admitted   the  Police  Force   is   unable   to   do  more  than   balancing   the  power  of   the  Drug-Barons,   given   the   present   resources.   It   is  not  a  matter of   resources,      but a  problem  of   a  lack  of  intelligrence,  of    suitable  Rules  of  Engagement   and   of   adequate   Retribution.  

In  fact,    the  problem  is,  in  addition  to  a  society that  traditionally  protects   the    criminal   since  Ned  Kelly  is  the  hero  of  every  Australian   school-child,  and  this   is         definitely   pure,   now  obsolete   Irish   shit, (  I  say  this   on  the  strengh of  the  fact  that   I  have  personally   suffered   more  persecution   from  the  Australian  Irish  I  have  had   the    misfortune   to   get   involved    with,    probably    skizophrenic  bastards  of  some   sort,   than   from   anyone  else  in  my   whole  life )..............yes  I  dare   say   that   average     policemen/women   are   clausing    their   eyes   to  minimise  risk of  making  mistakes   when    confronting     criminals,   who   are   more   intelligent   than  themselves,   these   things  can  be perceived,    in   view  of  the    unrealistic    Rules  of  Engagement   which   a     somehow   defective,   corrupt   Society  favours  and  forces  onto  them,  in  spite  of  their   claim   of  a  lack of  resources,  in   number,  and   equipment,     which   is  really,  ultimately,      the  result  of   a  lack of  intelligence.
This   state  of  affairs  is   compounded   by   the   enormous,   unacceptable,  intolerable   variation  in    the  Judges'  and    Juries'   opinions   about   what  Justice   is.
As   a  bottom  line,   we  have   in  Australia   and  I  suspect  in   the  U.S.A.,    this  historical   bias    favouring,    protecting  and   glorifying/mythologising    the   criminal.   

 To the   Churches  and  the  Police  Force,   we  can   add   the  Professionals (  i.e.,  Psychologists  and  Psychiatrists   )  who  are    becoming    wealthy   and  driving  Mercedes   and   BMWs,  while    appearing  to  take  care  of   all  these  mental   misfits   running   around   loose   in  Society,    problems    which  they   are  not  even  trying   to  solve   as  it   is  in  their  interest   to   perpetuate  their   species  as  these   poor  bastards   procreate   at  a  greater  rate  than   normal  people.   I  recently  met   a   skizofrenic,    dementia-suffering  lady   of   about   my  age   goup,   at  a   24 hours-Clinic   with  whom  I   exchanged   e-mail-   addresses,    unaware  of  her  problems,  as   many  of  these  unfortunate   persons   appear   quite   normal,   their   voices    sounding   normal   too.   I   could  only    find   something   wrong   from  her  e-mails   which   were   odd,   with   bad  spelling,  obsessive,   variable   referencing  to members  of  her  family,   at one   time   endearing   at others    accusing  and   cursing  etc..   I   do  not  like  to   give  up   or   discriminate   on   people   but   had  to   give-up  on  her   friendship   as   she  had   become   jealous  of  my    lady-friend  and   threatened  me  and  her  with  all   sort  of   things.  I  have  known  this  lady   friend  of  mine,   for   about   20  years,    and  she   has   socially   conforted   me,  in   spite   of  my   defects,  including  an  increasing   deafness.  If   she  were   to   die   before  me   I  do  not   know   what  I  shall   do,   but  I  trust in  God.   The  Shackleton  blood  in  her  veins   somehow   nobilitates   her   and   made  her   rise   herself   above  the  average  Australian    commoner,   during  our   long   friendship,  a  rather  uneasy  one  at the  beginning,   due  to   her  ex-husband's,   her   mother's  and  daughter's  interferences   the  latter  being   a   drug-abuser  and  eventually   committing  suicide.    She  is  in  fact  a   grand-niece   of   Sir  Shacleton,  the  Antartic  explorer   who,   although   somehow   flawed   by  an   alcohol-dependency,   still  remains   a   great   Myth  as  a  man   and    a    daring    explorer,   a  wise   and   resourcerful   explorer,    unlike   Scott   who   was  basically   an  English  naval  fool,  in  his  refusal    to   use   dogs,  insisting  in   the  use  of   ponies,    his  refusal   shared   by    Shackleton    in    shooting    and  
eating   seals.

The  Police   Force   and  the  Defence   Forces   too,   are  increasingly   ineffective   as   the   result  of   their   general   low   level  of   intellectual  (   lack  of   sufficient   exposure    to  the   humanities )    preparation,    and  I  suspect,   genetic (  DNA/breeding   resulting   from  the  unavoidable   natural   selection  in  the  migrating  flow   to  Australia)   lack  of   capacity   for  abstractedness,   shining   like  the   Defence Forces   for   skills   and  practical  attitudes,  but,  like  in  Vietnam,  being  outwitted   by  the  opponents,    capable   in   general   of     higher   levels  of    abstractedness   and   endurance  than    our   American   cousins  and  I  suspect  our   fellow   Australian   mighty   warriors,   full  of    gymnasium-induced   muscles,      who  were,  in  spite  of   their training  and   natural digital-type   skills,   supposedly   superior   to   their  peasant-opponents,   they  called   the  'gooks',   but  in  practice    revealing   themselves  to  be  vastly  inferior  in  intelligence   and  character    to  them,    since  seven  out  of  ten    servicemen    could  not    cope  with   the  realities   and  demands   of   war,     without    abusing   drugs........).
Yet   no  one  talks   about  it.   
This  is  crazy,    mates!
You  are   digging   your   own  graves   and   those  of  your  posterity.
What  does   Murdoch  and  Packer   think  about  it  all?  
Hoh,  they  can  easily  divorce  from   the   girl  they  have  now,  grandly   share   a   few  millions  with  her, and  marry  a  woman   from  the   other  side,  if  hey  have  not  perhaps  already   done    so,   and   generate   a  new  line  of    opponents   on  their   side  and   switch  over   their   allegiances.
Mind-boggling,  hey?
Do they  believe in  God  and in  the  Ten  Commandments?
I'd  like   to  ask  them  but  I  am  deaf   and   would   end    doing   all  the  talking.

Our   synthetic  and  eclectic    scenario   has   been  building   up   in  spite  of  all   the  rather   constipated/anorexic    professional  cleverness    we   locally   produce    incapable   to   effectively lead,   owing  to  the  one   we  are    continuously  forced   to  import   with  little  or  no    controls  about  its    worthiness   or   compatibility   with  our   western   culture   traditions  and  beliefs. 
The  result is   ethical   and  cultural  chaos   and  confusion. 
The  remedy/cure  or   mere  alternative   is   supposed   to  be   Sport  and  Olympic    Games   or  Religion,  however,  the latter  has  become   nationalised   and rendered   useless,   a mere   routine  and  ritual,    so  as   to  avoid  having  to   think  at  all.   In a  short   while  thinking    totally   disappear  except   for  the  sake  of   skills.  Sometimes,    retaining    a  capacity   for   abstract   thinking   may  mean   a    limitation  in   skills,  as   the  time   devoted  to  the   former   means   less   time   for  the   latter.    A   practical    analogy  is   the   loss  of  time   for   skills   by   Europeans  or  other    foreigners,    who  have  to  spend  so   much of  their  time  in   learning  English,  as  a   second  language,  that they   have   to   reduce  their   training   for   skills. 

We  are   increasingly   including/adding   to  ourselves,  upper-nosed   status-ambitious/obsessed  Chinese (  some  of  their   professional   people  here   are  typical arrogant  examples.   I,  as  a   qualified  Theologian   am    their  equal,   at  least  their  equal,  if  not  their   superior,   since  Theology    remains   the   Queen  of   Knowledge,   while  they  are   most  times,   improved   mechanics ),    caste-conscious  Hindus,   non-hypocratic-oath-subscribing  Islamic medical  personel   ( I  am  dealing   with  my   fellow  Catholics    further   down).         Important    issues  are   the    centuries-old  neglect   of  the  Australian  Aboriginals,    the   use  and  abuse  of   all   imported   European   animals   we   ruthlessly   and  brutally  exploit   for   food,    allowing   so  many    to   die  out   every   year   in   droughts,   floodings   and  exposure   to  the   harsh   weather.
How   about  this   CLEVER   COUNTRY   fixing   the  problem   of  towns   built   right  in  the  middle  of   flooding-prone  areas  and   getting   nuclear   energy   to   desalinate  the    water   we     urgently   need?
However,  as   already    said,     the  Australian  Greens   are   lyrical    about  the  protection  of    the  rat-kangaroo,   etc.

They  (   with   a  few   exceptions   that  God's  Grace   always   selects  )   are   making   these  diversioary    PHARISYACAL   EFFORTS  about  local  fauna  and   flora,  weather   and   human   rights   without   duties,   simply    because   they  guilt-consciously,  desperately   and   wantonly  (   wantonly   since   the  effort   should   focus  at   realising  one's   own   hypocrisy,   not  in    white-washing    and    perpetuating  it   )   wish   to  be    seen   as   humane,    compassionate,    good-natured,   a   fair-going/giving    people,   when   an  analysis  of   what   is   the  reality   here  where   they   live,   is   definitely   not    showing   this   to   be   so.     The   Australian   youth  is   suiciding (  many  of  the  high-speed-road-accidents   are    suicides)  and   abusing   substances   at  a   record   world-rate   as  the   identity   offered   them    by   the  national  focusing  on  sports/games,   does  not   stand   the   test  of  reality.
Ladies  and  Gentlemen   of   a  high-calibre-character   cannot   be  produced   in  one   or   even  several  generations   by   playing   cricket,    tennis,  etc.  my  dear   gongoes.
The  product  is  a   big   SHAM!
To   achieve   an  improvement   in  character  one  requires   God's  GRACE   and   breeding   ( DNA).     Breeding    has   become  impossible  in  Australia    due   to  the   large   quantity  of    throllops   from   every  corner  of   the   world,   selected   for   their   anatomical   development.
Breeding   is   not  necessarily   physical   appearance    or  personality.
Those  of  us    who  have   sadly  missed   breeding    during  the   Dark  Ages    and  the  Middle   Ages    when  oustanding  characters   were  bred   in  China,  Europe   ad    Japan,   can to-day   play   cricket  or  tennis    for  generations    and,  in  the  absence  of  God's  Grace  (  Galatians   3:28  ),   remain   villains.
Australian   Society (  the   U.S.A.   is   worse )   is   a   failure  of   western   culture,   christianity,    human   nature,   abused-democacy  (  a   focusing   on   liberties    without   duties  rather   than   justice   ),   etc.........................in    a   country  of   continental   proportions   with   continental  resources,    except   sweet  water.       The    Irish/Mafia-dominated   local  Roman   Catholic   Church    stinks   and   does  not   certainly   shine    for   a   show  of  any   mutual   love    between   members.    There is  lots  of   clicquing  together   among    Irish   and   Mafia    members     who    deserve  one   another.     There   is  paradoxically    more    Love,   although   not  of  the  ideal  Catholic   type,  Catholic   meaning  Universal,    in   a    Mohammedan  (  I  am   not  saying   Islamic  Mosque  ),  if  one   forgets   the    iatus  between     Shi-Ites   and    Sunnite,   which is   nothing   in   comparison   to  our  obscene   and   shameful   division   among   Christians    (  a  division   that   corroborates   my  insights  ).       I,  as   a  born   genuine Catholic,      beware  of   fellow    false   Catholics   and    am  in  fact   expressing  and   proving   my   genuine   Catholicity    in  writing   about   the  truth,   not   by  whitewashing-it-pharisaically.   Please    remember  I  am   deaf  and   find  it  hard   to   meet  people   without   good-will   but   do not  need  pity  as  I   have  been   otherwise    gifted    by  God   with   a  little   understanding   and    cosciousness.       
I  can   count     Catholics   who    have   been  gracious   to  me,     with   one  hand.
In   nine  years  of   theological   studies   in   Melbourne,   I  have  been  able   to   acquire    only  a  couple  of  friends  in  spite  of  having   made   some   efforts   at   befriending    fellow   students.    Please  remember   I   am   handicapped   by   deafness   and  Galatians    3:28    should    make  true   Christians   overcome  the  barrier   of  my    handicap.   
Perhaps,   I   am  beginning  to  realise  it   now,    especially   this  Christmass,      my    ex-wife,   a  typical   Irish/English   Catholic   virago,   with  Mafia   connections  and  experiences,   has   been   slandering    and   misrepresenting    me   since  our    divorce  in  the  70s,   to   gloating   fellow   Australians,    eager  to  hear   about   a   migrant-ethnic-evil-doer,   such  as  I  am   supposed   to  be,   since  I   was  not  born  here    in  the  CLEVER,  LUCKY   COUNTRY,     where   Ladies   and   Gentlemen   are  supposed   to  be    mass-produced    through  the   cultivation  of   sports,    even  as   mere  spectators,   as  the    statistics  related  to   obesite    sadly   show. 
The   Protestants  are   even   worse   (   there   have  been  a   couple  of   exceptions   as  always,   by  God's Grace).    
I   must   admit    though,  in  fairness,   I  have  had  the    experience  of   some   genuine,   classical,    Catholic-ethos    at   St.  Vincent's  Hospital,   Melbourne   and  this  has   nothing   to   do   with   Mary   Mac  Killop,   but   with  Saint  Vincent  de  Paul,   who  lived   long   before  the  French  Revolution   and  the   Enlightenment.
 The   spirit  behind   the   necessity   to  have  to  use  'effort'   in   our   communications,   is   an   EVIL    one,   and  has   nothing   to   do   with   the   Spirit  that   should   inform  our  Christmasses    and   even     each    day   of  our   lives,   person  to  person   not   at   distances  of    miles.    There     should  not  be   an   effort   but   a   desire  motivated  from   a   LOVE   that   surmounts   all   barriers  and  accidents  of  nature  or    world,    else   we   are   FAKE   HUMAN  BEINGS.      Again    Galatians   3:28    applies   since  it  is one  of  the  most     felicitous,    most  absolute  and  most  encompassing    utterances   of  the   great   St.   Paul   whom   all   Australian   viragoes   HATE.     Viragoes   are  the   worst  of  that   type  of   distorted   female  part  of   modern   humanity  that   is    to-day   everywhere   in   the  world  around  us.       Some  of  these  viragoes  are   LESBIANS    or   more  exactly,   sarcophiles,   like  their   male   counterpart,   the   wrongly   generically-denominated    homosexuals,   some  of    whom   may  be   sarcophiles.   Similarly,    Lesbians  are  in  fact   homosexuals   too,   some  among   them   having  a  sarcophiliac    distortion/sickness.   I  wrote   an  Essay   on  one  of  my  Posts   about   this    insighting   of  mine.      Of   course,   it  is   not  the   type  of   insighting   that  becomes  popular,   as   people    prefer   whitewashings,   like   being    good   at  Christmass   and  on  Sunday,   and    dishing   out  a  few   dollars   for  charities   going  to  Africa  or    Asia   while   keeping  on   psychologically-sabotaging   Australian  Aborigenes.  

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Post 199. Blog into a Book.

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Post 198. The Mafia in Milano.

Follow the link to read the post   by  Beppe  Grillo-:

The  MAFIA   in   Milano.
Milan, the moral capital, has become immoral. It’s the capital of drugs and of cement without rock and roll, but with Expo 2015. It’s the European capital of cocaine. You breathe it in the air together with the CO2 to produce more. Even Milan’s rats are regular consumers of cocaine that flows into the sewers. “Mortizia Moratti” knows nothing, sees nothing and hears nothing. Mafia? What’s the Mafia? Someone explain to her, poor soul.

Interview with Gianni Barbacetto
”I am Gianni Barbacetto, a journalist. Among other things, I write for “Il Fatto quotidiano”. Milan has become, in an incontrovertible way, the capital of the ’ndrangheta. That’s said by magistrates who have spent years and years of their lives investigating what is by now the most important criminal organisation in Italy. But Milan, unlike Palermo, Reggio Calabria or Naples, is not a city that is monopolised by a criminal organisation. Milan is an open market. In Milan, there’s the ’ndrangheta, but there are also Cosa Nostra men carrying out activities as well as camorra men.
Milan is the capital of cocaine. A research project carried out by the pharmacologist Mario Negri, has estimated, by analysing the water in Milan’s sewers, that every day, 12 thousand doses of cocaine are consumed in Milan. In Milan every day there are 5 or 6 people taken into hospital for a cocaine overdose. It’s an immense market. The main segment of this market is in the hands of the ’ndrangheta that has set up privileged relationships with the Latin-American producers, and from this enormous cocaine market, loads of money arrives every day. This money can get into the legal flow and pollute the business of this city.
By now, the mafia groups in Milan have arrived at the second or third generations, they continue the old dirty business. In Milan in the last 18 months there have been 5 or 6 mafia murders, not in Palermo, not in Naples. The families of the ’ndrangheta, but also the men of Cosa Nostra and the camorra are continuing their dirty trafficking, basically drug trafficking, they continue to settle their feuds, then however, there’s also legitimate business, this enormous mass of money gained above all from cocaine, is made use of mainly in the construction sector, by now it’s said that there’s no building site in Milan (and in Milan there are so many building sites) in which there’s not the presence of earth moving vehicles, and the trucks of the ’ndrangheta families from Calabria. If you don’t give work to the trucks of the ’ndrangheta, your building site is at risk. Your vehicles could be set alight. They can steal building materials on site. Many entrepreneurs who have surnames from Lombardy, people who are really from Milan, pretend that nothing is happening. They close an eye, even two eyes, and they have by now learned to live side by side with the mafia. They have understood that in order to have a quiet life, here they have to give work to certain families.
In the Milan hinterland, for about 2 or 3 generations, some important families have established themselves. They have surnames that are at the top of the Platì ’ndrangheta in Reggio Calabria and that here however, have established their affairs. There are surnames like Sergi, Trimboli, Papalia, Barbaro that work in Calabria, but by now they have their base in Milan as well. The sector of private construction is amply polluted by the criminal presence, but by now the latest investigations have told us that the ’ndrangheta, has taken a leap. It has managed to even get public contracts, work for example on the construction of the fourth lane on the Milano – Brescia motorway, work for the high speed train, by now there’s also the leap into public construction even on public money, on the public contracts, organised crime has made an entrance.
All that would not be possible without contacts with politics. Organised crime in Milan, even in Milan, has found out how to make close contact with certain politicians, naturally we don’t know whom, however we recognise some signs, some names, for example, we know that the Morabito family, an important ’ndrangheta clan, has organised a great election dinner at the Gianat restaurant in Milan in honour of Alessandro Colucci who is one of the regional councillors in Lombardy.
We know that certain people considered to be close or connected to the ’ndrangheta have had a relationship with Vincenzo Giudice, A city councillor in Milan, who among other things has caused the collapse and the loss of loads of public money by causing the bankruptcy of a public company called Zincare, but in spite of that he was rewarded with the well paid position of president of another public company in the town.
For example, we know that a deputy of the Republic, Francesco De Luca, has had contacts with a Naples family, with the emissaries of a camorra family, the Guida family that operates in Milan. The topic was to “adjust” a trial in the Court of Cassation. He has always defended himself by saying that he said “yes” and then he did nothing.
There are contacts and we probably only find out about the tip of the iceberg of this phenomenon. The families of the ’ndrangheta, of the camorra, of Cosa Nostra have loads of money. They have methods that are very convincing to succeed in penetrating the economy in the north, in Milan, in businesses in the north and they also have the means and the people to infiltrate and open up relationships with politics. The contracts for Expo 2015 will be substantial and they are attractive to everyone, even to organised crime. They would like to sit down at this sumptuous table when it is prepared for the feast.
The watchfulness relating to organised crime, to infiltrations, above all by the ’ndrangheta , but not just in Milan, should be very high. However, there’s a low level of awareness among the politicians, even Mayor Letizia Moratti, when there’s talk of the mafia in Milan says: “Let’s not exaggerate. You must denigrate the city. This is the city of fashion, of design, of voluntary work and lots of other great things”. That’s all true, but alas, we have to learn to also see the dark side of this city, because otherwise the alternative is that without our noticing it, they will be infiltrating into the economy, into politics and when we take notice, it’ll be too late!” Gianni Barbacetto

Posted by Beppe Grillo at 07:40 PM in |

Comment   by   Blogger-:
And   who  has   made  Milano  in   what  it  is,   according  to  these    Reporters   who   always   leave  out  the  most   relevant  facts   in    their   sophistical   Confessions   of   half-truths,   Italian/Catholic   style?
The   migrants   from  the  South of  Italy  and   from  the  Balcanic   Nations   (  people   in  North  Italy,   including  my  aunt  Armida  in  Rovellasca,  Milano,   live  in  a state  of  terror    with  triple  locks  on  their   doors,    citophons   etc.   I   advised  them   to   buy  a  Beretta  pistol   and   shoot  the   mongrels ), with    their  white   smiles,   their    double    morality,   and  their    Saracenic,   corrupt  Carabinieri,   supported,   aided   and    encouraged   by   a  corrupt,   American-style-Constitution  that  has  not  changed   since   the  days  of  the  crazy  and  biased    French    Revolution!
And  Mafia's  bribes!
These   modern   reporters   are    generally  cowards   and  effeminate  cro-magnon-genitalied (  most of  their  blood   supply   is   constantly    wasted   down  in  their  huge   genital  areas   to  the    detriment  of  their  blood-starved  brains   and   intellectual    strength )  individuals,  the  product of   sophistical    Universities'   educations    which    make   them   blabberers   of   hipocritical,   soft,   pietous   comments   about   humanity   and   christian   behaviour,   critics   without    solutions,  defenders   of   human   rights   without   duties,    condemners   of    strong  action   as  fascism,    extolling   the  ideals  of   our   Democratic   Constitutions   without   being  aware  of   the   abuses   of   these   ideals   by   the  Mafiosis  with   equally   selectively  (  they   inter-marry)  cro-magnon-sized   genitals,   suffering   from   their  (  the   reporters')   same   intellectual  limitations,   surrounding  us,  aiming   to   infiltrate   all   levels  of  Government,    electing    their   ineffective   puppets   who  have  no  understanding,   wisdom  or   solutions.
What  can  a leader,   elected   by  these  mongrels,   do  in  such  a   climate  of   cowardice,  criticism   and   plausibilities?
One  needs   the   cunning  of  a  Lorenzo  de'  Medici  and  the   pragmatic   cruelty  of  a   Cesare   Borgia,  but  Italy,  Europe,  the  West   of   rincoglioniti/sodomitic   footballers/altar-boys     does   not  produce    such   men   any   longer.
Most  women  are  throllops!

The  only   solution  is,  in  my  opinion,   to  somehow   reflect  and  redirect  the  terrorism  onto  these  Mafiosis,  starting   with their  families.   Forget   about   the  New  Testament  and   apply   the  Law  del Taglione of  the  Old Testament  (  Retaliation  in  Kind-:   A   tooth  for  a   tooth....................to   which  the   Mafia    subscribes   anyway    while  hipocritically   and     falsely  claiming   to  be  loyal  Catholics,    bribing   and   crawling   up   the  Church's   asses   with  their  money    from    the  sewers  of  iniquity  and  obscenity.     Come  "Global  Warming"   and   wipe   the  Mafiosis   out   somehow    for  ever   and   ever!  ).   
Stop   SILENCE   or  OMERTA'.      
The   Duomo   thrown  into   Berlusconi's   face   by   a  desperate   and  frustrated   man  is  a   warning  to  the  Mafia   by  God    Itself.
Consider   please    that  even  God   has   to  use   a   poor   bastard   from  the  street    as  God's   tool   as  there  are   no  men   worthy  of   the    name  in   the   West!
I  at  least, dare   to   write  in   unambiguous   terms   doing   no   favour   to  and  not   sparing   anyone !
The  North of  Italy   is  becoming  asphalted   and  concreted-in,  look   at the  Mountain  of  Brunate   at  Como,   and  to  the   Valley   facing   Como  itself,    the  walls   and   noblest   buildings     being   grapphited 
by  these   goat-herders,  while  the South of  Italy   remains   wilderness,  a   no-man-land,   where   no  one  dares   to  invest  capital.       Look  at   the  miles  of  grapphities   along  the    Railway-of-the-North  in  Milano.   Even   my  old   College,   an  ancient  patrician   building   housing   l'Istituto   Tecnico  Industriale   Statale   "G.  Feltrinelli "[  I   was  in  the  Aeronautical  Classes   of  1956-57,  1957-1958,   but   had   to  retreat   from  Final  Exams   because  of   a  threatening   nervous   breackdown.   Also,   as   a   future   migrant  to Australia   an   Italian Diploma  was  practically  useless,   and  Gheddafi's   Islamic  Nationalism  was   squeezing   us,   my brother  and  parents  out  of  Libya   and  Australia   was   our   only  option.   So  I  had   to  say   good-by  to  Italy,  thanks  be  to  God!] is   unrecogniseable   since  the   exodus  of  the   southern   migrants   to  Milano   since     I    left   Italy  in   1959.    
Even  ancient,  noble,  buildings,   the  heritage  from  the  past,  in  Como  are  being  grapphited   by  these   Barbarians   from the  South.    
Vergognati   spudorata   meretrice,   volgare  Italia   odierna!).  
Yet  everyone   knows   who   the  Mafiosis   are   and   where   they  live  and   what they are  doing.
Lynch  the  Bastards  in  the  streets,   Brasilian-style! 
I   am  not   going   to  buy   anything  from  them!  
They  can  stick  their   Pizzas,   moducci   suits,   ferrari   ball-suspenders,    gucci   bags,   etc...................up  their  sodomitic   asses.      Yet,   the   Mafiosis   are also   the  greatest   fools   ever!  The  Master  polluters  of   everything  they  handle,   par   excellence. They   believe  they  are   going   to  get  away   with   it   because  of  their   double   standards   whereby   they,    like  the  Moslems  lock  their   women   up   and   deal   honestly  among  their  Clans.  It  does  not   work  that  way,   grongos!    Morality  and  Ethics  are   a matter  of  God's  Grace,    which  cannot  be   bought,   not   even   by  the  Pope   himself  or   by  the   Church. 
Martin  Luther   was   right  in  this  respect!  
Sorry   Benedictus   XVI!
And  if   you   disagree,  I  say  to   Thee  "  Va'  a  fan  culo!  ".
It  is  time  the   Churches  begin  preaching   against   and   excommunicate   these    Mafiosis.   Or  are  they  afraid?
There is  no  room   for   fear  in  the True   Church.

They  are   self-sabotaging  themselves   though. 
Beware  of    smiling Greeks,  South-Italians,  Arabs    and  Jews  bringing    gifts.
So   speaks   and   writes   a  true  Templar   not   one  of  those   in   hiding   nursing   their   chronic   fear-induced-diarrhoea  and  playing    with   empty   rituals  that   do  not   signify   anything   in  their   hands!