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Post 103. A Templar's Graffiti.

A Templar's Graffity.
The Latest Archaeological Find of the Century.
The limerick was recently discovered as a graffiti in one of the Templars' prisons under the Temple of Sholomon, presumably written in Provencal, Arabic and Hebrew/Aramaic by a well educated, battle-fatigued knightTemplar. All scholars tend to concurr about the provencal origins of the redactor, judging from the super-rhyming qualities of the verses which in the Arabic and Hebrew-renderings soar to lirical, musical excellence, while, halas loosing the rhyming.
However, as the wise men all say -:
' Nothing and no one except Allah is perfect ',
' La', ila la', illaaa Alllaaah '-:
If women had also hairy balls,
and men the wherewithall,
we could then all have a merry ball,
festively in the Sheik's Hall,
with a joyfull game of balls
not minding it at all,
blissfully enjoying it all
until the coming of dawn
with the sun shining above it all
inside the Garden's wards
within the Alhambra's walls,
listening to the Prayer's call,
to the worship of Allah,
the One and All.
Remember thou,
on a more sombre note,
oh earthly pilgrim,
oh el haj,
that even God loves to laugh,
as truly as God made it all,
even the hairy balls.
So be thou
cheerful and worshipfull,
and grateful to all women,
the crowns of Allah.
We all had,
even the Lord Jesus,
Budhaa and Mohammed,
On a more serious note now,
and in homage to Sister Peace
let us all utter the beginning of the Fatihah
in homage
to our Muslim sisters and brethrens-:
Allaah akhbaaar!

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Post 102. European Financial Aid to the MAFIA.

Note from the uploader-: Environment from a human perspectuve is not only Nature but World, and this word includes Humanity itself, Humanity means human Minds and Mind includes Ethics and Morality ( essentially so the Christian version ). Ethics and Morality are the factors that determine all others.
The first frontier of Conservation is Mind and Soul.
In a western world polluted, in the name of Freedom, by debased pornography, filthy sexual practices and bestiality, it does not make sense to talk about the protection/conservation of Nature, as the projections of unclean, filthy, debased, bestial minds.
We ourselves are part of Nature.
Re-educate the sarcophilists, Don Brown and his GREEN followers!
Here follows the word of Beppe Grillo, the Italian Guru.
Luigi De Magistris will be standing as an independent candidate in the European elections, alongside the Italia dei Valori Party. This is good news. The head of the snake is in Brussels. 9-Billion per year of funding that lands up almost exclusively in three Italian Regions, namely Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Money that strengthens organised crime syndicates and criminal mismanagement by politicians. Billions that poison the life of the Country instead of assisting with its development. Many people are aware of what is going on, but everyone keeps quiet. Those who do raise the alarm, like De Magistris did, is immediately ostracised and slandered. He will be a powerful and untainted voice in Europe. This blog will continue to support him.They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.
"I am extremely pleased to be making this video and I would like to thank Beppe Grillo, a person that I count as a friend and with whom I would like to share my appreciation for the many things he has done for this Country, regarding some rather sensitive topics, which I would like to expand on for a moment.The most important issue, which later culminated in the extraordinary V-day demonstrations, was, for example the one that I also took part in, namely the extraordinary demonstration that was held in Turin. I don’t know how many of the traditional political parties or even the strongest alliances, namely the Democratic Party and the Pdl, would be able to draw as many people into the streets as Beppe Grillo has done and so, as I was saying, the most important issue, in my opinion, is the concept of participative democracy, which is essential.
Politics is all about participation and true politics, that written with a capital P, is not some sort of business association, which is required to manage public funds for their own benefit, but an entity that is managed by a few people that must see to everyone’s needs.Participative democracy is a meeting place and one of its essential features is that the population always comes first. Beppe did not do this in some sort of populist manner as some people say he did, or as a form of anti-politics, but rather as a place of politics par excellence, where an provision is made for people who have been marginalized within civil society to have their say on those issues that are important to them, people such as economists, environmentalists, workers, trade unionists, priests and magistrates (just as he gave me an opportunity to do, for which I will be eternally grateful).Today I will limit myself to expressing this brief salute to Beppe, in the sure knowledge that, whether or not I am elected, I shall most certainly continue to focus all my enthusiasm and all of my passion on those issues that are very dear to my heart. Above all I would like to dwell for a moment on two specific topics that I believe are fundamental, with the first of these being the environment. I firmly believe that the wealth of a Country and its business, employment and progress are founded on a new way of practicing environmentalism. The most important thing is to focus on renewable energy sources and, above all, on absolute respect for nature, which is not only part of Italy’s heritage but also that of the rest of the world. The world as we know it is destined to disappear unless we find a way to overcome this most serious of economic crises, which is a result of scurrilous management of our energy and natural resources.Beppe was one of the first people to point this out. I remember watching his shows, in which the environment and economics always went strictly hand in hand.I am firmly convinced that through proper utilisation of natural resources, as well as the exploitation of alternative energy sources and the application of the methods and messages that Beppe has spoken of, not only will we all live far better lives, but there will be greater respect for nature and protection for the environment and there will be more jobs available for everyone, most importantly more jobs for our young people.The second thing that I remember with much excitement, is that I had some doubts about taking part and that I received much criticism from my legal colleagues at the time, specifically about my
participation in Strasburg alongside Beppe Grillo and Marco Travaglio. Above all, I remember the wonderful trip that the three of us had on our way out of Italy in the car, when we began to discuss a topic that is pivotal to Italy, but not only, namely the management of public funds. The illegal control that this Country’s political caste system is exercising, and has exercised in the past as regards public funds, which has been to the detriment of the vast majority of the Country’s citizens while making a few of them very wealthy indeed, has driven this country ever closer to the situation that exists in certain South American and Middle Eastern Countries, and far removed from that found in most western Countries.The issue of public funding is pivotal because that is precisely where the erosion of democracy begins. I believe that we must send credible people into Europe, not people who have in recent years contributed towards the squandering and wastage and the enriching of business associations by means of the huge influx of cash that has reached Italy. We need to send competent, honest people in, people who are able to prevent the flow of public funding being shut off, money that could come in very useful in other areas facing certain difficulties, even though I am of the opinion that aid should not be encouraged as an end in itself, but should simply be a means to encourage a new way of doing business as we said earlier, for example, a new kind of environmentalism or a new kind of economics, but above all helping young people by releasing them from the coat tails of political masters or organised crime syndicates.As a result of my work as magistrate, I have believed for some time now that not only traditional mafia crime, but also white-collar crime has increased as a direct result of the illegal management of public money.The vast majority of public funds are currently being managed by business associations that decide to whom the money should go, or to which company, who should be awarded a specific tender, who to allocate sub-contracts to and who to employ in these companies that are to manage the projects and do the work, thereby influencing the vote. Thanks to Antonio Di Pietro and the Italia Dei Valori Party, we now have an ideal opportunity to involve the public, even people of other persuasions, in order to build a common cause, in which not only those people that we hope will be elected, but everyone working together can contribute towards truly improving not only Italy, but Europe as a whole, ensuring a better life and more protection for everyone, including our environment and our Country in particular. Thank you all and a special hug to Beppe." Luigi De Magistris

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Beppe Grillo, congratulations! Oh Thou, ugly, beautiful, novel, italian Socrates, my admiration!

I have been uploading some of Beppe Grillo's Articles with personal comments for the english-speaking readers-:


and Blogger Google-:

Ferrarii Clan/Sir Laurence Gardner#: A Study

( for the latter, enter blogger search, Go, enter Ferrarii Clan................, Go)

Keep on chiselling at the fucken MAFIA.Excommunicate the BASTARDS! Deprive them of WATER, FOOD, ROOF, FIRE and SEX.No woman should have sexual relations with the abominabhe lot lest they get reproduced. Extertminate the bestial lot!

Clean up italian political scenarios, i.e., military, security and public offices ( THE SENATE, PARLIAMENT, Montecitorio ) from them and their cronies.

Purify polluted italian society from the Saracens.

Place Genuine Italians in Government not Arabs, Jews and Greeks.

Tell Italians to stop using slang and difficult words when talking about their politics and to speak as plainly as I do.

For example, the filth of the "indulto" ( does it come from the latin "indulgere"?) giving sanctuary and a reprieve to all mafiosi and 'tangentalisti'. How many of them are still at Montecitorio polluting Italian Legislation? Stop acting and speaking like fake intellecuals, the pseudo-descendents of the ancient noble Romans you are definitely NOT ( until present days so-called-Italian prove the contrary I think of an Italian as a Roman slave brought into Europe from the Steppe ), and use plain words and thoughts like the english-speaking people do, and go back to basics you, nation and society of mountebanks!
Posted by:
Attilio Louis Ferreri , a genuine European,March 22, 2009 12:25 AM

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Post 101, Italian Senator Vizzini an infiltrator from Mafia, free to remain in Parliament.

Italian Senator Vizzini, a Sicilian, a compromised public figure, an infiltrator of the Italian Senate from Mafia, remains free to stay in Parliament in spite of 350,000 signatories democratically requesting his didsmissal .
( This can only happen in Italy, however the higher European standards of conduct required by Italy's membership of the EU, necessitate his removal with a kick in the ass with only a basic pension, without all the retirement-perks of Italian Senators and Parlamentarians in general. Talking about the costs of the ancient aristocracies which were cheap in comparison to what the Italian Republic's officials is costing the Italian taxpayer! Churchill would have said -:
"Never have so few been ruled by so many for so little a return ").
The word to Beppe Grillo-:
Follow the link to read the post:

Step forward Vizzini! Who is Carlo Vizzini? He is one of those under investigation in 1993 for the 300 million illegal financing in the Enimont kickbacks. One who was convicted at the first level but with the crime being wiped out at the appeal stage because of the time limit and the Statute of Limitations. He is one who was Secretary of the PSDI. Do you remember Longo (face of pongo), card number 926, and work clothes of the P2? He is one who has had a splendid life in Parliament since 1976. One who has been a deputy or a senator for eight legislatures. He is one who has been accused by Massimo Ciancimino, the son of Vito, the former mayor of Palermo, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison for aiding and abetting and providing external concerted action in Mafia association. One who, according to Ciancimino, was a sort of hidden partner in Sirco Fingas, the company used for recycling the accumulated capital of his father. He is one who, still according to Ciancimino, pocketed 900,000 Euro that he handed over in Rome and in Palermo in a suitcase. Cadeau. Vizzini is one of the many who should hand in his resignation tomorrow morning. One who has passed his lifetime in the State feeding trough. One who is Chair of the First Permanent Senate Committee dealing with Constitutional Affairs. One who refuses to discuss the proposal for a popular “Clean Up Parliament” law. He is one who by his indifference, is insulting the 350,000 signatories and the two million people who came out into the streets on 08 September 2007. One who does not respond to emails that I have sent to prompt him. One who is equal to the other companions on the Committee. They stay silent and don’t make decisions. Only the two Italia dei Valori members have replied and are supporting the proposal. Without however taking any step forward. Vizzini is the symbol of the politicians’ disdain for the citizens. “Clean Up Parliament” wanted a maximum of two legislatures, no convict and the direct selection of candidates. Vizzini has been in parliament for 33 years and he is “prescritto” {his conviction fell because of the Statute of Limitations}. He was appointed a senator by the psycho-dwarf [Mr. Tremorti ]. Does he have to decide whether and when to discuss the “Clean Up Parliament” proposed law? I sent a journalist to interview him more than once in Rome. He has never succeeded. Vizzini, I want to make a promise. If you don’t discuss the law in the Committee I will come to Rome before the end of the spring. In front of the Senate. The 350,000 signatories can join me if they want to. I will give them the details. I will be carrying no suitcase, but make sure you are there and ready. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we. Members of the Committee who have the task of examining the proposed law “Clean Up Parliament”. PS It’s Monday 16 March and I have just learned from Marco Travaglio that the Palermo Prosecutors Office has denied the news item reported by some newspapers that senator Carlo Vizzini has had his name recorded in the register of those under investigation for the money laundering of the Ciancimino wealth. Right now, Vizzini is not under investigation for money laundering or for other crimes.
Posted by Beppe Grillo at
09:34 AM in
( L'HA DA FINI'!).

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Post100. Sicily.

Uploader's note: Every Sicilian traditionally winges about its island's poverty, in order to unashamedly justify the massive handouts from Lombardy and United Europe which is all money wasted until the MAFIA is allowed to control the life of the islands from every conceivable aspect.
It is the control the MAFIA maintains in South Italy that prevents investors and skilled migrants to go to the South where the attractions of climate and nature are great bettering the employment prospects of the population.
The North of Italy which is more suitable to agricultural production is becoming congested beyond recovery by the masses of South Italians and illegal migrants seeking a living there causing enormous damage to the whole of the Regions. The hills around Lake Como, the territory along the train line between France and Milano, which in my childhood had a balanced human presence, now cannot even be seen as all one observes is houses and concrete.
How stupid, incompetent, irresponsible and criminal can a whole Nation like Republican Democratic Italy be, governed by descendents of shepperds and goatherders who rose to power by forming secret alliances, by collusion and gaining Degrees in Law?
The rise to power of Fascism, the wrong alliance of Italy to Nazism, the abolition of the Savoja Monarchy by a small margin of a few votes of fascists, mafiosi and communists, favoured by the genetically-stupid, historically short-sighted, Mafia-riddled American sympathisers, began the decline and degeneration of Italy.
Wake up Italy, else you shall become an extension of the Balkans, the enlargement of the arse-hole of Europe.:):):):)
The genitals are in France, ulalala!:):):):)
Bring back the wise old aristocracies you fools!
Stop your wanton fornications and procreations beyond the capacity of the land to bear. Tell the Pope He is wrong! Sterilise yourselves grongoes if you insist fucking ad libitum!
The mafiosi and their families must be dealt with by Martial Law, a Law that forgets about Rules of Engagement, Human Rights ( No Human Rights for those who do not fulfill Human Duties and plan organised, institutionalised, overt exploitation and corruption of a whole society, nation and continent such as Europe, vilifying everything they come in contact with), etc.. The ancient aristocracies they try to imitate and parrot, and dream to replace, had at least good taste and left us Civilisation.
Scarcity and necessity in the absence of industrial resources made the world of ancient aristocracies harsher and was none of their doings, at least not totally. Mafia's goat-herders generate in the midst of plenty, a world of defilement, cheap emotions, ugliness, decadence and have been destroyintg our noble ancient Western Civilisation. Mafiosi are the descendents of the barbaric slaves the Romans and the Greeks were either forced or made a mistake to bring to Europe. Life-Forced-Labor for the bosses, up-rooting, deportation and exhile from the lands of their centuries-old exploitations, to the rest and their families with the interdiction to engage in entrapreneurial activities or to enter Government Jobs and Services for at least three generations, with the obligation to report monthly to a Police Station wherever they go. Their resources confiscated and used in the struggle against their organisations.
"L'ha da fini' " ( It must have an end! ).
A word of warning about Beppe Grillo, as he is a typical modern italian with a double standard. From the one hand he hypocritically confesses like a good Catholic, while from the other he is absolving everyone. He gives false and stupid hints below about the TNT coming from the mainland. Of course it came from the mainland since there is where it was stolen by the "picciotti" mafiosi, from mines and building sites. they infiltrate or own and to make tracing more difficult if impossible.
He stupidly hints the blowing up of the two Magistrates ( Public Prosecutors, a few honest ones in godforsaken Italy) was ordered, organised and directed from Rome as if this were an unusual practice and may indicate the Mafia may not have been involved after all.
Of course Rome was involved, since the Mafia has got their own people who have been very well educated ( but are still genetically Mafia, civic-wise stupid, and have infiltrated all sections of Government, including the Police Force, aided by bribes and the gentle persuasion of the Mafia itself ). An operation such as the blowing up of Magistrates of the caliber and experience of Borsellino and Falcone must require liaising with the Police and Security Agents who are supposed to protect them and a great deal of betrayals from within the ranks of the security personnel. Eventually, Italy shall have the same reputation Nigeria and Africa have regarding scams, No one shall trust anything italian except Pizzas, Moducci suits, Gucci ball-suspenders, Ferrari cod-pieces, and da Vinci underpants, shoes and bags, condoms, women-tampons, brass etc. if things keep on going as they are.
Who would buy military or industrial equipment knowing that their opponents would be sold all the design data about it for a doubling of the gain? Genetically speaking,Mafiosi may look like everyone else, but are really stupid people, destructive of self and others. It is a matter of DNA.
Marry one of them and you get the Mafia-genes for ever...............like stepping on a smelly turd on a street..................Sheeeeeeetttt!
from beppegrillo.com
Sicily is the poorest region in Italy. It also has the highest rate of unemployment. Sicily is our equivalent of the Dark Far West. In Sicily there are prickly pears, cannoli and the murdered dead people. Many of the Italian heroes are Sicilians. Mafia members are not always Sicilian. The list of Sicilian heroes since the Second World War is endless. Like the annual tuna hunt. I sometimes wonder whether Borsellino (Sicilian) and Falcone (Sicilian) would still be alive today if Sicily was an independent nation. The TNT used on Borsellino came over from the Mainland. Falcone’s movements were tracked from Rome. This Sicily that is so poor and so crime ridden is, in fact, a reservoir of voters. The one who controls this pack of votes also controls this Country’s politics. It happened with Andreotti and his man on the spot, Lima. After that Forza Italia won all 61 of the allocated seats. A percentage like that would have been embarrassing even to Caucescu. Sicily is the workbench of the Italian Parliament. A very strange situation indeed, when the scales of national politics can be tipped by the very region that is last in line in terms of the pro-capita income of its inhabitants. The Sicilians’ value lies in the ballot box. Sicily has more inhabitants than Ireland and Norway. Mussolini despatched prefect Mori to Sicily. He treated the place as if it were a colony. While he did obtain some results, he stopped short when it came to the big shots. With them, he decided to establish a non-aggression pact. In Sicily, the Second World War was won by two groups, namely the United States and the American Mafia. The Allied Army went for a stroll through Sicily. It was a walk in the park compared to the resistance they faced later on. Someone handed them the keys to the island and received much more in return. Local Administrations and Parliamentary posts. Sicily had the intelligence of Majorana and the depth of understanding of Pirandello, the ferocity of Riina and the power management skills of Provenzano. Sicily is an everlasting place. It is a cruel place. It is an inexplicable place. It is any place where there is a Sicilian. For those born in Sicily, Palermo is the centre of the universe. On the one hand, Sicily has everything. Sunshine, sea, landscapes, art, history and agriculture. On the other hand, Sicily has nothing. Incinerators, emigration and crime. It is a chimera, born when Italy achieved Unity. A Nation? A State? A Region? A place with an identity crisis, or perhaps a place with a split personality. In Sicily they still talk about a man as being “as bad as a Piedmontese”. The history books tell a fairy tale of a thousand redshirts that liberated an island with a population of millions of people. This island is in chains. It is independent, but without any independence. Rich, but poor at the same time. It has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in all of Italy. Yet Catania and Palermo are drowning in debt. Italy has not been good for Sicily. Perhaps, if left to its own devices, Sicily could yet rise again. Joined to Italy, the current Italy, it can only sink further into the abyss. “U pisci feti da testa” (Fish rot from the head down). And the head is in Rome

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post 99. Preface to " Collection of 100 Ferrerii/Ferrarii Arms".


I wish first of all to explain what the term gensferreria stands for. The term is in Latin and refers to a Group or Association or Clan of families whose surname has a common semantic origin.

The term was first used with a connotation similar to the one I have reached by independently speculating about the matter, by Messer Besso Ferrero (1520-1584 ), Marquis of Masserano and Crevacuore, ancient feudal lands of the Ferrero of Biella in Piedmont, Italy, who wrote a Poem in latin titled “De Gente Ferreria Encomium ” .

Library Title-: Bessi Ferrerii Poema ”Publication-: Cremonae: in aedibus Musonii: Ludouic. Britan. Impr. Pridie Mathiae, 1542.Editors-: 1. Britannico, Lodovico.2. Musoni, GiovanniIdentification-: CNCE 40994Locations-: CR0062 Biblioteca statale - CremonaVE0049 Biblioteca nazionale Marciana - Venezia.

Since when looking up Rietstap and Crollalanza, see Bibliography, for Coat of Arms related to my surname, Ferreri, I have been amazed by the similarity of the heraldic design of Arms belonging to families whose surname is close to mine, such as Ferrer, Ferrers, Ferriere, Ferrieres, Ferrari, Ferrero, etc.

I discovered later on during my research that the list of such surnames is much longer due to the changes in spelling that occurred in the British Islands, as the result of the variations and inconsistencies that occur in the English language in the pronunciation of vowels that make the writing of the spoken language a difficult task. This problem was greatly magnified in the ages past by the lack of education even among the wealthy and the powerful.

For example, Verey, Vere, Farr, Fayrey, etc. are English surnames which also have the same origins as the one mentioned above. I decided then to inquire as to whether these families may have had common historical origins, and semantic origin of their surnames. Most genealogists and heraldists shall, when discussing the surnames above listed, mention the latin word for iron which is ferrum and infer from the large number of Coat of Arms related to these surnames using the horse shoe as a Common Charge, about thirty out of one hundred, that the anscestors of these families must have acquired their surnames in virtue of the fact of having been involved in the mining, smelting, working of iron-ore or products.

This might have occurred, as iron workings have been of the utmost strategic importance all through the ancient times, and people in the rising and well-to-do classes must have been involved in iron-related activities. However, these activities did not belong as a monopoly to the members of “gensferreria ” and the question then arises as to why they alone should have acquired their surname from such activities. Actually, it might be very appropriate although somehow digressive, to relate here the very little known fact that metallurgy, prior to the discovery of iron, was a profession practiced by the Egyptian priesthood (Sir Laurence Gardner ) and that, even among the Hebrews, each family of whom had to practice a practical art of some sort, (think of Paul of Tarsus who was a tent-maker, although being a lawyer), metallurgy, which included prospecting and mining, was the hereditary art practiced by the putative father of Jesus, Joseph, who was not a carpenter but a metallurgist, a very highly positioned craftsman in the Hebrew society. Metallurgy was actually greatly in demand among the Essene Community of the Dead Sea to which Jesus’ family belonged. Even today Israel extracts rare metals from the sands of the shores of the Dead Sea and so did the Essene to finance the existence and survival of their community. This is rather important knowledge for which I am indebted to Sir Laurence Gardner and since I believe that “gensferreria/ferraria” has received a Hebrew influence in the course of its migrations from the Caspian Sea and through Europe, belonging in fact to the Desposynic, Davidic, Royal Line, in addition to the possibility that its members may have been involved in metallurgy, I shall quote the above mentioned author from page 228 of his work “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark ”. I quote-:“Jesus’ brother James had been the Nazarene Bishop of Jerusalem, and being the second son, had held the community distinction of ‘Joseph’, with Jesus being the recognized ‘David ‘.All senior dynasts of the line were individually classified as the Davidum of the House of Bread

( Beth-le-hem), ( see “The Fire-stone Project ”,

page 147 ).James inherited the ‘Joseph ’ distinction becoming the Divine Highness (the equivalent of today’s crown prince : Royal Highness ). As such, he was in theNazarene community terms, the Joseph ha Rama-Theo, becoming better known in prophetic transliteration as Joseph [of] Arimathea.Outside the Bible, he was reputed as an artificer in metals– a ho tekton: a ‘master craftsman ’ just like his father, and like Bezaleel, Hiram, and others of the fire-stone tradition. He was recorded as a nobilis decurio (noble decurio ) and, while the Magdalene centers were being established in the South of France, Joseph/James was granted a wealth of tax-free land at Glastonbury in England. A decurio was an overseer of mining estates, and his land-grant was made by King Arviragus, the brother of Caractacus, Pendragon of the Isle ( Pen Draco Insularis). Their dynasty was called the House of Camu-lot ( meaning ‘curved light ’— later romantically corrupted to Camelot ).Joseph’s daughter, Anna, married into the Camu-lot dynasty, whose curved light emblem was a rainbow, and from them a great line of Celtic kings descended. Meanwhile, in Gaul, the priestly House of Jesus and Mary Magdalene became known as the Fisher Kings-ultimately to found the French monarchy [Merovingian dynasty]. It was from the combined scenario that the most romantic of all traditions evolved, for it was said that Mary and Joseph had brought with them the greatest of all treasure : the Holy Grail.”


This digression is necessary as “gensferreria ” has also been involved with the Order of Knight-Templars, since its foundation in 1090 AD. by Sayre Geoffrey de Bouillon, of Merovingian ancestry, in addition to being linked today with metallurgical works. Moreover there is a large number of royal crowns being used in the Crests of many among the italian Arms, which may be pointing to a Desposynic (Davidic ) tradition.

Of course, all these traditions, loyalties, alliances and alignments were to be kept secret since the establishment of Constantinianism in Christianity and, while the Monarchs of Europe, all of Davidic ancestry, betrayed their original missions, “gensferreria ” somehow maintained a minimum of contact with its Templars’ memories, at least through its heraldic symbolism and the Spirit that goes and comes as/from/when/where it pleases IT.While the Templars’ traditions, aims and ethos were painstakingly maintained by the breton/norman Ferrers, as long as their power as Earls of Derby survived the jealousy of the Monarchy, these had to be early abandoned by the French, Italian and Spanish members of “gensferreria ”, owing to their nearness to the sources of Constantinianism. I discuss these issues more fully in my Book “Gens Ferreria/Ferraria ”. However many Templars, among whom Ferrers escaped to Scotland, where King Robert the Bruce founded an Order with a different name but embodying the Templars’ traditions, even obtaining Papal recognition for it. Spain and Portugal also founded Military Monastic Orders which embodied the Templars’ traditions. So did the Prussians with their Teutonic.....................

continued at Post 98.

Note-: Expressions of interest in printing/publishing/purchasing these works are welcome.
Please e-mail me at

Post 97. On MafiaCracy.

Note-: For those of you who do not know who Falcone, Borsellino and della Chiesa were........ the first two were top honest, daring Italian Public Prosecutors, true, genuine Italians like the latter, a Carabinieri General, all massacred by Mafia's terrorists. A Nation, a people who allow its best defenders to be massacred and the terrorists to avoid penalties and retributions, but to rather infiltrate and to take over top leading positions, is not fit to have sovereignity and self-rule and to sit at the table of United Europe.
I SPIT ON you Repubblican Italy, oh arse-hole of Europe, and on those Italians (so called; should be called Arabs ) who do nothing about it.
You are a dishonorable lot!
Bring back the Monarchy and the notion of HONOUR and PRIDE in things italian you miserable MONGRELS!
An article from Beppe Grillo's Website: beppegrillo.com
Good on you Beppe Grillo!
(hit the hyenas!)

A Second Republic,
i.e., "MAFIA, COSA NOSTRA"----
The New Oligarchy or Mafiacracy.
Yesterday this blog posted an interview held with Gioacchino Genchi, who is accusing the secret service and certain politicians of involvement in the deaths of Falcone and Borsellino. Genchi is not some or other nobody. According to the psychodwarf, he is the man that wiretapped 350,000 Italians’ telephones. The greatest spy in history since Mata Hari.
I knew that there could only be two possible reactions to Genchi’s words, which were some of the harshest ever uttered against that which we insist on calling and thinking of as the State. Either to make him out to be a mythomaniac, or to drop a veil of absolute, mafia-like silence in all the newspapers and television channels.
"Omertà" (conspiracy of silence) has prevailed. No one saw or heard anything. Not Mieli, not Riotta and not Mauro.
The Genchi video has become the most often viewed clip on YouTube in the past twenty-four hours, yet none of the national media bothered to report on its content. An information paradox. If they shut down the Web, then darkness will descend upon this Country. The Cupola of the Press is stronger and more united than the Cosa Nostra. Genchi told the truth and proof of this lies in the fact that, as far as the media are concerned, Genchi doesn’t exist and the names of the people behind the murders of Falcone and Borsellino cannot even be mentioned.
Genchi said the following:
"This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know the extent of the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians."Genchi was present in via D'Amelio, he saw the charred remains of Borsellino, he handled the investigation regarding the signal that set off the bomb, so what he says is not hearsay. Borsellino was threatened and he went to his mother’s house every Sunday, yet the State didn’t even close off the parking area in front of the building with a barrier. Genchi was not the only person to speculate that the via D'Amelio massacre signalled the beginning of the Second Republic.
Antonio Ingroia, Public Prosecutor of Palermo:
"The truth must be uncovered at all costs. It is my belief that the so-called Second Republic is founded on the blood shed by many public servants, magistrates and police officers " (*).
From the decision handed down by the Administrative Court of Caltanisetta in the Borsellino case-3:
"It was precisely for the purpose of facilitating the establishment new political contacts that it was necessary to eliminate those who, like Borsellino, would have discouraged any attempt to approach the Cosa Nostra and backtrack the anti-mafia activities, standing up and revealing, even publicly from the lofty heights of his professional status and the nobility of his commitment, any sign of surrender by the State or its political representatives " (*).
If the information doesn’t exist, then let us become information sources. What we need is a new CLN. A National Liberation Committee for information. Post the text of the interview with Genchi on your blogs, translate it into all other languages and forward it to other foreign blogs that you know. Create a link to the video on Youtube. Create your own videos with your own analyses and observations.
They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.
(*) Texts drawn from the book entitled "L'agenda rossa di Paolo Borsellino" by Lo Bianco/Rizza.

So speaks
a true Italian
and a Templar.

"L'a' da fini' !"

Post 96, On Purity.

Sisters and brethren, greetings!
It is night and I had a surfeit of sleep, woke up and am driven by the Spirit that never rests, to let you know that flashes of purity, of the desire for purity are better than no purity at all or than, the worst condition in life on earth, one's having given up even on a desire for flashes, instants of purity.
For without purity, even if just a desire of it, there cannot be God.
Constant, enduring purity is a difficult achievement, an ideal goal, however, without a desire for purity, there cannot be a desire of God and without God, life is Hell.
" God is a Being of spirit and purity and when encountering God, God does not tolerate anything, anyone standing in between the I and God. God wants exclusive devotion and worship. Desire is better than realisation itself since without desire there is nothing at all ".
It is through desire that one may be brought to realise the ideal.
So, do not cease from desiring God so that God may be there for you.
Desire has its own reward...........................