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Post 18. A Visit to Australia by an Islamic Scholar.

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Ferguson defends visa for visiting Muslim scholar
March 1, 2008 - 1:48PMSource: ABC
Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Laurie Ferguson says Muslim scholar Professor Tariq Ramadan has an important contribution to make to the community's understanding of Islam.
Professor Ramadan, who lives in Europe, has been barred from entering the United States.
He is due to speak at a Queensland Government-sponsored conference in Brisbane next week.
But Mr Ferguson has suggested concern about Professor Ramadan's address is a storm in a tea cup.
"I think that's the way I'd put it," he said.
"This gentleman has been to Australia under the previous government. He has been issued a visa again by a new government.
"Before this government was elected he was used in teleconferences by the Department of Immigration. This is under a conservative government - he was even consulted."
© 2008 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
The blogger's opinion.
By all means, give him a Visa. Moreover invite more of these islamic scholars into Australia, provided we also line up a panel of independent scholars on Eastern Studies invited in from outside Australia, if necessary, as I do not think Australia has experts in Eastern Studies ( i.e., Scholars trained in Universities specialising in Eastern Studies, such as the one in Naples and Turin, Italy, and a few other places).
We need people who are not afraid of Fatwahs or of stirring up the primitive and unscholarly reactions of islamic fanatics. It is about time we rise up and challenge the unreformed state of the present Quran's acceptance as redacted 150 years after the death of Mohammed in 632 A.D., considering the vast changes in the world's scenarios, the advent of democratic principles and criteria , the evolution of global communications ( which should see the decrease of violence owing to increased opportunities for self-expression, provided this is permitted and educated ) and the difficulties global earth is facing to-day.
A simple reading of the first chapters of the Quran is sufficient to present the challenge ( see precedent post 17 ). There is only one CAVEAT ( warning )-: The challengers must be free from islamic affiliations or finance-dependancy, capable to withstand the generally strong personality of islamic debaters who are higly trained in the art of sophistry, and to not be intimidated by their false aura of sanctity and perfection achieved again through training, the adoption of hats, clothing, beards etc., which in most cases is pure istrionics worthy of the roman Emperor Nero. Even Al Capone trained in that way would look like a saint of the Catholic Church. If I had my way I would have all these fellows come out and speak in shorts and singlets, like Paul Hogan himself would, God bless him and his crocodile.
It has recently occurred to me for example, on the basis of his speech alone on TV, how common and unlearned Bashir of Indonesa would really show-up to be, as he actually is, if deprived of his little white hat, scholar dress and beard.
I am not against Mohammedanism, and all I ask is for Islam to come out with a Document, say a Mohammedan New Covenant similar to the Christian Gospels, which, while leaving the Quran untouched, out of respect for Mohammed and his reactions, which may have been valid in relation to the historical scenarios of his times, presents all that is compatible in the Quran including also new religious insights if possible, with present world scenarios and global attitudes to, needs and desires for peace, co-operation, etc. between all religions.
Why, I believe that even I could attempt the task even with my limited learning, as the issue is really very simple and straightforward. Of course scholars would expand eloquently on the contrary, everything remaining the same and lots of poor people getting slaughtered, for words, dogmas and scholarship.
After all this is their livelihood and the source of their over-enflated status in society.
I would actually go even further and suggest Islam seriously considers a union with the two other people of the Book, which Mohammed would certainly advise to-day.
See my Post on the Trinity.
A Short Digression-:
In order to support my understanding of Mohammed's decisions in the times he lived----- however not totally willing to personally justify his choice in view of his claims to revealed truth, yet remaining theologically in doubt in relation to a possibility God may have willed the rise of Mohammedanism as the way to show the need for the reduction of idolatry and image-worshipping, a move also present in the Byzantine Church----- I would like to introduce this short digression-:
The world scenario then confronting Mohammed, while he may have been considering whether to adopt christianity ( we know Mohammed had heard the preachings of various christian and hebrew missionaries active in Mesopotamia before the islamic movement to imperialistic conquests, camoufladged as a religious war or JIHAD that began even during the last years of his life) as a religion for his politheistic Arabs in Arabia, included (1) The megalomaniac greek-macedonian Byzantines sitting astride a degenerate, decayed, western/oriental cultural fence ( this is why I cannot understand the present pope Benedict XVI, who is reputed to be a great scholar, recently using byzantinian references to refute Mohammedans ), (2) The inconclusive and fence-straddling ( their acceptance of a personified Evil and a personified Goodness existing eternally in balance as a necessary and acceptable status quo ) persian Zoroastrians and (3) All the animalistic and beastly politheists running around loose, in a background of (4) A dozen christian sects murdering one another in the streets, added to these (5) The hidden Hebrews of the Diaspora manipulating all financial resources and scheming against the West to pay back the Romans ( this is still ongoing in connection with Vatican/Israel relations according to L'Espresso, dated 11th January 2007 " Terra Santa, Terra Promessa"), with (6) The barbarian/roman West trying to re-organise itself after the fall of the Roman Empire of the West ( 454 A.D.), the only relatively sane organisation in the world of that time. Ah..........I was forgetting (7) The various little bibulous, womanising chieftains of the Desposinii Sangreal Royal Line in Britain and Gaul, supposed to bring relief to a sick world ( according to Sir Laurence Gardner ) also murdering one another in their lust for power.
Having criticised the Desposinii, I still consider that they still represent, as the source of potential constitutional monarchs to present european nations ( having christian roots and majorities), an additional security-guarantee in relation to the freedom of religious worship, in so far as they can protect present christian majority-states from lingering theocratic manipulations from possibly demographically escalating religious groups within any given nation. Likewise, in the case of an islamic nation joining Europe I would be prepared to allow a monarch from an islamic mohammedan dynasty to be elected as ruler, for the same ideal of preservation of the original roots of that nation.
No one could ask for more fairness and respect of original roots which are important, nay essential to civilisational identity.
End of Short Digression.
Who can blame Mohammed for inventing a new written language: Arabic and a new Religion; Mohammedanism?
I do not blame him at all, do you hear me, oh Mohammedans?
This does not however apply any longer to-day, although, admittedly many of the old problems still linger on to-day, however Islam is not innocent either with his terrorists and opium growers ( see L'Espresso, 11th January 2007, "L'Impero dell'Oppio " ) and pushers.
May God/Allah/Jehovah crucify them and their families and clans for generations to come!Amen!
Having considered this, Islam is equally unfit to solve these still lingering problems in the same way as the West is not, without reformation and a clamping down on democratic abuses of freedoms., something present-Europe is trying to do ( see The Good News, March-April 2008, , " Europe Moves Closer to Fulfilling Its Grand Design " and " 'Borderless' Europe now encompasses 400 Million people " ) if the Mafias ( russian, slav, albanian, italian, lebanese, turkish, etc.) have not yet taken Brusselles over, and the six millions of Mohammedans in France stop sabotaging France.
This is why I doubt islamic nations' intentions and motives, even when adopting democracy, in the absence of an islamic reformation of the Quran and of Sharia Law. Example: Pakistan, etc.). This is why Reformation of Islam is essential and constitutive ( a sine qua non ) for mutual trust, understanding and co-operation to exist between the West and Islam.
Unless Islam is prepared to accept this reformation, all discussions and diplomatic activities are just a waste of time and a malicious diabolical ruse in order for Islam to increase its opportunities at crippling the West and the free world, while preparing a " night of the long knives ".
Ask the Armenians, the Jews and the extinct members of various Middle-Eastern-minority-groups of the IXXth and XXth centuries, in the days of the Ottoman Rule, to tell you what the meaning of the phrase is ( the great writer Mitchener used the phrase in his work about the history of Palestine " The Source " I advise everyone to read it as it is an easily absorbed, trustworthy, reliable, beautiful and learned presentation, starting with pre-history).
To conclude, I would like to add that the christian sects ( mostly of anglo-saxon heritage and some of these probably even covertly financed and encouraged by anti-western opponents as every thing is possible to-day with improved communications and unchecked abuses of freedoms. In relation to the biblical prophecies there is no agreement on interpretation as shown by The United Church and the Jehovah Witnesses [ a modern representative of the Arian heresy], etc.) should stop sabotaging any measure the West may be trying to adopt to rectify democratic abuses and to improve civilisation's trends, by ceasing from speculating idiotically and irresponsibly on biblical prophecies they are unfit to interpret and comment on.
The West ( the U.S.A., Britain and Europe jointly, if possible ) must try alternative political solutions without being hampered by these latter-days idiots, growing fat ( some of them are actually obese with obese smiles on their faces. I am being nasty because they are the first to point out, rightly so but hipocritically, to the western problem of obesity induced by over indulgence and self-pampering) on the donations of their equally self-pampered devotees. By all means, let us reduce our obesities, especially those of a mentalo or political nature.
Cease from sabotaging and calling the West (Here France, or Europe as it suits you when sheltering America or Britain, which have become a sewer of iniquity and obscenities as everyone else have and let us begin watching after one anothers' needs for mutual reformation ) a Babylonian power and do something constructive, works of mercy for example as R.C. do. Don't give me the old talk on Grace versus Works please as it has been exploded. We need both!
Protestants have outlived the times of Martin Luther and of the Great Reformation and are not immune from sin and are themselves permanently in need of reformation. So stop your arrogance and self-conceit and begin accepting religious responsibilities as everyone should, together! Stop this crazy, exclusivist, chosen people illusion/delusion.
Concentrate on convincing Islam ( as differentiated from reformed Mohammedanism ) to reform its religious utterings, to renounce its covert, anachronistic imperialistic aspirations and to invite your followers to unite under a common christian banner of good-willing people bent on reforming themselves and all christians.
Join all christian resources in a common ecumenical fund and use this for the benefit of all Christians by planning and building institutions for compassionate, healing, educational works extended to all Christians.
Show Islam and the World the way and the power of the Works-of-the-Lord-for-the-Father in unity and diversity.
Stop being negative and fatalistic!
So speaks the Templar!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Post 17. The Inflexibility of the Quran.

Quran, page 157.
Verse 5:69

Quran, page 120 .
Verse 4:66 & 4:69

Quran, page 85.
Verse 3:90

Quran, page 84.
end Verse 3:85 and Note1.

Quran, page 83.
Verse 3:84.
Note 1 & *.

Quran, page 14.
end Verse 2:62. Note 1.

Quran, page 13.
Verse 2:61, 2:62.

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The To-Day
Unjustifiable, Unacceptable
of the Interpretation
of the Quran.
I have just downloaded a well printed version of the Quran generously offered free by the King of Saudi Arabia ( may Allah bless him!), to whom I give my thanks and love. To show my christian, democratic, XXIst century-transparency and good-will, I even give the reader the website from which to download it, so that anyone may be able to check on the sources referred to in this article.
The Holy Quran.
In this article I am referring to some verses from the Quran, three of which state Mohammed's acceptance of Judaism and Christianity as being equal to Mohammedanism insofaras salvation is concerned, one only of these four ( there may be others ) denying this and stated by some later commentator of the Quran, called IBN ABBAS in his commentary titled "Tafsir At-Tabari ", to abrogate the other three, which seems to me a rather arbitrary, unreasonable and exegetically contradictory behaviour, especially in view of the fanatics' claim that the Quran does not contain any contradiction -:
(1) Verse 2:62 from Surah ( Chapter ) 2. Al-Baraqah. ( "The Cow " in referrence to the golden idol cast by the Israelites at the time of Moses.) together with Note 1 at the bottom of page 14.
(2) Verse 3:85 from Surah (Chapter ) 3. Al-Imran. ( "The Family of Imran" ) with the note 1 at page 84.
(3) Verse 4:69 from Surah ( Chapter ) 4. An-Nisaaa. ( "The Women ").
(4) Verse 5:69 from Surah (Chapter ) 5. Maaa-Idah. ( "The Table Spread" ).
The whole decision to abrogate verse 2:62, given at note 1 at page 14 rests on IBN ABBAS, however I am quite certain an interpreter could build up a case quoting other verses from the Quran, some among which, similarly contradictory. I am only going to mention one of these, verses 3:84-86. From these it appears that condemnation of the choice of a religion other than Mohammedanism may refer to the particular case of one who, having first accepted or having been born in it abjures it ( a more reasonable and understandable scenario that modern theological understanding should however condone and accept under given circumstances ).
My concern in discussing this issue is with my desire, as expressed in Post 15, to see the people of the three religions accepting one another, as I am sure Mohammed would agree in terms of the present world-scenarios and as the result of the reformations both Judaism and Christianity ( However this is not applicable to Islam which has never reformed but has systematically killed its would-be reformers [ i.e., Internal religious wars are still of the order of the day between Shiites and Sunnites]) have experienced, each worshipping according to any of the three Faiths ( adequately further reformed and synchronised ), freely, renouncing any theocratic obsession, primeval crudity and cruelty, with its corollary of violence and the ancient law of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, feuding, retribution and vengeance, that can only open the possibility that one is tempted to take over, to predominate and to impose on the others.
I shall not quote the verses at this stage, leaving this task for a later edition of this Post. For those who are interested and have the time, leisure and energy, please download from
Western Christianity and Judaism have reformed their understanding and interpretation of the ancient texts without altering these out of respect and veneration for the good that is also present in these. Islamic excuses referring to the sealed state of the Quran and the inalterability of its interpretation is totally unacceptable by the modern exegetical circles.
This is demonstrated by a simple discussion of IBN ABBAS' ruling on the issue of wether the three treligions are equally fit for salvation, in relation to and in view of the contradictions pointed to above.
Also, please don't give me the lie that there are no contradictions in the Quran, since it appears that it may have been so easy to slip in verses after the death of Mohammed, owing to
the general lack of a continuous narrative in the Quran.
So speaks the Templar!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post 16. Ave, Salve et Vale oh Anonymous commentator on Post 14!.

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Ave, Salve et Vale
oh Anonymous Commentator
on Post 14!.
Welcome my sister/brother! May the whole Cosmos rejoice! I welcome your bold insights on the Trinity. You are worthy of Sir Laurence Gardner's lot-in-hiding.
No offence ment. After all I have a few years to live and nothing to lose or protect.
I speak therefore in the open.
I am after all an unworthy theologian.
The main purpose of Post 14 is to offer Islam and Israel a christian approach to a theological solution to the diversity in unity existing between the three people of the Book ( an expression and insight favoured by the great Prophet Mohammed, may God bless his memory! ) no one in her/his right mind should be able to refuse, to-day.
I am certain both Jesus and Mohammed would wholeheartedly agree and break bread and share salt in common over this.
As far as I am personally concerned, it is an offer straight-out of my heart, may God/Allah/Jehovah be my witness.
I am tired of seeing decent, valuable western men' lives and resources wasted for the never ending feud between Arabs ( Amalekites, Hyksos, etc ) and Hebrews, one that has been going on since the days of Sumer, even before the Pentateuch or the New Testament or the Quran were ever compiled, even orally.
Violent, corrupt, ignorant, unscrupulous, mafia-type minorities ( from among which continuously arise all-infiltrating false priests, ministers, imams, meuzzins, sheiks, khalifs, mahdis, etc. etc. ) have been abusing religion and religious speculation to justify their exclusivist and eliticist solutions to the problems resulting from Creation's subjection to the Laws of Scarcitry and Necessity ( See Juan Luis Segundo, S.J. " Jesus of Nazareth, Yesterday and To-Day"). These minorities which occasionally have become themselves uneducated , desperate, crazied masses as in the raids of the people from the steppe, in the French Revolution, in the Bolshevik Revolution, etc. have assumed various appellatives witewashing their hidden primordial motivations, i.e., oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, patricians, mafia, etc. This is not to say though that there have not been remarkable exceptions among these leading minorities, due to God's occasional interventions in the history of humankind, the most important and Highest-Point-Setting-One having been, Jesus'-First-Coming. However, even in the latter cases, infiltration, corruption and abuse have ended in their degradation. The conclusion is that religious and social reformation is a permanent top priority issue and concern always and everywhere. Please remember that, practically, the path to salvation and divinisation is not in cheating Scarcity and Necessity, but through the adaptation and submission to the Laws of Scarcity and Necessity, in the mutual, universal, sharing, distribution, and use of global resources, together with common-sense, self-control and disciplined reproduction.
( I am sure Buddha would agree with me ).
The diseducation, degradation, decadence of most masses in third world nations, has been the result of their leaders' neglect, in the days of their national glory in their history, to expose their masses to the mixture of dangers and advantages of free and universal education, as in the recent example in Pakistan, in relation to Google's You-Tube's crappy jokes about sacred mohammedan's beliefs. While I agree there may be a lot of crap in Google's activities, there are also occasional pearls such as my blog and a few others'. One cannot have one and reject the other type, as this even applies to the Sacred Books where one finds the divine and the earthly, the angelic and the diabolical interwined to protect the messages from human malice and interferences. Take for example the Baghavad Gita which is mainly angelic. How many readers can really understand and apply it? Look at the mess that has resulted from its elaborations in the Hindu's religion and its never ending plethora of deities, etc. etc.!
It is also a matter of economics, dear Watson, since it is thanks to Google's initiative, freely offered to me that I can afford to go public!
May God bless the Internet and initiatives like Google.
This raises the question however, if and when can I expect a Moslem from an islamic nation to dare to freely comment on my Posts? This is the measure of what Islam is at present in a few words. The rest is all islamic waffling and plausibilities. Comment, prove me wrong oh imams, meuzzins, sheriffs, whatever you choose to call yourselves. I reject claims of sealed unchangeable messages, the authority of a person or prophet as being unquestionable or debatable in terms of changed historical scenarios. For example, Aristotle's authority has been wrongly unchallenged for centuries, in relation to the natural sciences, due to islamic attitudes passed on to the West. His ethical contribution remains on the other hand still valuable. I am a qualified theologians, labelled as an Ebionite by my examiners ( I consider this as an honour ), self elected as a barbuto Templar since my Clan has been closely and deeply linked to and involved in the foundation of the the Order of Knights-Templars, honoured and respected even by the great curdish leader Saladin. I consider myself therefore as your equal.
The responsibility of choosing and behaving correctly remains always with the individual. Survival belongs to the fittest ( Darwin ) and to those who are more adaptable and flexible
( Wallace ). Islam tends to erase, freeze, stiffle, oppress anything that is tempting as for example women' grace, thereby stimulating and exploding desire and the slavery it can generate, rather than extinguishing it. Temptation, desire are good insofaras these challenge self-control and discipline ( the corollaries to the Laws of Scarsity and Necessity ), pointing to the necessity to sublimation and renunciation as the way to God. There cannot be sublimation and renunciation without the love of the-other-than-self. This is real education, not the erasure and oppression of natural realities which embitter and develop hipocrisy in all those involved in human relationship.
Some areas of Africa and Asia were earthly paradises before the irresponsible procreation that ruined these. For example, the Matabele warrior-tribes of Rhodesia multiplying so rapidly and overwhelmingly as to overflow into South Africa, wiping out self-controlled pigmy tribes, clashing with the formidable disciplined Boers, who had arrived there before the Matabeles. This is just an example taken at random from memory. As a contrast the number of the members of my Clan has remained, as an average and in proportion to development and progress, the same as it was in 4000B.C.
The Commentator to Post 14 is welcome indeed and I am prepared to continue our correspondence, however, my concern, the top-priority global concern to-day is not one about theological differences and details which are and shall remain theoretical forever until............ The Last Day, but the search for and reduction of belief to a General Common Denominator that may be acceptable to God/Allah/Jehovah in relation to the three people of the Book.
For example, Adam himself may have been the Creator, or one of the Annunaki of whom Gardner speaks, however there still must be a fount of all cosmic energy, a self subsistent, ungenerated source of energy and I call this being ( no anthropomorphic connections necessary in the correct but not necessarily all-else-exclusive-and-rejecting mohammedan way ) God/Allah/Jehovah.
This does not mean that privately, within a Forum of like minded speculators, in my study, I do not speculate on Adam, the Annunaki, etc. I have even written a Prayer that includes the Annunaki, the two brothers and sister and their women.
The aim is peace, co-operation, the integration and concentration of power by which to combat evil in the world. We are getting tired of the hopelessnes and corruption of Africa, of some asiatic nations, of some south american nations, of the production and traffic in cocaine, etc.. We are getting tired of political games with China and Putin' Russia. Let us begin solving problems rather than allowing their festering, endlessly in the name of a false liberty. Let us remember that there are no freedoms without corresponding duties.
So, my noble commentator, can you see the illusion/delusion of detailed theological speculation carried out as a pleasure game? This is what is going on in Theological Colleges, apart from the endless repetition of the biblical stories, while avoiding the interpretation of the nasty and gory bits ( intellectual cowardice and hipocrisy, bordering on sycophancy ), in the minds of our Master and Doctor Degree holders.
A particularly challenging, long story/parable everyone avoids as if never written, especially the amateurish, protestant mountebanks rolling in grateful donations from pausibilities-sated guilty-feeling-listeners who continue in their self-pampering lives thanks to the blessings of these wafflers, is at chapters 19-21, the focus I intend to point out in particular being at 19:24.
A similar story/parable is at 19:8. I can interpret these, but not here not now. It would be interesting to collect, say, at least fourty interpretations from different interpreters.
What we need to-day is Applied Theology, not theoretical, unproveable one.
Let us prove and test Theology by applying it.
I must admit that the R.C. Church has done a lot of proving and applying of Theology with every work of charity, mercy (i.e. taking care of the lepers or the untouchables of India by Mother Theresa of Calcutta, a thing Islam or Judaism has never done ) it has undertaken. I myself am grateful for my early education in kindergarten by the Sisters of St.Vincent de Paul at Zamalik, Cairo, and to-day for the medical care I have been receiving at St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, an australian Catholic organisation with the distinctive Catholic ethos.
Of course, one can expect a mighty rejection of my offer of a General Common Denominator from false preachers from the leading-minorities of the three people, and by the Putin's Russian neo-Orthodox Church.
Imagine a world in which the three people of the Book keep on believing in their own perspective and manner of worshipping God, however all co-operating together, sharing resources, not maliciously outdoing one another in trying to get the upper political hand and dominate and rule over the others as a secondary class citizen as Islam did in the times of its glory taxying Christians and Jews out of their livelyhood, thus signing its own decay and decadence.
To elaborate about the perspective and manner referred to above-: i.e., Whether God is worshipped in the hebrew manner as Father/Creator/Master, or as God the Mediator/SelfGiver/Communicator between ITSELF and humankind, reacheable only through the love of the-other-than-self, or as a purely spiritual Judge/Rewarder, communicating through an unchangeable, unprogressive, inflexible rule by human theocratic rulers, a law from the steppe of Arabia ( Sharia Law ), a Holy Book which may have been manipulated by secular men preaching the conquest and indoctrination of the whole world by the sword.
Question-: Moslems of Australia, are you being treated equally as all other members of the australian nation are? The answer is-: Yes, insofaras the Laws of this nation are concerned, which we do not wish changed, meddled with or sabotaged. Democracy and religious liberty, and this means the rejection of theocratic rule and any outside, foreign Law the adoption of which in its entiry body, were it to be requested or even suggested by any religious collective in this nation, are definitely not politically negotiable and ( Democracy and liberty ) must remain enbedded, unchallenged in the Constitution, no matter how numerous any church were to become in Australia. At present we Roman Catholic are the most numerous but are not suggesting any theocratic rule. Moslems and Hebrews and anyone else must honour this attitude, else Civil War. We do not want this Middle-Eastern-scenario here. These issues cannot, must not be subjected to be voted upon. The same applies to the sacred, viable, traditional, fundamental monarchic ties with H.R.H. Elizabeth, the Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia which ties link Australia, including its valuable and honourable Aborigenes and their Dream Time, whom British attitudes and laws have proteted ( much better than what has been the case with american republicans in relation to their Indians ) to the Sumerian beginnings of the three religions of the Book, through the Desposinii race, in spite or perhaps in virtue of the Book's subtle manipulations willed and permitted by God/Allah/Jehovah, protected at the same time from total distortion by the mixture of divine and diabolical present in it, requiring God's Grace for interpretation not just scholarship or waffling ability or memory.
Sir Laurence Gardner, with whose conclusions I do not always agree ( as focusing too narrowly on the scottish contribution and solution ) better describes these manipulations than I can or ever shall be able to do. Please read all his Books with an open mind.
Paradoxically enough, and I believe God loves paradoxical scenarios and set-ups, the manipulations have actually been protecting the message, the historical trend, from total distortion and are not for amateurs, sycophants or mafiosi to interpret. These people can only do so at their own peril. Memory ( i.e., PCs have great moronic like memories and are now becoming even more powerful than the average human beings in terms of watts-: The average human power is of 200 watts, a Horse Power being 746 watts ), great acrobatics of learning displayed by many of our Doctorate-holders ( with particular enphasis in the R.C. Church, i.e., Pope Benedict and Monsignor Ravasi { from Brianza, Lombardy like myself } ) are simply useless.
I believe I have more than adequately answered my noble commentator's contribution which I found very comforting and rewarding as being in good-will and sympathy with my aims.
I would be more than happy to continue a correspondence on anonymous grounds. Whatever, or by email. My email address is-:
Finally, I would also like to comment shortly on her/his approach to the Trinity saying that the person studying God must be deply aware of the infinite gap existing between God and humanity and observe all the time three Criteria-:
(1) The criterion of Analogical Thinking to maintain a separation between what belongs to the realm of the Divine anf that of Creaturness.
(2) The criterion of Virtuality in so far as whenever something is predicated of both God and human beings God's attribute is real and the one assigned the human person is virtual ( qua created in God's image ). This also applies when studying the homeostatic presence of both the human and the divine natures in the one person of Jesus Christ.
(3) Most importantly, the criterion to never fall in the trap of considering God the Father, in anthropomorphic terms. This is aided by the two critera listed above.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Post 15. The nuclear project of Atomic Fusion.

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The writer is preparing an article based on the following information, dealing with what should be a desirable contribution to the existence of these projects about clean nuclear power, at present going-on in the U.S.A. and Italy-:
MIT Fights for Clean Power With Holy Grail of Fusion in Reach. In the first part of a week-long series at the breakthrough university, our resident geek looks down the belly of extreme machines with forces some 100,000 times stronger than the Earth's—and forecasts the future of efficient energy.
By Erik Sofge.
Published on: February 25, 2008
( From-: )
Also, on the same issue, an article " Fusione Soft ", from 'L'Espresso', dated 11th October 2007.
May God/Allah/Jehovah grant them success for the peace and prosperity of all humankind!
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Post 14. The christian insight of the Trinity.

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The writer, a qualified RC theologian, is preparing a short article about the christian insight on the Trinity, at present a stumbling block for Hebrews and Moslems, which aims at the unity of the three people of the Book-: Hebrews, Christians and Moslems
( The expression used by the great Prophet Mohammed ).
The difficulty everyone, including christians, has with the dogma of the Holy Trinity is everyone's naivety in trying to understand and see it in anthropomorphic concepts,
i.e., Three persons having human bodies cannot make one human person having one body. There is no such a monster or oddity. If each of three persons is then said to be god, then one is saying there are three gods, which is blasphemy.
However, to take an example from physics, three energy waves can be added together and make one single wave. In an analogical and distant way, God can be thought of as pure primordial, subsistent, ungenerated energy ( thought ) having its own waveform, however complex.
Likewise, the Word and the Spirit can analogically be seen as having their own wave signature. Is it so impossible to accept that, analogically, the three can be added into one single wave form that is the one and unique God/Allah/Jehovah? There is no incompatibility as the three consist of the same energy or thought that can be predicated, analogically speaking, of God/Allah/Jehovah. Actually it would sound better to say that the Word and the Spirit having been from the beginning with God, have energetic wave-signatures belonging to God.
In a similar way, however analogically and hyerarchically to a lesser degree insofaras quality and time are concerned, one can also say a human being may be of God, i.e., The perfect human being Jesus of Nazareth who as human is of God( but who, as the Word-incarnated is to the highest degree of God like the Spirit is ), the great Prophet Mohammed who is of God and all the great human beings ( including the great women of old ) of the Holy Scriptures who are of God, etc. etc..
This can be an acceptable explanation of the Trinity-: Of the three Persons in One.
Of course, the theologians who first began to insight about the Trinity did not have any understanding of modern Physics and could not therefore word it in the way I am. I have been an Electrical Engineer before studying Theology and am therefore conversant with high quality energy forms and their analogical and mathematical representations, things which most theologians are ignorant about or let us say, in the case of those who have studied Physics, as most european students are compelled to do during their pre-University training, not sufficiently framiliarised with it to have made Physics a part of their mental set-up.
Just imagine a world in which Hebrews, Christians and Moslems live and work together in perfect friendship and co-operation, as the-one-people of the United-from-within
( The One ) and Unique Allah/God/Jehovah!
Yet, each believer doing so, following her/his individual theological insights, in accordance to her/his individual understanding and need, insofaras an individual human person
(( i.e., Some of us need to focus on God as the Mother/Father and Creator of the Cosmos ( through the Pentateuch ); others need an approach from below through Creation/the material and the mediation of the Word ( Jesus & the Gospels ); others need to focus on the purely spiritual, formless, unmaterial Allah, through the teachings of the religious part of the Quran )).
This is the insight of the Trinity at the human level.
To deny this is to be arrogant and to wish to limit God's Omnipotence.
However we, the people of the Book must renounce the theocratic obsession to conquer, dominate and convert one another and all the rest of the world, by the sword. This might have been acceptable in the days of David and Solomon when the Israelis were the only believers, something they failed to do and for which they were punished, but it is not allowed to-day any longer among the people of the Book.
Times have changed also since the days of Mohammed.
In the days before the european Renaissance, Science, Philosophy and Theology were frozen and static, everyone quoting Aristotle as the ultimate seal of Knowledge. Actually, Europe had received the works of Aristotle from the Arabs, togethre with this attitufde to Science as sealed, who had collected these where the original existed. It was only when the northern european scholars began to question and speculate from below, through experimentation and the practical arts, that Science began to proceed further. Modern knowledge about the structure of matter and of the unseen world of elemental particles, has magnified and diversified human knowledge. The gap ( korysmos ) between God and humanity shall never be crossed except in an analogical and negative ( we can say what God is not better then what God is ) way, but the ability to express the mystery has definitely increased. Allelujah!
Let us seek peace, love, good-will, etc. and avoid the necessity to recur to Contingency-Ethics ( An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth ).
So speaks the Templar theologian, not out of fear or weakness,
but from love, certainty and boldness.
May God be my witness.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Post 13. A Fruit Tree is Judged by its Fruits. So Islam is Judged by its Fruits.

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I am writing this Post to answer the author(s) of an advertisement that appeared on my blog, c/o Google's AdSense.
I quote it here-:
Revealing the Bible Perversion and the True Foundation of Islam.
I am glad and gratefull I am attracting the attention of my Moslem brethrens and sisters!
I am a christian and not against Mohammedanism as a Religion. What I am against is the historical reality that Islam ( Islamism is a religious ideology not a religion) arrogantly aims at a world humma which excludes all other people and religions from an equal standing with Mohammedanism. Even good Mohammed is sometimes said in the Quran to have concluded ( please keep in mind the fact the Quran was written at least 150 years after Mohammed's death by the orders and directives of some warriors out of the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. By the way, the Amalekites, Hycksos or Arabs were raiders into Palestine in the biblical times, not local residents as you appear to delude yourself), after declaring the equality of the three people of the Judaean/Christian/Mohammedan Old and New Scriptures, that the Quran is supreme and the seal of truth, just because it was written last. This is however not enough justification for a quranic supremacy, as what came first may be the conclusive and predominant truth that needed, perhaps, some temporary adaptations in view of changed world scenarios ( with the New Testament and the Quran ). God/Allah/Jehovah is my witness I am not rejecting the Quran, only suggesting it may need researching and synchronising with modern times and the evolution of the religions of the other people of the Book. Mohammed himself, blessed be his memory, would agree with me. In a way, this claim to supremacy in equality was a contradiction, resulting from the times in history when Mohammed lived. Times have changed and the knowledge of God keeps increasing for those who study and love God. Anyway, these are not matters to be dealt by amateurs like you appear to be. What are your credentials? I am a qualified Bachelor of Theology ( 9 years of theological studies ). If there should be such a world humma then why should it not be Roman Catholic? What have Islamists or Mohammedanists got that we RCs have not? However we Roman Catholic have learnt that God/Allah/Jehovah does not consider human beings fit to make the Kingdom of God on earth.
And this definitely includes Islamists and Mohammedanists.
So forget supremacy and the theocratic obsession dear islamic and mahommmmedan brethrens and sisters.
The Theocratic Obsession is nothing else than a delusion and a form of Imperialism, the same that the great Roman Catholic Constantine and the spanish monarchs had. Now Constantine and the spanish monarchs were not worse than any of the hebrew monarchs of both the Judaean and the Samaritan branches ( including David and Salomon ), nor of the thousand islamic leaders in the history of Islam with their harems full of women.
The Serraglio ( harem ) of the Ottoman rulers in Turkey was in fact closed only at the end of WWI when the Mohammedans were liberated by the christian Western powers from the corruption and obscenities of Ottoman rule.
This is recent, documented history my dear brethrens and sisters!
Western sects of Christianity have also renounced the theocratic obsession and since the Declaration of the USA's independence, Religion and State have been separated in the West.( In France, this has occurred in 1905 ). No human being is worthy of or to be trusted in creating a world humma as the Apostle St.John, known as the beloved Apostle, clearly states in his Gospel that only God/Allah/Jehovah is worthy of making a New World and that this shall occur only AT THE LAST DAY! Now St.John was born and wrote approximately 600 years before Mohammed was born and 700 years before the Quran was written.
I have already explained in previous posts how the Quran was written at least 150 years after the death of Mohammed and how the non-religious additions to it
( which include the exhortations to the islamisation of the whole world by the sword ) were made by the representatives of the crazy arabic warriors from the deserts of Saudi Arabia.
So please, stop claiming the whole of the Quran is the word of God and do not insult God!
I have also shown how the religious parts of the Quran were inspired by Christianity and by the Old Testament of the Hebrews.
So what are you talking about?
In a way you are agreeing with what I say, in this respect. Thank you.
The only trouble is you forget the Hebrews and the Christians. In the back of your brainwashed minds there have been and there are only Arabs and Islamists!
If Islam is the Bible why don't you give Israel its right to Israel to-day and stop violence and murdering in the world? Are the Hebrews and Gentiles not your brethrens and sisters? Is Abraham not the father of both Mohammedans( Ishmaelites) and Hebrews? As St.Paul said ( 600 years before Mohammed ), Abraham is also the gentiles' (christian westerners') father, yes our spiritual father and the Spirit is stronger than the flesh and circumcision. What counts is the circumcision of the heart not of the flesh ( as even Isaiah began to say in his days. Why don't we all keep on sacrificing animals and give burnt offerings any longer, as our common fore-fathers did? Because rituals and beliefs evolve as God wills it ).How can Arabic be the only language of God, when you agree Islam comes from the Bible which, everyone agrees, was written in Hebrew?
Actually arabic did not exist yet as a written language in the days of Mohammed and it could very well said that arabic was, then, a branch of the Jewish language which has been written approximately since the times of David, such a long time before the arabic alphabet and grammar ever existed.
So God/Allah/Jehovah spoke a form of Hebrew similar to arabic or vice-versa. What about the story of The Tower of Babel?
So, I ask, what is this obsession with Arabic?
As I have said, arabic grammar and alphabet were developed on order from the arabic leaders from the desert, 150 years after the death of Mohammed,in view of their imperialistic desire for world conquest and booty. Had they been humble and truly religious as Mohammed had been, they would have used the ready made, structurally perfect hebrew alphabet ( not a light and embroidering alphabet like arabic is ) God/Allah/Jehovah had already chosen more than a thousand years earlier to write the 10 Commandments ( Have you heard about these ?) on Moses' Stones on Mt. Sinai.
The Old Scriptures speak mythologically of the confusion of languages willed by God/Allah/Jehovah in the story of The Tower of Babel. There you are then, oh you amateur theologians withot qualifications, who believe everything literally and learn everything like a parrot, by memory. Memory is not necessarily a sign of intelligence or the ability to draw conclusions or to exercise judgment or to understand deeply and gracefully God's messages. There is no supremacy of either Hebrew or Arabic, but the love, good manners and humility of translating into other people's languages God's messages.
The lack of the latter mentioned virtues and signs of ones being of God, is why instead of converging into a peaceful co-existence and co-operation God/Allah/Jehovah desires and wills, to-day we still have islamists and israelis cutting one-another's throats and we western peope are going to loose our patience and tolerance!
Beware of Contingency Ethics!
Jihad is not an islamic monopoly!
So speaks the Templar theologian.
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Post 12. The Case of Dr.Haneef.

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A quote from the Technorati-:
Terrorists discussed killing Howard Members of a Melbourne-based terrorist group discussed killing former prime minister John Howard in a bid to have Australian troops withdrawn from Iraq, a court has heard. The group asked its leader Abdul Nacer Benbrika if killing Mr Howard would be approved in the teachings of the Koran.
44 seconds ago in Downunder Newslinks ·

Haneef investigation cost over $7.5m
February 18, 2008 - 4:22PMSource: ABC

Commissioner Keelty says more than 600 Australian staff were involved at the peak of the investigation. (File photo)
Photo: AAP
A Senate Committee has heard the Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigation into Indian Doctor Mohammed Haneef and related terrorist matters cost more than $7.5 million.
Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has detailed Australia's involvement in the probe into last year's foiled UK bomb plot which is still continuing.
Commissioner Keelty says more than 600 Australian staff were involved at its peak to gather intelligence, witness statements, and forensic samples.
"As at the end of December 2007, expenses for the investigation are in excess of $7.5 million, that is made up of approximately $5.5 million in employee expenses of which $1.6 million accounts for overtime and approximately $1 million in supplier expenses," he said.
In order to put the high number of staff into context Commissioner Keelty said more than 300 witness statements were obtained, and a total of 16 telephone intercepts and six surveillance device warrants issued.Leak investigation
Meanwhile, the lawyer representing Dr Haneef says he is surprised to hear that public servants are being investigated for leaking information of the case to the media.
The Federal Government plans to hold a judicial inquiry into why Dr Haneef was wrongly charged with supporting a terrorist group involved in last year's UK bombings.
Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty has told a Senate Committee an internal review has not identified any processes that need to be changed but has revealed 27 public servants are being investigated for leaking information.
Commissioner Keelty told the Senate committee that the AFP's own review of the case has not revealed leaks from within the police.
But Dr Haneef's lawyer Peter Russo says the police were most likely to be providing the leaks.
"I would have thought that if there were any leaks going on they were coming from either the AFP or the Queensland Police," he said.
"I'm surprised that it is public servants who are under the spotlight."
Mr Russo says his client is still no closer to returning to Australia.
"Mainly because of the fact that [Commissioner] Keelty keeps saying that my client is still under investigation," he said.
"Until the AFP come out and give Mohammed a clean bill of health, which they should have been able to do by now, I'm not in the position to advise him to come back to Australia."
© 2008 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post 11. The Stolen Generation 3.

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I'd like to recommend to visitors of this blog, the reading-on-line, free,
of the History of Monotheism-:
It is a short, wide coverage of the history of the Middle East, fairly reliable, provided one accepts a cynical hebraic view of humanity and christianity.
But no one can be perfect.
Please Note-:
( I have two Posts on this Issue at on BigBlog/BigPond/Telstra, criticising the recent Australian Government's Apology, unsupported as it is by substantial material measures and action, as intended by Mr. Howard, the outgoing liberal Prime Minister ).
Part 1. The Stolen Generation 3.
I am writing for the third time on this isse because it is a magnificent example of dubious modern morality and the inability of the Australian people to find a solution except a palliative remedy, by saying-: Sorry.
I wish to quote a lady-blogger of the BigBlog/BigPond/Telstra Community making it clear that the spelling and grammar mistakes are due to the speed at which supervisors at BigPond compels bloggers to write. After all we get the use of the blog for free.
I quote-:
""1 comment
Monday 4 February, 2008 - 06:58PM
i read the beging of your stolen generation post. i disagree. i think that oodles of money is the key. billions even, trillions!
because, if an alien landed and said that nothing you had is now allowd, how would you feel. take your history for example. all removedand never to be mentioned again.
that is why they need to have the word sorry said a billion times in crisp notes.
we can onloy hope that the aliens are rich too.
9Hubby made me a cup of tea. he handed it to me and as he walked away he said,
‘the milk is off’.
Love hu.
Apologies are nonsensical because I am sure the Australians involved in the operation related to the removal, separation, distribution, education, emancipation, civilisation of the children referred to, were meaning well. Of course, in such a large operation there are statistically bound to be cases of individuals who failed or did not respond according to expectations. It is unfair to hunt for these cases and bring them forward as representatives of the lot. Moreover, I am sure that at the time this solution was contemplated it must have appeared to have been the best available. Mr. Howard did attempt with Operation Intervention to find a realistic, honest, field-solution to the problem, before being voted-out of his place as a leader for his only unfortunate blunder of judging the Australian workers as having more awareness of the difficult times ahead with Asian and Indian workers taking all our jobs away from us and having to face some sacrifices before things become irreversibly hopeless.What does one see? Mobs of all those benefiting from the status quo in some way incrompehensible to mormal decent minds, demonstrating in the streets of Canberra and labelling Intervention racist.
It appears that Australians including our Aborigenes are not any longer of the moral fibre of those mythical australian warriors of WI and WWII and cannot or are unwilling to make sacrifices and to discipline themselves.
What we have to-day is a mass of Pinocchios and Baby-boomers.
The lady-blogger above quoted, appears to suffer, like most of us, from guilt resulting from the belief that the british-landing in Australia and their taking-over of the whole continent was illegal and evil. I strongly disagree with this view. Let all those who suffer from this misconception make their luggages, depart and leave Australia to the Aborigines. If they believe their anscestors were wrong, in saying sorry without a material solution is hypocrisy.
The solutions are-:
(1) All those who are not of an aborigenes descent to leave Australia ( hypothetical?).
(2) Stop all progress and development and make everyone go back to the Stone-Age so as to not make the Aborigenes feel twarted or depressed ( very hypothetical?)
(3) Compromise between the two solutions above handing-out wasted money to placate the Aborigenes, without ever solving the problem, as my lady-blogger-friend above suggests.
(4) Make sure every aborigine child becomes educated in a system equal to or even better than the one available in the australian metropolis with equal opportunities, ( since aboriginal education is more demanding because of the Civilisation-Gap. However we have not got enough people of adequate standards as teachers even for white children.).
This solution can be achieved either through-;
( 4 a) Intervention in the Howard way which is extremely costly if truly honestly and conscientiously carried out.
(4 b) Sending ( a type of Priviledged Generation scenario ) all aboriginal children to centralised Federal Education Institutions. Of course some of these shall fail. Better than the depressing 75% failure and misery occurring to-day that is mentally conditioning all Australians. It makes me personally feel unclean!.
(4 c) Making sure all Aborigenes are given standard civilised living conditions, but here again one hears of new comfortable houses reduced to rubble by aborigines dwellers. Supervision, coercion and education may be required. The Aborigines have human rights, however both they and the Government have a duty to make sure resources are not wasted.
Let us end once for all the rule of the stupid happy-go-lucky australian cliche’ of larrikinism. It may be good for a jest but the real world demands seriousness.
Nothing under (4) is going to happen without some measure of strict supervision, discipline and even coercion. Moreover, the greatest hurdle to this solution is in the enormous cost in providing the required resources, with very little assurance that these are actually appropriately used, when aboriginal communities are all over the place.
This perhaps explains, better than any other consideration the motivation behind the Operation Stolen Generation.
Supervision and coercion need not be considered racist measures since these are already in force in relation to unfortunate, down-on-their-luck, or just moronic white parents. I am not sayng that aborigenes parents are necessarily morons, but that there are forces acting against them and progress tha are crippling and require the taking of special action.
Mr. Howard had understood this perfectly.
Part 2. Ethics of Exploration and Colonialism.
In my readings of history and theology I have struggled with the morality of western occupation, colonisation, development and exploitation of lands outside the sphere of some western nations' ancestral influence.
My anscestors as well as those of people of celtic and gothic (teutonic, germanic) ancestry, for example, moved from the Caspian sea about 4000 B.C. when the noticeable melting of the Ice that started with the beginning of Global Warming in ca. 10000 B.C. rendered those areas soggy and water-logged. They eventually colonised lands in Europe displacing aborigenes there who had not benefited from adequate life-experiences. The latin word colonus, coloni means land-worker or developer and there is nothing sinister or oppressive about it
This is a sad fact of life and reality ! To avoid being taken-over ( it happens in businesses- enterprises evey day ) one has to keep on advancing, staying at the cutting-edge of progress
and develop one's resources efficiently, equally to or better than one's neighbour. There is no other alternative and to pretend it is not so and to relax and sit down waffling platitudes through accomodating and compromising, I am sure idealistic and well-meaning politicians of the left creeds, opens one up for redundancy, displacement/ replacement. A part of the strategy of survival is also to remain physically fit and competitive and to be able to work hard, perhaps harder than the next fellow, within limits imposed by common sense and the medical profession.
Of course, within modern-labour achievements, also with a security net
such as Social Security, which should encourage serious workers, if not a bunch of decadent Pinocchios and Baby-Boomers, as it was meant to do,
to work better and harder.
This is not happening to-day with the new generations of generally obese Australians,
including our Aborigenes.
It is enough to look at the japanese and chinese workers who even do callisthenics before beginning their working day.
In fact we have been observing that, since the beginning of the Level Carpet Theory ( another utopia )inaugurated in the days of Mr Whitlam in relation to the reduction of custom duties and tariffs, australian small-manufactured-goods-producers have totally disappeared and we are wearing chinese-made clothes and driving Japanese cars.
A plethora of jobs are continuously going to Asia and India.
This is to-day the other, the new face of colonialism, and cannot be avoided, in the same way the old type could not.
It can only be offset by working well and efficiently in competition with the World. When once a physical landing and taking over of resources was made, to-day the taking- over is more subtle but still occurring in the Stock Exchange.
Why don't we stupidly begin aplogising to all the decsendants of all those loosers in the past ( who they themselves would have done the same had they had the upper hand, and some, like Islam and Genghi Khan tried very hard but failed. They are still game enough to try again to-day in more subtle ways, if we let them ), who were colonised or failed to beat us at colonising in the old fashioned ways?
Let us whisper this great morale-boosting idea in the ears of our glorious Mr.Rudd and begin another flood of national tears and righteousness-induced happiness. Allelujah!!
Foreign owners shall always find in the future, some accomodating local group of politicians to keep things smooth, handing out placating packages to the predominant scabs who have no civilisation to cherish or defend.
So, beware how you vote you mongrels since the number of places for scabs is limited.
My life is at an end and I am saying the truth and handing-out my insights at no gain whatsoever to myself, freely, except that God shall love me for saying the truth.
As a secular-lay-theologian I am a free agent and have no Bishop breathing down my neck. Allelujah!
Going back to Colonialism, one may begin to understand that it has been unavoidable, like a law of nature, like Global Warming, etc., except that our only fault is to have beaten everyone else to it. The Russians ate-up most of the eastern asian continent. Europeans went to Africa and the Americas. The Moslems spreading their religious ideology went over all North Africa, the Middle East, penetrated India, making rocky and non-economically-viable Afghanistan a base of operation for breeding fanatical warriors, infiltrated
all the Far- East, except China and Japan.
To-day Islamists ( there is a difference between Go-fearing Mohammedans and Islamists ) are agitating in Indonesia, New Guinea and Timor, while Australians happily and unconcernedly play their silly ball-games, believing in Work-Relation and other Utopias and waffling about the sacredness of their homeland, victimising essential leaders like Howard, Costello and Downer. There has never, there is not now, there is never going to be any sacredness of territory, only the ability to efficiently and responsibly exploit and produce the resources ( responsibly of course Mr. Green), in a way better than the one your neighbours could or would, together with the willingness, determination and preparedness to defend the territory and the resources at the time when, if, as necessary, by willingly accepting some sacrifices of personal comforts, luxuries. and pleasures in order to be militarily strong.
The Aborigenes of Australia’s history is an example of loosers in the scenario I am describing. It was not their fault perhaps, for not going across the straights and observing what was going on around them. Perhaps the vastness of the resources and the lack of pressure and competition insulated them and made them believe in Utopia for about 40,000 years ! Are we perhaps imitating, becoming like them?
The whole world struggles under the Laws of Scarcity and Necessity, the laws under which the whole of Creation was subjected by the Father,
in so far as made and not generated. Even the Son, although generated and perfect was sent under the yoke of these Laws to suffer and to die for Creation's sake.
Had not the English landed here, or elsewhere, the French or the Russians or even the Moslems would have, had the latter not been twarted by the English in India who aided the Hindus to liberate themselves from an islamic total conquest of the indian continent
( see the Moguls Empire India, Clive of India, etc.).
The English have been morally the best among all colonial powers. Like most european powers, they built-up nations in Asia, Africa, Australia, with considerable infrastructures. With few and small exceptions the local people have been retained, emancipated, educated, brought to modernity, including most of the Aborigenes of Australia with most of their cultural heritage. As a contrast, Islam has erased most traces and records of the civilisatiions that preceded them ( A classical example has been the total brainwashing of the indo-european people of Iran ), claiming justification from a never reformed interpretation of the Quran and of Sharia Law by the warriors from the deserts of Arabia. A travel through those parts of the world they now occupy, proves this adequately. The Talibans, as a classical recent example, dinamited the Buddhist monuments left by the Chinese in Afghanistan. You see, they did not have dinamite until now, else they would have done it earlier.
Another consideration is that history cannot go backward, or remain still.
The myth of the happy and idillic savage is just that-: A myth, that was exploded in the days of the hyppy generations. However many Australians unfortunately still believe in this
and the trouble is they are allowed a vote.
Part3. The Essentiality of New Water and New Energy in Australia.
The only way to ensure that Australians including their aboriginal brethrens and sisters attain and maintain a civilised standard of living, solving all ancillary problems like Work Relations, Aboriginal special needs, in the utopian ways expected by some majorities etc.,
also becoming and remaining able to practically hold and defend these possessions,
is to generate New Energy and New Water.
I have already dealt with this issue in another Post in
One of the problems that has resulted from the recent elections is however that, no politician worth her/his salt is going to feel confident that she/he can, if required, act in a strong way, asking for discipline and sacrifices from the Australian people and this could be a crippling factor for the future of Australia.
Anyone not liking the truth-: Stiff cheddar to you!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Post 10. Sharia Law.

A link with the technorati-:
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I also recommend viewers of this blog to visit and read-:
Quranic Islam
in so far as it honestly shows how controversial the answer to the question of what Islam is can be, even for believers born into the mohammedan faith. My heart goes out to them and prays that some Reformation, Standardisation, Centralisation and Stabilisation of that Faith may soon occur, for theirs and our own sake.
The Acceptance of Sharia
Law's Jurisdiction
in the United Kingdom
other western nations.
Has anyone among the leading groups of our western nations
( with particular emphasis on the U.K.)
considered, that once western islamic citizens are allowed to be judged in our own countries, by their religious-ideologically biased primitive laws which have their parallel in the Pentateuch,
any islamic terrorist shall be removed from the arms of our laws and probably rewarded as having performed a duty in accordance to the distorted interpretation of the Qu'ran by the theological school of Wahabi???????????
Wahabi's theology, the presently adopted theology in Saudi Arabia,
which is covertly leading Islam,
is one of the most virulent and violent islamic theologies
developed in the Middle Ages,
a return to the "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth " law of vengeance and retributiion
which goes back to the days of the Pentateuch.
Do we westerners wish to accept a retrograding mentality in our midst, after 2007 years of painful historical, social and political evolution??????
The 65% plus or minus of moronic members of western society have better wake up and stop contemplating cleavages and their lower parts,
vote and agitate and lobby if they wish to retain their freedoms,
as well of course as the possibility of a free and voluntary choice toward self-reformation. Under Sharia Law that applies only to the poor and oppressed in Islam ( their leaders are free to discreetely drink alcohol, abuse substances, fornicate etc. ) the West shall become increasingly infiltrated and de-stabilised until the time shall come when we shall all have to become Moslems.
The West shall then become a dim memory of a civilisation destroyed by its own stupidity.
May Jehovah forbid it!
Sharia Law never reformed, prescribes the stoning to death or hanging by the neck of adulterous individuals, the mutilation of thiefs whose left hand and right foot should be removed by the axe, the surgical removal of pleasure-sensitive cells on women reproductive parts, etc. etc.
Have we gone mad or become total cowards ???????
History is clear with the Ottomans' Serraglio being dismantled only after Turkey lost WWI.
Wake up westerners, you fools!
Any Moslem wishing to enjoy Sharia Law is invited to go back to some Islamic nation.
I, a humble average westerner, welcome dialogue with Mohammedans. After all, my family has shared bread with them for three generations( I have not said " their bread", rather , "bread") and I grew up in Cairo in a building opposite King Faruk's Palace ( Abdin Palace?) within the sight of a meuzzin daily singing the Qu'ran from the minaret next door. I love arabic culture language and people when acting rationally and sensibly.
All I ask Islam is to repudiate the theocratic obsession and to reform Sharia Law
as we have done in the West since the birth of Jesus ( 570 years before the birth of Mohammed !) with the Old Testament and the various christian Creeds.
Simple " Dear Watson ".
Any dialog prior to this essential reformation has been since the end of WW I, when Moslems were liberated by the free western powers from Ottoman's corruption and graft, is and shall be
a waste of time for all concerned
and hypocritical on Islam's side.
The theocratic obsession was written in the Qu'ran 150+ years after the death of Mohammed, it is not a Mohammedan injunction, but rose from the violent people of the desert, whose leaders redacted the Qu'ran and began a war of conquest on all neighbouring nations, from Saudi Arabia.
It appears that the origins of the ideal of a separation of Church from State which is strictly linked to theocratic issues are hebraic and go back to the times of the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, according to C. Strakosch, ( see The Eternal Booklet advertised in this blog.).
The Hebrews of the Pentateuch and the Roman Catholics of Constantinian Catholicism have had the same theocratic obsession Islam even to-day insists in hiding within its religious ideology which may in some cases camouflage imperialistic aims, however, Christianity has evolved, gone back to its sources in the Gospels and reformed.
Islam should do the same for the sake of peace!
Islamic good-will, if any, should be shown in the palestinian-Jewish issue in the Middle East!
Jews and Mohammedans should intermarry and reform their violent religious obsessions and differences.
Mutual violence between Shi'ites and Sunnites should cease.
While Islam embraces almost a quarter of the world,
Israel only claims less than the ancestral ancient lands of David and Salomon.
These are the issues to resolve in order to achieve peace;
enough of manipulated historical propaganda that leads only to violence and divisions among human beings.
Shelve all theological beliefs and creeds and concentrate on ethics and humanly correct behaviour.
Begin in Palestine!
The International Community should declare a state of Martial Law and outlaw all fighting, weapons, associations, organisatons which are not the legally elected government in each of the nations in the Middle East.
Eradication and annihilation of all illegal and unlawful elements should follow once and for all.
Their families to be removed from their areas and transported to other parts of the world ( i.e., some island in the Pacific, for reeducation ).
So help us God.
I'd like to quote the end of page 34, from C. Strakosch The Eternal Booklet,
advertised and freely available for reading in this blog-:
" History repeats itself with the Islamists. Again the rapidity
of change in their society leads to a great fear that the holy society
will be lost, and again, it is felt that the answer is to recreate
a mythical past, when the society was pure and untainted.
Again a superior spirit of martyrdom will
compensate for the great relative weakness of military strength.
Once more there is enough truth in their fears to allow
a small minority to take over the society and suppress dissent
The great danger for Islamic society
is that the end result of this struggle will be
the strengthening
of the West and the destruction of that which they are
desperate to preserve. "
The choice is with Islam!
Good-willing Moslems wishing to discuss the above can do so here.
Why should I sign in at as suggested in an advertisemnt on this blog?
Why should I trust the people at that address?
I am a free debater and have no master to satisfy or biased view to uphold.
Comment here please.
The following is one example and proof of the fanaticism that only a people intellectually still in the Middle Ages can display on an advertisement on this blog-:
I am quoting from an advertisement from within " "-:

"" Learn Arabic Understand Islam
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Arabic is the Key to Understand the Qur'an. As a result of a lack of understanding, many people neither study the Qur'an nor ponder over its verses. It is most certainly a blessing to be able to read the Qur'an in Arabic, but understanding it holds equal weight as both are considered by the vast majority of scholars as fard al-ayn (incumbent upon all individuals).What better language than the one with which Allah spoke to mankind, and what better speech is there than the speech of Allah?
Click for registration. " "
Note the fact that parrot-like-reading or recitation ( i.e., Dumb-like-memorisation even without understanding is considererd to be the pinnacle of sanctity! ) of the Qu'ran has an equal merit as understanding it.
In short understanding the Qu'ran is irrelevant and not essential.
In other words again, any interpretation shall do ( Wahabi's own included)!
How can anyone reason with minds such as these?
Unless one knows arabic one cannot acquire salvation.
I'd love to know arabic, as much as I would love to learn hebrew, not because I believe in this sort of statements but because I love these semitic and ancient languages and both the arabic and the jewish people, if and when they act sensibly and reasonably.
Else I kick them in the ass! ]
help me Jehovah!
I am waiting all the time for some enlightened comments.
I'd like to mention another advertisement that has appeared on my blog, written by enlightened and good-willing Mohammedans, one which,
( I differentiate between Mohammedans, may Allah preserve and protect them, and Islamists, although I am not opposed in principle to the charitable ideal of a global HUMMA ( provided it is not esclusivist or discriminating in relation to religous creeds)
supports many of my insights and caveats in relation to Islam-:
Quranic Islam.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Post 9. The Pendragon, symbol of Wales.

A devotional statue dedicated to the humble saint Francis of Assisi in the Church
at Higham-Ferrers, Northamptonshire, U.K.
The Franciscan tradition has been very strong in England in the Middle Ages, more so than the Dominican one which rose to pre-eminence in the Continent. Most english theologians
( Grosseteste, Scotus, etc. ), de Montfort the Earl of Leicester, the great leader of the Westminster and Oxford Determinations butchered after his defeat at Evesham, the founder of the modern scientific method Sir Francis Bacon were affiliated
to the franciscan social movement.
St. Alban, in the dress of a high roman official.

Glass-work in the Church at Higham-Ferrers, Northamptonshire, U.K.

(Although of the Anglican Faith, the roman tradition is valued, commemorated and respected in this area of England and reflected by the local people's behaviour and gentility).

St. Columban, in the dress of a roman catholic Bishop.

Glass-work in the Church at Higham-Ferrers in Northamptonshire, U.K.

Although of the Anglican Faith, the roman tradition is valued, commemorated and respected in this part of England somehow contributing to the gentility of behaviour of the local population.

The Syon Cope, located at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

It shows the Arms of the Order of Knights-Templar to which were affiliated

the most representative and powerful families of the Midlands, among which the

de Ferrers, Lord Tutburie, Earl of Derby were perhaps the most powerful.

The de Ferrers had by this time married into the bloodline of Robert Bruce

the King of Scotland, who was to offer sanctuary to the Order of the Knights-Templar when their Order was going to be disbanded after the death of

Edward I. This must have been highly unacceptable to the Plantagenets who had been coveting the Earldom of Derby and the honour of Tutburie since the times of King John.

However the whole story cannot be told here.

Central Section of Original Panel drawn by the blogger,

a composition from the Bayeux Tapestry and the Syon Cope

( a lithurgical priestly vestment with links to the Order of Knights-Templar

supported by the powerful families of the Midlands in the times of

King Edward I [1272-1307] who was married to Eleanor, the sister of Ferdinand III, King of Castille and Leon [ hence the presence of his Arms on the Syon Cope]. The Kingdom of Aragon had not yet been joined to Spain.

A section of a Study by the blogger for a Panel which is a composition based on both the Bayeux Tapestry and the Syon Cope located at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The Bayeux Tapestry.

Frame 56-: Harold's Army is cut to pieces.

(An attentive and close inspection shows both the red Pendragon of Wales and the fallen Golden Dragon of Harold's Anglo-Saxon Army. )

(Note-: This blogger appears to be the first modern viewer to have noticed these details.)

Views of the principal Church at Higham-Ferrers

in eastern Northamptoshire.

The Pendragon, symbol of Wales.

Both the Pendragon of Wales and the alternative Golden Dragon of the

Anglo--Saxons led by Harold, are shown in the above scene

from the Bayeux Tapestry.

The red Dragon was the ancient sign of a roman legion which had resided for some time in England during the Roman occupation of that island. It was eventually adopted by Arthur the romanised Celtic King and taken over by Wales.

Question-: Does the presence of the Pendragon of Wales biting Harold's squire's lance indicate that a contingent of welsh archers was on William the Conqueror's side?

The original Art Work of the Pendragon shown here has pride of location in the Vestry of the principal Church in Higham-Ferrers, Nottinghamshire, which also shows fairly recent glass-windows ( ca. WWII) portraying St. Albanus as a high-ranking roman Officer and St Columban the Celtic missionary as a Roman Catholic Bishop. It also has a beautiful wooden statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

It was photographed by the amazed blogger during his visit to this town in 2004. This town is also twinned with a german Town.

Good on You oh good-willing people of Higham-Ferrers!

May Jehovah bless you all!

What a contrast to the people of Staffordshire and elsewhere in England

for their shameful treatment of Ferrers' monuments and memories!

(Please note-: Double-click on pictures to enlarge.)

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