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Post 80. Of Gays Spare Us, oh God, the Ways!

Of Gays Spare Us, oh God, the Ways!
NINEMSM-:28th November 2008
Should a health ambassador be sacked for his anti-gay views?
YES-: 38540
NO-: 42553
Comment-: Gays are insatiable with their demands and I am personally having a bellyful with them.
The Law is allowing them to indulge in their filthy, unnatural, unhealthy sexual practices, in private and without proselitising and popularising these. Yet they demand publicity.
Western Porno has graduated now to Bestiality and this is the end result of a de-sensitisation process that has been going on in western societies since the glorious onset of Enlightenment. Is it really an Enlightenment? From what the world is experiencing, i.e., the unresolved, responsibility-unassigned-scandal of the USA Mortgage Bubble Burst predicted for years by La Rouche ( look up the Internet) the credibility and fitness of western democracies in relation to the general corruption and decadence of our morality and ethics is under question. Morality and Ethics must not be subjected to the whims of voters, generally uneducated and untrained, unfit to be voters in a true democracy.
The ancient greek ideal of a democracy as envisaged by Plato or Aristotle was based on the vote of informed citizens, guided by a College of wise human beings.
Gays are still a minority but are seeking to proselitise and to push their sick views (sodomy) in order to be able to abuse democratic freedom in their favour, which is seeking just self-gratification, of the most selfish type one can think of, since it cannot even procreate, hence a sterile, filthy, obscene, unhealthy, abusive scenario. This is not a politically debatable issue.
Whilst I am not advocating the victimisation of these deviants, as the forces acting on some of them are diabolically strong, and I suggest to let them go to Hell, what I am advocating is an absolute limit to be placed on a continuation of their escalations and demands since unsupervised human nature is such and deviant human nature is even more so, these escalations shall never end until all the nation accepts and practices these filthy, abusive acts.
Once deviants acquire a majority of sympathisers aided by unwise and corrupt laws, no one shall be safe from pressures to join in. The whole Nation shall become a sodomy-practicing one, without any hope for reformation.
And the way shall be open for other types of abominations, even worse than sodomy, resulting from the general desensitisation and the absence of laws designed to maintain a minimum of self-control in those who are able and willing to do so.
History is repeating itself, except that, ancient pre-christian Civilisations who erred in the ways we are travelling, had not yet known the Gospels.
I cannot find the spot in " The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon where he mentions a barbarian tribe from Asia Minor the Romans settled in the area around Modena in modern Emilia-Romagna, to reward their co-operation. He mentions that the members of this tribe were expected by their culture to practice sodomy by forcing some unwilling male in order to be able to claim adulthood and membership in their community. I am not saying that this would actually occurr but in a modern society there are still hundred of scenarios in which the deviants who are very gregarious and active, would spread their filth to each and everyone around them.
For example, women who were to refuse sodomitic acts, this is already happening in the porno-industry, would be isolated and ostracised. " Babe, if you don't, there is a queue out there waiting, who shall ".
Does everyone realise what happens to the rear end of anyone who gets brutalised for hours on end over a relatively long period of time required to produce a film, by brainless, athletic Adonis, the dudes, with artificially enhanced sexual organs, on hormones and special drugs designed to make them last forever during a sexual act?
What I cannot understand and condone is how professional persons, especially from the medical profession, and members of the clergy from various denominations, supposedly our wise men and women, can possibly keep silent about these matters thus sharing in the filth. What is the use of repeating ad nauseam their wafflings about the goodnes of God if they are unwilling to point the finger to what is angering God?
They are presenting a God who is either a fool or a criminal, a false image, an idolatry.
They are partipating in the filth and actually enjoying it!
Yet some of our most beautiful women, fit to be queens of Creation, raised by fastidious parents at great costs and sacrifices, nurtured by expensive welfare when young, end-up caught by the money in porno and once caught, remain prey to it in order to pay for mortgages and luxuries. Someone shall say that they deserve it, but I say they need protection. In the long run who, knowing about this threat, shall care to procreate a beautiful child knowing he/she shall become meat for these bastards among us?
Common sense tells me the arse hole and the mouth have only specific functions and everyone knows what these are.
Non-western people are fully aware of these obscenities the West is accepting and peddling and do not like it. Some of them subscribe to religious beliefs which accept these filth, Islam, theoretcally at least, does not. Lots of people are making lots of money and hymn-singing ones on Sunday buy the shares in Businesses which are in porno( including Bestiality) but have safe sounding names on the Stock Exchange. I do not blame fundamental Islamists, although I abhor terrorism on principle, and perhaps I am going to sympathise with terrorists against the West.
Terrorists may be one of the scourges God may be using against us.
Where deviations and criminal intent is concerned one must not rely on human fairnness and common sense, the wrongly presupposed props of democracy.
I wonder how much of the islamic terrorists' motivation against the West is related to the obscenities and filth our corrupt and decadent Democracies have been accepting and allowing in the name of a freedeom without duties or sacrifices, yet trying to shove down the throats of Islamic Nations?
It is a known fact a large number of western visitors and travellers to Asia and South America, whereever poverty makes people desperate,go there to cheaply satisfy their filthy and deviant sexual habits.
Germans, Italians and I suspect, white Australians are leaders in this trend. Why does our Foreign Office not carry out some investigation and detection work and deny Passports to offenders?
But how can this be if our Laws are defining the filth as normal?
Before recommending Democracy to others, reform and clean it up, O.K.?
Start doing so with your own minds and souls, oh elected glorious leaders of ours!
Marriage must be and remain a religious-related Institution as it is about Vows taken in front of a power above the human, and it must apply to the bond between a woman and a man for the purpose of the reproduction of the species.
In Catholic Canon Law and theology, a sterile marriage is not valid, as two fundamental conditions are required for its validity, i.e., Consummation with the intention to Procreate.
The Sacrament or Institution of Marriage is not intended for mutual masturbation and fornication.
Gays can use other words for their relationnships without having to demand to be allowed to miscegenate and pollute sacred issues.
What about the rights of those who believe in the above said issues as being sacred?
Enough is enough!
Are the Packers and Murdocks of our media industry aware of all this filth? What are their glorious Reporters and Journalists doing?
Must a humble blogger such as I wake them up?
Note-: Gays have been for some years now, according to the famous italian Magazine L'Espresso infiltrating blogging communities, as meeting places, abandoning their visible haunts, as this is a cheaper, anonymous, and more effective way to join their forces to achieve their sterile ends.
I personally suspect StumbleUpon may in fact have already been taken over by them.

Post 79. Robin Hood.

The Truth About Robin Hood's True Identity.
Some among the readers of my Posts may remember my mentioning a Sir William Ferrers, the 5th Earl of Derby, Lord Tutbury, a crusading Knight Templar who died in the siege operations around Acre in the Holy Land in ca 1095-1097 AD.which represents a unique event in the History of Clans. of the Indo-European languages.I wrote then about my identification of his knight-effigy, wrongly described for centuries by the English located with two Ferrers’ effigies in the Church od our Lady of Merevale in Staffordshire where loyalties are still strong for King Henry VIII, "dripping-cock Harris" the destroyer of Merevale Monastery/Abbey, looking for buried Templars’ treasure. God punished him as his dinasty only lasted for two generations, Allelujah!.
I have recently come across some information sent to me by my celtic/british ancestral cousins in Utah the USA and wish to popularise it to counter the lies spread by the Anglo/Saxons who rose to power in England following the end of the Plantagenets’ Royal Lines, and propagated by imbecillic Yiddish Hollywood Film producers who have not a got any clue about History and have done the western image untold harm.
Anglo/Saxon propaganda con-men in England have made their own the struggles for Magna Charta, for the Dispensations and Provisions of Oxford and Westminster, which are solely and entirely to be attributed to the descendents of the Celtic/Breton/Norman nobles who fought at Hasting at William Conquerors’ side against the Saxon/Danish perjurer and oath-breaker Harold Hardrada.
I must however be more precise at this point in relation to Lord Simon de Montfort, the Earl of Leicester who was of German/Norman descent and the Beauchmap ( BelloCampo) who were of Italian/Norman descent.
The Ferrers, who held the Earldom of Derby through eight consecutive Earls of their line were of celtic/breton/Norman blood and acquired their surname, originally "Ferreri ", in Roman times when fighting the Romans in about 100 BC when located in the area around Lake Geneva in Switzerland ( Marius, Sulla ad Caesar).
With the rise of roman power in Europe the "Ferreri’ known in legal documents until as far as 1700 AD as "De Ferrarii", spread over Western Europe, most of them settling in Brittany and Normandy which had ben given independent provincial status and priviledges in about 450 AD, by Emperor Honorius one of the last Roman Emperors at the times of the end of the much maligned Roman Empire of the West ( What scenario may I ask, is the present western Civilisation showing with its Bestiality an porno-abuses, mortgage-bubble-bursts, etc., hey, hey?).
Families like those of the Ferrerii had acquired a considerable know-how in the manufacture, production of weapons and equipment for the Roman Cavalry, including recruiting, supply, training of both mounted men and horses suitable to cavalry-engagements during the course of the long evolution of the Roman Cavalry Arm as it faced the changing and challenging threats of ever-rising new opponents the most formidable of whom as far as cavalry-action was concerned for the Roman Empire of the West had been Attila’s Huns, defeated in a two-days battle at Chalon-Sur-Marne, in the Champagne-plains, essentially by Armorican/Roman heavy cavalry ( Ferreri having been certainly present).
Learning continued until the end of european imperial centralisations, ended with Charlemagne and the rise of the European Monarchies which began to divide and set Europeans one against the other in the name of Christianity.
That was the reason for the scattering and changes of the original surname Ferrerii over western Europe into a large number of surnames for people who are essentially derived from a common celtic anscestor. from the area east of the Caspian sea in Turkmenistan ( Bactria).
DNA testing is now conferming these facts so far sensed, researched and described in a History of the Ferrerii Clan to be published sometime in the near future, both deductively and inductevily by myself, the initial DNA testing having been carried out by Ferrerii. in Utah, USA, by the family group of FARR/FAYREY and others.
Upon their contacting my Porto Rican anscestral cousin Eddie Ferrer and I, DNA- testing has been extended to cover other family groups of our great Clan.
Let me now quote from "The Meynell Hounds" in relation to Robin Hood-:
" Loxley [ Leicestershire, just south of Leicester] is also interesting from the connection with Robin Hood, who is said not only to have been born there, but to have been married there as well. He is thought by some to have been a Robert de Ferrers. To quote the exact words of Mr. Redfern, from whose history and amtiquities of Uttoxeter this account is taken,
"It is supposed that he may have had the name of Hood from being hooded, and that of Huntingdon from being engaged in hunting, and although of norman [ celtic/breton/morman] blood, it is thought not impossible that he might take up ther popular cause.
There is in existence in the family of Kynersley [ which married into a branch of a Ferrers’s family locared at Loxley], an ancient horn having the proud name of Robin Hood’s horn, and which was formerly in the possession of the Ferrers of Chartley, and then in the branch of the same family [Ferrers] at Loxley, and so passed to the family of Kynersley by the marriage of the heiress of Ferrers with John of Kynardsley.
It has the initials R.H., and three horse-shoes, two and one, in a shield, that being the way in which the arms were born by the first Thomas de Ferrers of Loxley
[ This is not correct as these Arms, (silver, three horse shoes black, nailed silver, two, one) are the most ancient held by Ferrers in England, represented at Tamworth Castle in relation to the granting of the Castle of Tutburie to Henry Ferrers of Hasting’s fame; his son William, carrying, a silver field, six horse shoes black, nailed silver. Perhaps Thomas drew these as a commemoration of the original anscetor ],
and probably by a Robert, who preceded him apparently towards the close of the twelth century [ these Ferrers are rather obscure figures, cadets of cadets of cadets.............]; and as they were on the coloured glass in their house[ hence commemorative of the very ancient ones] of which I have spoken, the traditionary connection with Robin Hood is interesting. The horn is mounted with silver ferrules, and has a silver chain attached to it for suspension.............
With respect with the marriage of Robin Hood at Loxley, an old chronicle states that after his return there from a visit to his uncle Gamewell, in Warwickshire, after certain inquiries concerning his men,
" Cloranda came by,
The queen of the shepherds was she,"
with whom he fell in love, when
"Sir Roger, the parson of Dubridge, was called in haste;
He brought his Mass book and bid them take hands,
And joined them in marriage full fast." "
Robin Hood traditionally rebelled against the same absolutism of King John against which the Celtic/Norman Barons, led by the Syre de Quincy and Sir Geoffrey De Mandeville were struggling, when John had been ruling England in the absence of his brother King Richard the Lionheart.
It is quite possible that Richard was interfered with by the saxon rulers in Austria during his return-trip from the Holy Land on instigation by John.
The House of Ferrers had suffered from John in so far as he had seduced Agatha the daughter of Sir William the crusader and knight Templar whose effigy is at Merevale.
Agatha had in fact been abused as a concubine by John and a daughter of the relationship, Alice had been given in marriage to Llewellin, the King of Wales who had hung Agatha’s great uncle Gualchelinus during the wars against Wales that had occurred during the 16 years long rebellion against King Henry II’s by his wife Eleanor and all his sons including Richard. Robert de Ferrers, the 4th Earl of Derby had then joined the side of Eleanor against Henry II.
Henry II, an Anjevin ( Visigothic ascent)who was a very immoral, bold and ambitious man, had had St.Thomas a’Becket murdered and was planning of divorcing Eleanor of Aquitaine who had given him England and made him King, in order to marry the second and younger daughter of the King of France who had already been bethrothed to his son Richard. He won and punished the Ferrers ( by reducing the walls of Tutburie, destroying the Castle of Duffield, and placing the horse-shoed Arms of the ancient Ferrers in abeyance, declaring these illegal and rebellious not to be used or displayed), although forgiving Eleanor and his sons.
William was eventually rehabilitated, but had died at Acre in ca. 1195-1197 AD. Sir Geoffrey de Mandeville's effigy in the Temple-Court-Church in London is a copy of the one of Sir William Ferrers, the Earl of Derby, Lord Tutbury, at the Church of our Lady of Merevale.
Please note the comment made by mr. Redfern of Uttoxeter’s fame,
" ............................and although of norman [ celtic/breton/morman] blood, it is thought not impossible that he might take up ther popular cause."
This comment shows how the anglosaxon propaganda I mentioned above had persisted in Mr. Redfern’s expressed doubt as to his defending those suffering from the injustices of oppressive rulers, as the Anglo/Saxon propaganda vilified Norman rule, when all that can be said of the Normans is that they were disciplinarians, harsh but just, when confronting the evidence of a quite probable and possible tradition about Robin Hood having been a celtic/breton/norman Ferrers.
This comment shows how the anglosaxon propaganda I mentioned above had persisted in Mr. Redfern’s expressed doubt as to his defending those suffering from the injustices of oppressive rulers, as the Anglo/Saxon propaganda vilified Norman rule, when all that can be said of the Normans is that they were disciplinarians, harsh but just, when confronting the evidence of a quite probable and possible tradition about Robin Hood having been a celtic/breton/norman Ferrers.
From the various historical facts I narrated above it is evident that if Robin Hood had indeed been Robert de Ferrers, some untitled cadet of a cadet of the principal branch of the Earls of Derby, Lords Tutbury, his rebellious struggle against the corrupt government of Henry II and John would have had ample motivation and justification from at least a political-ethical point of view as the Ferrers had, apart from being Templars and therefore bound to right ethical behaviour even in the face of persecution and victimisation, also personal grievances in relation to the honour of Agatha, abused by that small curr represented by John who sold England to be the Papacy’s Fief and handed over his illegitimate daughter Alice to a man who had hung her great uncle.
The Welsh, I am sorry to have to say, had since the danish invasions of Roman Britain become bastardised by intrmarriage with the barbarian invaders. Its best people had escaped in fact to Brittany.
Whilst it is quite possible and highly probable that King Henry VIII had Ferrers' blood through both Alice and a daughter of the 8th and last Earl of Derby also forced to marry a LLwellin of Wales by the Plantagenets, his welsh blood had become so mixed with Danish one that he was fundamentally a barbarian with at least one thousand years civilisational-gap in relation to that of celtic/roman families.
It is all a matter of DNA-inprinting through historical/evolutionary experiences in spite of our modern naive views of democratic equalities.
We can all improve ourselves by self-criticism, asking for God's Grace and working with God at improving ourselves so as to get under what Galatians 3:28 calls the Spirit's influence that makes us all equal in front of God.
Else we all are what evolution, history and knowledge makes us with our differences. No one is perfect but some are more so than others.
However, even the Plantagenets paid for their sins, paradoxically so through a king whose fmale ancesty has two Ferrers ladies, while the Ferreri/Ferrari are still around to-day, about to be gathered together again by God.

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Post 78. Please Allow Me Babe, a Kiss on thy Neck or Cheek.

Please Allow me Babe, a Kiss on Thy Neck or Cheek.
( This is a little work that has caused great stirrings among
some female members in Stumble Upon).
Ladies of the Americas and of Australia Fair too
that of the Americas emulate every word and deed
for the want of original gifts,
lend me your wits.
Yes your wits
that of the Internet and of vast growing StumbleUpon too
have heard and seen
through the necessary and essential crap
of the ubiquitous cookies
that Islam in particular make moody and despondent,
especially the Pakistani
whom Mudarraf had to control with a camel whip,
as a multitude of viruses the carriers are
inoculated in porno-programs and anti-porno ones too
by the sellers of anti-virus-Programs
and by the multitutde, that is daily growing, of Internet Saboteurs,
who also sexually dismotivated are to destruction
for the want
of even innocent nibbling on chics’ cheeks
and I did not mean arse-cheeks.
Yes, I was saying before distracted was I
by the need of the recent clarification,
that required is since
by so many opponents, smearers and vilifiers
am I being stumbled upon, trying to prove that,
"Voila’, did I not tell thee,
a deviate of some sort, even he, the Templar may be too,
who claims to be a knight
without fear, blemish and reproache ",.
Frankly I do not give a damn or a hoot,
while confessing to a liking for an affectionate nibble
and why not, even two
following permission in writing by the cheeky chick,
on her velvety cheek or neck,
sweet-smelling of freshly-indulged,
Palmolive Soap or Cussom Talc-Powder
or even an expensive French perfume
or even, let us burst the till,
a rare perfume that from Damascus
even hailed at great expense indeed.
Yes a perfume
that invented was by one of the noble Saladin’s odalisks,
both loving all knight-Templars for their cheeky wisdom,
as they could all double as God’s Fool
to entertain the cranky,
of Richard’s the barbaric Teutons
the descendants of whom
perchance now manage StumbleUpon
of cranky females the harbinger and protector.
Reform thyself oh retrogressive and puritanic,
cranky and weird SU,
for the hordes that Thou art mustering
can otherwise be of pure human crap,
one copying aimlessly the other rat,
for want of creativity, origination and imagination.
And this is but intellecual death
that can only mean the Rule of Cranks.
Yes indeed,
famous was that odalisk,
of noble circassin blood,
and of voluptuous, long-shanked members,
marvelously, maddeningly rotund
even in their length and divine promises
of an all enwrapping and encompassing
yet simultaneously genteel and tender,
wholly feminine might
such as only Russian women to-day do sport,
for breeding of the human species
untold heights reached on the interminably vast steppes,
due to the continuous motion that alone
allowed escape from raidings, ambushes and death.
Only by Mormons and Memnonites the women,
can slavic, long-shanked women
be rivalled,
who the Americas now engentle and grace,
corn-wheat-fed, teeototalers,
from coffe and tea abstemeous,
as these are but hot-drugs
scripturally taught,
who do not disdain of an occasional kiss on a cheek or neck,
that to the kisser is like Grace That
by God personally handed down to him,
has been
Yes indeed,
detach myself I cannot from of this odalisk’s the memory
that all her cheeks, various and portentous
as she was said to be all a vast cheek,
totally sudued to of Allah’s the Will,
offered in gentle adoration to him,
who, in the Mighty Cry of " Allah Akhbar!"
that every soul that of a lowly curr is not,
does stir to the madness of red-white-heat,
that of my anscestors’, viking-like,
in Islam.
The sacred to Islam the rusty sword could he unsheath,
by Allah’s condescention for a short time,
the mighty Saladin,
the Kurdish little Druse of sacred Islam the leader,
so small, yet so wiry as if made of Damascus steel,
that he totally disappeared
when lost in the vast embraces of his favourite circassian odalisk,
and only the noises that porno, to-day,
enhances to better stimulate and capture
its paying audience of voyeurs and peeping Toms’ the attention,
of nibblings could one hear to testify
of the consummation of tender and voluptuous deeds
that indeed could rival those
which mighty Saladin would be inspired to muster on the Battle field,
as no Teuton or even knight-Templar
could even look anyway near to possessing the vast,
yet voluptuous and athletically long-shanked cheeks
of his circassian odalisk
and thus forgot all about his small curdish bodily mien
enhanced as he was by an asinine dick
and by the vast aura
that his all encompassing odalisk
left permamently on him
together with the powerul drift
of her exquisite, distracting perfume
the odalisk herself had made
alchemically to protect and guard
the noble holder of the portentuous, asinine dick.
So charismatic a fellow was Saladin,
that even Richard the Lionhearted, a gothic oaf, loved him,
as if a roasted lamb-joint though,
to nibble at, for want of a lady’s cheek and Palmolive Soap,
and all such refinements that make a lady’s cheek
desirable and palatale to those who are not as Richard was,
an unredeemable, Anjovin, a Visigothic oaf.
Richard and people like him,
of abstract metaphisical escalations are incapable of,
that alone can refine the amourous games and insights,
that the real pleasures, like gentle, affectionate nibblings
can elicit indeed,
that gentle and caressing and unhurried must be,
to give rise to and fulfil SOUL-LOVE
---------of which I humbly speack
in " Of Bodies, Minds and Souls",
that alone is worthy of desire----------
halas in metaphysically blind and deaf Gothic oafs
that Australasia swamp with their prolific hordes,
and the Americas nearly too,
like sewer-rats that of plagues’ the harbingers are
for escalations of their prole,
that Nature eventually catastrophically gets rid of.
Yes, pardon me oh beloved reader of mine,
the digressions, numerous and inevitable
I shall return forstwith,
to where the confession I made
of loving nibblings of the female-gender’s cheeks,
and neck alike,
there where at the hairline
her hair begins to grow,
tantalisingly pliable and soft.
Of the anti-virus Programs
I shall now speack
in my complaining yet Internet-celebrating moods,
which intimately touch our SU
which here stands to be corrected
for its unwise and weird support of female crankiness
that of innocent and gentle,
nibbling the enemy has become,
that purely theoretical on the Internet can be,
you stupid and puritanical Gothic oafs.
These anti-virus Programs.
bugger-all do to protect our dear PCs,
in which our beloved SU
videos, audios, and lights
all manners of weird works and manipulations
that icons shift and move with oculate foresight
to cause the cranky, itchy, female and male members
of all manners, colours and descriptions,
to actions and reacions that of the otherwise
pedestrian, super-average, weird, lethargic
blog community
of which StumbleUpon is getting wary with
as it has reached the mighty population
of six and a half million " icons",
ney, I choose to not say "human souls",
as many there,
are but, just, larvae of human souls,
gone cranky for reasons multitudineous and varied,
that a shrink, even Freud the all knowing,
would cranky make if the poor sod
ambitious were to unravell all.
Some of these cranky women that
of the protection, defence, even justification and normalisation
of deviations many
that the field of EROS has grown
as foul-smelling-flowers of decay and death,
in the overpopulated, rat-infested sewer
that humanity has become,
have paradoxically made their life-mission
yet they become vitriolic and poisonous
at the mention
of an innocent wish/desire
made by a poor, lonely old Templar
who seventy years old is,
of an affectionate nibble on their neck or even a cheek
that even sweet Jesus my Master, was not impartial to,
when of the Magdalene’s the luxurious, long black hair
in an amazed and wondrous gaze
which He njoyed her to dry his feet with
after washing and anointing these
with rare oils laced with expensive myrrh and incense rich
begrudged Him by cranky Judas the mean.
These cranky females that their cranky men,
frankly one does not know sometimes what to call them
as of any known gender they may defy the description,
the spider-webs weave and like tarantulas on them like to sit as if in ambush,
which of their fake personae’ the fake descriptions are
that designed may be to allure the man or woman who takes pity of them,
as their description designed are to do,
and at any expression of human and jesty fellowship,
such for example as-:
" Hi, Babe, why so sad to-day, how about a gentle nibble on the cheek?"
that across the genders’ borderline may cross,
as nature has normally decreed and permits,
and even the Scriptures do not object with,
ney to the contrary, even prescribing these very expressions
as inspired by EROS that all the wheels of civilisation turns
and which oils these with.
Exhausted have I the vein I think,
that the gentle Muses permitted have me to tap,
in order to bring essential light to the plight
that has harassed me for some time now,
that has threatened to smear me
with unnecessary and unwarranted shame
and that my Templar’s honour
and Mission in Life, undeservedly,
humanly failing at times,
for both an excess and want of Soul-Love
that my wary, exhausted and tired soul
keeps on struggling to find
in fellow human hearts,
favouring females halas,
for want of angelic perfection,
that on earth I cannot reach,
and this is where, why and when perhaps,
the lashing-back occurs
from those females whom I call cranky
but perhaps are just upset
by my not being able to love them in their raw flesh
for their flesh’s sake, the whole lot of their self,
like noble Saladin of asinine might could and would his odalisk.
Should I perhance seek to find SOUL-LOVE
within my own gender,
except that I could not like Jesus did
or the French,
kiss a fellow man on his neck and cheek.
No, halas, SOUL LOVE is not perhaps
meant to be perfectly achieved and held here on earth
except in the hyperbolic simile of the Cartesian Curve
that asymptotically hugs
both axis X and Y
respectively denoting heaven and sin.
However note my caveat,
oh attentive, beloved, tolerant reader of mine
that in the hyperbolic game,
the inversion of the polarities that both axis achieve
when the zero point is crossed
in a direction
that opposite is to the former one held,
one must ponder what the meaning is
to be given to such an inversion
of the signs for either heaven or sin.
Methink that perchance I know
but I desire that you do your thinking too.
The question is whether the simile corrupt becomes
or it a meaning still maintains and which.
I leave you to the contemplation of this
while mentioning that perhaps
the solution to the questing for SOUL-LOVE on earth
may be in a total renunciation of all carnal love,
even of the innocent and permitted kissing of the neck or cheek
but then the cranky females of SU would still hate you for this
and I could not stand it and tolerate
the arrogance and impertinence of this.
May the pseudo-democratic Gothic-hordes
be decimated by God’s displeasure.
May love triumph in all the imperfect human expressions of,
from EROS to AGAPE’,
you bloody cranky mongrels.
Thus a Templar speacks,
boldly and true to this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post 77. To the Woman from Kazan.

To the Woman from Kazan, Russia.

Oh woman from Kazan,

oh lady of whose unkown eyes’ the light

the sunlight now obscures

in my mind’s eyes with a splendor

that from now on

equal shall know

in the Cosmos of my consciousness

of neither to sun or even nuclear fire

a comparison.

My life shall never be the same

since when those Roses of Gold

Thou sent to me

riding the Internet waves

messaging me of undeserved love

unknown and unexpected

that now even rivals halas,

in addition to the sun’s rays

the Lord’s Grace that we poor mortals

need to fill our life on earth

with cause, purpose, reason and aim,

but that halas resolved is only

in the mistery and a belief of Faith.

My life shall never be the same

as enhanced Thou hast it with Thy Grace

that rivals as I said even God’s Grace .

Nay it is not exactly so

as the learned and wise of old

would say that Grace is but One

and hast one source alone

and that is the one that

the Father of us all and of the Cosmos is

in which, like a Queen you live.

Halas still a mistey is to me

the reason for such from Thee a noble gift,

making the gift even more like unto a gift of Grace

that means in the ancient latin language gratis ’for free’

as agape’ alone of all forms of love

can be of Grace the unconditional and unreasoned gift.

As in the christian ‘AVE MARIA’

that to our Lady, the Mother of Jesus

sweetly directed is, to you oh Lady from Kazan

I say-: AVE oh one filled with Grace.

Oh woman from Kazan,

from there where the mighty Volga River

that to countless myths told and untold is source,

as all such steppe-rivers are,

since when 10,000 years ago or about so

when the ice began to melt

the ancient harbingers of

our present global warming,

its vast cleavage that an icon is

of vast visceral, maternal powers .

a liquid path supplied to summer migrations

of Thy valiant steppe-sires

before the taiming of the swift horse

by the ubiquitous Scythian lords,

perchance the invisible of love a bond

that made you to delight me

with Thy Roses of Gold,

existed between our souls,

even 10,000 years ago.

Yes, 10,000 years ago or so about,

when my celtic tribe left the caspian shores

that flooded used to be by your Volga

like a yearly Great Flood,

that to their superstitious minds' bents

and to those of their Shamans' too,


could only speak of the gods’ displeasure on high,

and everyone thought the events would never end,


thus causing us to move westward

away from where your love is now,

in Kazan there where the mighty Volga

ceases from its hurried, tumbling torrential, noisy strains,

and of a noble, and majestic, silent, queenly maiden

the slow, measured steps assumes

as the Georgian dancers do-------

when in a linear or even in an orbital dance

effortlessy glide, their heavely steps by long gown hidden,

while holding white kerchiefs that of surrender speack to love

to the men them ogling with desire and longing------

Yes, the tale of my celtic tribe’s march to the Far West

is epic indeed

and of the Muses I need all help

that of Himalayas’ high peaks

inhabit the heights since when the islamic hordes

Greece tainted with their greed for domination

the peaks of Mount Olympus have left for the Himalayas,

there where Buddhaa Sidharta

mightily preached and lived,

in a march that would last halas,

12,000 yerars or so about

until I received your reminder

in Australia Fair,

of the Bond that perchance us so joins.

The Story of the celtic tribe

of which I told you above

I wish the Muses to help me to unfold

that from the Romans its present name acquired

when the Romans they fought in 100 BC

on the alpine passes that lead

from of Italy’s the Aosta Valley

through Switzerland,

by skirting heavenly looking Geneva Lake,

to of Gaul the Rhone Valley.

The name was a death-wish

the Roman Legions hurled to the tribal Gauls

that them harassed on narrow alpine passes,and wasd the wish that they would end murdered in their turn.

Ferrerii was the maudling Romans’ cry as they died,

and the cry was made by the Gauls their own

not as a curse any longer

but as of honour the badge

that testified to those to follow

of their valiant stand outnumbered

on these their own alpine lands.

against of Rome the might.