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Post 130. Mussolini.

From Beppe er Grillo.
Se oggi, domani e sempre vorrete conoscere la verita' , da Beppe er Grillo dovrete andare per ascoltare le confessioni all'italiana..........." Come prima piu' di prima confessero', alla e della Mafia tutto io confessero'......................."
Divided Italy.
"My name is Alessio and, although I don’t believe that you will publish this letter since your blog has some very different views, I am going to send it to you anyway. I am a “missino” (member of the Ultra-Nationalist Italian Right wing Movement) of the 70’s generation. One of those that took part in demonstrations in Milan and, when evening came, was only too happy to have returned home unscathed. One that believed in Giorgio Almirante and kept a copy of the book entitled "Autobiografia di un fucilatore" (autobiography of a firing squad member) on his bedside table. Someone that loathed the Mafia and Freemasons alike.
Today I hear people say that we are living under a fascist regime. But this is an insult to fascism. Mussolini sent prefect Mori to Sicily to fight the Mafia. His alleged heirs, the post-fascists, post-“missini”, later “annini” and then no more, have allied themselves with a party created by Dell'Utri, a man who has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment for associating with the Mafia.
Mine was a generation that believed in Justice and in the State, a belief that was even shared by our Hero Borsellino, a generationthat has now sunk so low as to become a shoulder to lean on for a P2-ist whoremongering scoundrel. How can people like Fini and La Russa, a man that previously risked his life for his ideas, those in which the young people of ""Giovane Italia" once believed, have the gall to now suddenly be a part of this contemptible charade? If Ramelli were still alive today, he would most certainly be sick to his stomach. I, instead, am merely discouraged.
What we really wanted was a Homeland, however, what we have landed up with instead is the Lega and the Party of the South. Gaber once said that "His generation had lost", which is all good and well, but my generation has totally lost its socks and now we are even being told that we have won. Even Fascism was more democratic than this caricature of twisted democracy in which the same people always win, namely the rich and powerful. Fascism will never return. They made some inexcusable mistakes and fascism is now finally dead and buried, but during the fascist period, someone like Gelli would have been locked up and someone like the psychodwarf banished to some or other godforsaken province. I believe that no State can tolerate the existence of a secret counterculture in its midst, nor can it afford to relinquish the principle of Authority otherwise all is lost. The Southern regions of this Country are under the control of the Mafia syndicates, yet we are told that “we must learn to co-exist” with them. The Freemasons are stronger than ever before. The American occupation troops are still here in Italy, more than sixty years after the end of the war.
The typical literature of my Right wing used to include Guénon, Evola, Pound, Nietzsche and D'Annunzio. Today instead, there are the reality shows, even going on at Palazzo Grazioli, the new regime’s bordello. At the time of "Mani Pulite" (the Clean Hands investigation) ours was the party of honesty, the only one, fighting against corruption. The Milan Pool (a group of investigating prosecutors) was a real point of reference, even though the members were somewhat inclined to the left. The very same leaders of the time have now voted in favour of the Alfano Bill, a disgraceful law that not even “Il Duce” would have wanted. And for what purpose? Simply to prevent Berlusconi’s prosecution on charges of corruption. Not on some or other political charges but simply for money, for filthy lucre.
Perhaps I got it all wrong, as did my counterparts from Avanguardia Operaia (Workers Vanguard) and Lotta Continua (Continuous Battle) who have, in any event, since earned my respect. We all believed in a better Italy, albeit each of us in our own way. I learned at my own expense that the Italian population is an opportunistic one with an extremely short memory." Alessio

Post 129. Beppe er Grillo again.


Gli Onorevoli e la Onorevole, Onorata, Onorante Societa' dei Culatoni Meridionali.

The air is heavy on this Day of the Assumption holiday. Too many people are already walking around with a plank in their eye. Shamelessly too. They no longer fear any consequences. The plank in the eye is exhibited in public with total self-assurance. It has become a sign of social recognition. A kind of status symbol. Italy is like Hell, disguised as Heaven.
Parliament is the most sought after circle of Hell. Once you get there, you can do anything you wish, including that which is prohibited for the common citizen. Prohibited for the dead souls that many Italians have now become. You can afford to have so many planks in your eye that you could just as well set up a joinery business. Heavy drugs, associating with the mafia and the camorra, corruption and even prostitution. A cocaine-addicted Deputy is not deemed to have committed any offence, while a joiner who grows some weed gets killed. In addition to Parliament, the second circle is similarly protected. It is the new Italian Stock Exchange, the lifeblood and the profit domain of Tronchetti, Geronzi, Tanzi, Cragnotti, the ubiquitous Berlusconi and the descendants of the Agnelli family. The third circle is where the wheeler-dealers, the local councillors, the up and coming mobsters and the simple arse creepers prosper. There are hosts and hosts of them. Their pupils only bear their masters’ smaller planks, but they are most brazen and boorish of the lot. They insult youngsters in public and then have them taken away by the forces of Law and Order. The fourth circle contains the Banana Republicans, the inscrutables, the indifferents, the “I’ll look the other way”s and the “mygrandfatherlivedtobeonehundredyearsoldbymindinghisownbusiness”s. There are entire armies of these out there and they have wormed their way in absolutely everywhere, including into families, into offices and into the Churches.
Protecting this fantastic world of planks are the lovers of lies. Raised in the newspaper publishing offices, the Public Relations offices of the political parties and in the television studios. Born liars that sneeze like the Campidoglio ducks at the mere mention of the truth. Those that look for the splinter in the eye of any of the System’s detractors. They turn white into black and shit into gold. They turn a scoundrel into a Prime Minister. A dancing girl into a Government minister. A ham actor into a Senate spokesman. They are the modern wizards of Government political-speak. Professionals in the art of defamation. Regurgitators of false accusations, living on subsidies and the taxpayers’ money.
It’s getting hot here in Italy this August. Unbearably hot. Outside of the circles, the temporary workers, the unemployed, the pensioners getting 500 Euro a month and the graduates with no future are waiting. Then there are also the honest people, the humiliated, the seekers of the truth, the pains in the arse, those that get their information from the Web and the international press. There are many such people and the number continues to grow. It is a growing tidal wave. When the well informed eventually make up the majority, the helicopter blades will start turning. Perhaps a cargo plane will be required for all of them to get away and maybe that will not even be enough. Blessed are the fugitives, because they won’t have to face the anger of the honest men. They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

Post 128. Selling our Birthright.

  • Selling our Birthright.

    Immigration to Australia
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    Why does not the Government allocate and why don't Australian voters ask for more money to be spent in training young, vulnerable, Australian Citizens who are under-priviledged ( far from training and educational organisations, from disadvantaged family-backgrounds, etc. ) to rise within the rungs of the Australian society, instead of trying to lure more migrants here of vastly different cultural and religious backgrounds, almost impossible to be integrated, where there is not enough water ( water is essential to industrial development and growth), hospital beds, nursing home-facilities, educational facilities and opportunities. etc. , breeding the conditions for future social unrest, malcontent, justifiable hatred, and strife?
    Same reasoning applies to our Aboriginal people.
    I notice with great wonder and sadness the hipocrisy and lack of wisdom of many wealthy Australians using their funds
    accumulated in Australia with Australian resources, for charities abroad when our Aborigines are in a primary need here.
    May God judge you and punish you, oh great AUSTRALIAN HIPOCRITS!.
    Solve the Aboriginals' problems, you European mongrels!
    Apologies are not enough!
    Stop hiding behind your mythical, non-existent Australian identity. Sometime in the recent past, your mother or father or both were of the European ( western culture ).
    What is this betrayal of your origins?
    Ask your shrinks, driving BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari......... imported cars.
    Something is decidedly wrong or utterly mad here in the never-never-down-under.
    Someone suggested it may be too much sun-light, Vegemite and beer.
    Those who suffer the raising of costs of living produced by the rise in demand for everything, generated by the influx of migrants, are those on the lowest incomes. The first thing that goes up are rents. I live in my own Villa Unit in a block of five and since I do not smoke, drink, go to massage parlours or get the occasional dancing girl to visit me ( the biblical King David had a couple of dozen ) or gamble, my pension goes a long way, praised be ATEN/ALLAH. Being a self-elected Templar, and therefore a dedicated anti-MAFIA, I am complaining on behalf of those who are not as disciplined as myself and who have been unlucky in their lives, like the poor Australian lady at Villa Unit 1, now dead, who had all her savings of a lifetime wasted in a Pyramid bankrupcy. At Unit 3, next to mine, which has been designed and approved for a couple, having only two small bed-rooms, there are three families with two children from Mauritius living there. Yes, poor migrants, probably students of some sort. Very good people, civilised by the French, but what is the future holding for them considering that an extortionate rent of A.$ 350 a week
    does not allow them any financial breathing space? ( i.e., the average Single Pension is 275 dollars a week, cutting out a Pensioner not having additional income, from living in this area and compelling him/her to the isolation and exhile of the Australian, waterless, glorious, frightening, bush as there are no accomodation facilities for such cases, Rent Assistance being useless ). Yet our politicians play games at back-knifing one another with ghost issues and fake e-mails, as if they were school-larrikins playing pranks! At unit 4, also owned by the same landlord, an ethnic migrant of Maltese origins, a wealthy electrician with a calabrian wife, now probably claiming to be a Great Fair Australian, another Con-Man and exploiter from down-under, who should be hung for charging so much rent, two couples from Nepal, same story. I do not blame these people renting under these conditions driven by desperation, but the hypocritical, damned, lying Australians, whatever this definition is supposed to mean in the local mythology, many of whom are recent migrants.
    To me they are plain fucked Anglo-Saxon or mongrels of some sort, carrying on their activities from the days of the British Bloody Empire or since the times when humankind began to sin. The wolf can cover its skin but not change it. There is n0 control, no checking of scenarios, of Agents, Real Estates Organisations etc. Yet we have a three levels-structured Government with Local Government, and these excesses should be discovered and addressed by our " mongrelised " Mayors et all. It is a free for all, to all. Specially now that the Amalgamated Moreland Shires are becoming more "mongrelised" with a mixture of all newcomers from the migrants classes, bent onto transforming Australia into another babilonian version of the morally bankrupted countries from which they escaped but which, in their stupid brains represent some mysterious, mythical ideal. So, to the hypocritical Australians who are migrants of older times, one must add these new devious, somehow self-deluded dreaming-mongrels, bent on accumulating wealth, while praising their satanic delusionary gods. Since most of our Politicians, including those in the pseudo-Labour Party, are investors, owners of property, this pressurisation and inflation of costs are beneficial to them also.
    More revenue through taxes, etc. A vicious circle as taxes have then to be spent in correcting/remedying the social dysfunctions/evils generated by greed. However, some of these evil influences become irreversible. Let us grant this Nation some breathing space and ban immigration for a time of consolidation. Let us stop being greedy, let the Nation breathe, you fuckumites, whoever you may be..
    Wait until we become a ' banana' Republic like Italy or Syria or Lebanon, etc. as the free for all licentiousness shall increase, since no Royal Commission shall be available then any longer. The old hypocritical Australians do a bit of charity abroad in Asia, support a couple of Bantus' villages, have a couple of water-wells dug, protect some endangered species of rare monkeys or budgerigar, in Africa, instead of focusing on their Aborigenes here, the damned hypocrits, and their consciences become relaxed enough to allow them singing their worn-out hymns, on Sundays' mornings, at the sound of which God is feeling sick, a repetition of the way God did feel with meat/smoke sacrifices/offerings in the days of Isaiah, in front of their paedophiliac, sarcophiliac ( a much better, more appropriate word than the wishy-washy harmless homosexual, greatly disliked by the followers of these group of deviates, another appropriate word for their lot being fucckumites ) Pastors, Ministers, Priests etc., bringing moisture to their eyes while considering how saintly they all are. Then they wonder why............ how comes some migrant gets punched up by the enraged, desperate youth, the offspring of unlucky or weak migrants who have lost their identity, being told by their virago-like, sexually-distorted/confused, long-haired hippy teachers, they are the Great Mythical Aussies, whatever that is supposed to mean. These poor youngsters are driven to desperation with ball-games and crappy TV programs, with three out of five odd stations playing cricket and footy and football, the exploits of three different Police Forces, the mysteries of Forensic/Coroners lore, how to commit murder and get awy with it, fornicating Doctors and Nurses, the occasional, distorted, morale-sapping, Yiddish/Hebrew version/interpretation of Western-History, etc. ( better than the english ones though ). Telstra who owns Foxtel, seems unable to offer Foxtel at an affordable price to these poor people, including myself as Internet is being my limit of affordability and I give thanks for being subsidised by the Government of Australia which is not totally bad. I feel though they should subsidise the occasional dancing girl to visit my place and promote a greater spiritual integration:):):):):):)). What said to benefit every Bachelor migrant whose integration should be so subsidiesed by taxes. Let us call it " The Integration-Inducement-Facilitating Subsidy. Only for first generation migrants though. It appears to me as if Telstra, being an Australian Company anyway, is being sabotaged/victimised, compelled to be expensive and that Australian customers are being discouraged in favour of Telstra's competitors ( i.e., Optus ). This is another example of down-under, reversed, paradoxical, Australian psychology, a type of non-Aristotelian, oriental, sophistical-rhetoric, some sort of yet obscure islamic logic, being taught at Terrorists' Colleges in the world of Islam, only fair dimkum Aussies can understand, after generations of local residence. I'll probably die without understanding it. I began becoming aware of its existence when an Engineer for 5 years( Assistant Supervisor of all Aeronautical Plastics, Weldings and Bondings, working under a Superintendent ) at the now dismantled/sabotaged Government Aircraft Factories at Fishersmen- Bend in South Melbourne. We had Aircraft/Manufacturing Mechanics then of ethnic/balcanic and south italian origins, faithful Labour worshippers, who could not even read a ruler, never saw a Vernier Caliper in their life and could not read the manufacturing instructions in english let alone the bleu prints. How can we ever expect to be able to build our own war-ships, tanks, howitzers, fighters, even small Nations like Israel, Sweden and Norway are able to build? We must be a joke. The question to ask the Trade Unions, the Mafias, is-: How did these buggers ever get into the Factory? Some fair dimkum Australian must have been involved in the charade together with their greek, balcanic, lebanese, fuchumise favour-granting secretaries. Stupid Bob Hawke and his apprenticer Paul Keating, decided to erase the factory rather than to reform it, unlike the Liberals who had the guts, under Howard, to reforma and clean-up the mafia-like Waterfront. Come on Labour, don't give me the Bohenoeffer-bullshit. We are sitting on the resources of a whole Continent, contented with scratching/digging and selling dirt to more enterprising, heroic, courageous people like the Chinese and the Japanese. When desalinating sea-water, we have to even ask the French to do it for us, at a price! MA CHE CAZZO FATE? We should be at the avant-guarde in refining uranium, and in Nuclear Technology, you cowards. We should be producing the water required for our Steel, Paper industry, etc. The poor sods, I mean the poor Australian disadvantaged youth, that we wish to crucify and replace with new unknowing/totally unaware migrants, who are expecting everyone to love them, are suffering from the fact that the only available culture, is one that begins with the Eureka Stockade and the arrival of the mighty, bibulous ( No, no, no,.............. nothing to do with the Bible, you, uncouth, colonial readers [ aaah.....luve the colonial girls though]) Irish Catholics.
    ETC. ETC. ETC.


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Post 127. Keep the Australian Political Scenario Clean Please.

Keep the Australian Political Scenario Clean, Please.
In Australia, we have a Prime Minister Mr. Rudd, a small, cutish primadonna, who has been wasting enormous resources of parliamentary time and energy in ghost-issues, such as AWB and Saddam Hussein, and is now repeating the performance, by having fake e-mails originating from his Treasury Department, creating a scenario similar to the Nigerian Scam, within the Commonwealth Government.
Are we now to doubt, as honest Mr. Turnbull naturally failed to do in his good-faith, the truth and legality of every document now being issued from within the Australian Government? Is not a Governnment Department to be ensuring the truth, content and sources, of its documents, to maintain credibility and functionality?
I followed the Lateline TV program on ABC on the 7th August and was amazed at the biased attitudes toward these events by some young Australian Media persons whom we would expect to be more intelligent than the average Australian, not just the cute baby-faced Australian Pinocchios they appear to be: Dr.Peter Van Onselen and Mr. Tim Gartlet and their host, a lady whose name I do not know.Does the University (ies) they attended warn about Sophistry in thier courses of Rhetoric? Have they heard about Aristotle's Philosophy and Ethics at all?
The trio was laughing, salivating, gloating over an event which should be looked at bi-partisanely by all Australians with concern and regret. No-one was aware of and mentioned the central truth/concern that a high standing reputable Government Official, a Godwin Gregg ( of ancient Maltese origins) actually faked a Document under the responsibility of the Labour Treasurer Mr. Swan, and lied about it at an Enquiry.
They were all wrongly, arrogantly, maliciously, mischievously placing the fault on Mr. Turnbull, the Leader of the Opposition, while treating the matter as a school prank. The fact is they also hinted that Mr. Turnbull who has no fault whatsoever and acted in good faith, should resign. So they were laughing, while asking for blood. This is typical of the Australian character, a dangerous treacherous back-knifing sort of bush larrikinism that I am not afraid to criticise and expose in so far as I am a Theologian and a Reformer, no matter how unworthy. In relation to the Ten Commandments, their actions fall under -: Thou shalt not utter false witnessing.
False witnessing is equivalent to Murder, it is actually a blood-less form of murder as it aims at the damage od one's reputation.
Note this oh Australian larrikins and politicians and engrave it in your hearts and minds.

Mr. Rudd began his rise to power by the AWB empty, useless issue. The Australian Economy may now have been saved by the massive, wise administrations of the previous Government who wisely accumulated the surplus funds.
Let us not forget this, oh fuckumites, before you begin murdering the Liberals.

We must discourage these effeminate, un-western, levantine, dishonest, malicious, unworthy, sabotaging, back-knifing tactics within the Australian political scenarios. else,   if we do not,   to please our young Pinocchio-like, unworthy reporters, journalists, would-be-politicians, lawyers, and their larrikanism and thirst for scandal and cheap emotions they probably became addicted to
during their education stages,    and   from   their   virago-type  mothers,   we are opening the way through abituation, acceptance, exposure and insensibility, to the infiltration by dishonest, malicious, malingering, opponents and traitors, posing as Australians, who would make these tactics their daily thought,   getting away with the use of these tactics, with far more serious consequences to our Nation,  as  these   would  not  be  mere   Pinocchio-bush-larrikins,   but  professional   destabilisers,   an  extension  and  preparation   for terrorist   tactics. Let us therefore proscribe and indite these practices lest we get used to these as if  these  were  normal   activities   and  behaviour. 

Let us keep the political scenario STERILE, ANTI-BUGS, AND ANTI-VIRUS,   above   all,  ANTI-SCAM,

if I am allowed the analogies for effect-sake.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Post 126. War and Popularity.

An E-mail to an American friend.
I have not yet seen a film which gives correct information about the past/History ( example: " The Kingdom of Heaven ", which is almost totally deceiving/misrepresenting especially regarding the Templars, also containing propaganda intended to make it acceptable to islamic audiences ) as it is always biased by the ex- goat-herders ( ex- sheep-shearers in Aussieland ) producing it. Skills are different from intelligence, understanding honesty and honour. The American film industry has been further degenerating with the rise of the new levies of patrician-looking ( how deceiving ), baby-faced, cute-looking producers from the post-WWII's Baby Boom, Pinocchios, Hippies and Harry Potter type gurus, full of vitamins and drugs. I prefer some European films anytime as there is more effort at presenting reality, intelligence ( psychology) and humanity in these. Oh, always magnificent photography and colour, but neurotic/psychotic producers, hooked on substances and overdoses of VIAGRA/CELIA with artificially enlarged cazzos, and their anorexic bambinas they prefer, as being near masculine, the sodomitic trend being widespread to-day among these modern baby-faced Gomorraites. We have got out of the Yiddish
( Jewish)-dominated Hollywood film industry of 50 years ago as all the Yiddish European expatriates, fleeing the Holocaust have died out. Praised be the ATEN, the Lord!!!
Their rendering of the Greeks, the Romans and the Middle Ages( example: The Templars and the European aristocracies) was all vitiated by the Jewish views of history where the only good people are the Jews and the Americans ! Today, their problems with Islam which they are unable to buy out, is embarassing/confusing/stalling them ( infiltrated as American Society has become by their own enemies whom they have been giving citizenship/voting to, without adequate cheks. THEY ARE JUST STUPID/MAD! Australians are doing the same. Anglo-Saxons have become mad! ).
Unless the West ( provided/assuming we take care of the infiltrating saboteurs first ) adopts the good, old, unavoidable War-Rules-of-Engagement, the Romans and the Nazis used, the Israeli need to adopt and would gladly do so if allowed to, impeded by their past Yiddish propaganda and indoctrination of the West against the Germans, our Pakistani allies (???) have
recently used effectively ( this should give us an idea about what we should expect from Islam had this a weapon superiority and the same global access and reaching by rocket- capacity we have, halas fettered by our Pinocchio parassites ), specially in the case of terrorists, irregular military organisations, para-military organisations, which should be considered to be outside Geneva Conventions and subjected to harsh Martial Laws, we are going to loose. In fact, America has not won a war since WWII when it could fight properly by claiming they were more humane than the Nazis and Japanese, while belting shit out of them, with the blessings of Jewish propaganda, rightly so of course. Example, phosphor bombs over Germany’s civilian population
( I believe the populations of two cities were destroyed, burnt alive). Of course, I agree, we were justified by the Nazis starting with V-Rockets over London, their Holocausts, and their searching for a nuclear weapon. The issue is so simple in my mind, being a matter of pure logic not requiring any skill or statistics, I am convinced Anglo-Saxon/Americans are basically and fundamentally, quasi-genetically STUPID
( probably the result of centuries of cocktail-parties=too much cholesterol in the brain=fat brains), because they have been unable to tell the World with a much needed modern propaganda, that our respect of WWII’s partisans fighting Fascism/Nazism/Samurais should not stop us today using Nazis methods to reduce terrorrists who are basically Islamic Nazis/Fascists, but we keep on treating as if WWII-partisans/patriots. Theirs is not a matter of patriotism but of a resurgent, dejas vue, islamic fanaticism. Mafiosi are also terrorists with privately- owned anti-social hubris for power and contol ( wealth, status, women, human resources etc.. Our most beautiful women, bred to be fit for royal matches, (some of these deserve their fate for being passive and submissive, when they should knife their oppressors in the kidneys or their spines) are being abused by these bastards. All terrorists are basically out from the same mould and masquerade behind high ideals. No, we are tying up the hands of our m
ilitary with Rules of Engagement which cannot win a war against these invisible, guerrilla forces which hide within the civilians as soon as they have a chance or use civilians as weapons of defence, tactically. I would fix Afghanistan in 12 months by blowing up all mountain villages and relocating the mountain civilians on the plains. I would destroy water supplies (wells) and food producing fields on the mountain-valleys. I would do this in the middle of winter after warning them to evacuate civilians in Autumn, three months before the hits! Hatred? Islam hates us anyway from a religious point of view. Our humanity is considered as weackness and fear, or Allah blinding us and making fools of us, which may be true, in part. And NO JOURNALISTS REPORTERS ALLOWED in the fighting zone. Moreover, once a legally elected Government engages in a war, no interferences to be allowed by Pinocchios and Hippies, substance-abusers, sodomites ( sarcophiles would be more correct), lesbians and viragos, parassitic-students, ethnic groups, stirred up, probably with the inducement of easy drug-money, by our opponents, in the name of a Freedom and a Democracy which does not exist in their countries and has been allowed to degenerate into a Civilisational Trap/Nightmare in ours.
I would tell all of these people to go and demonstrate in the countries of our opponents and see whether they would be allowed to do so. Remember the Turks had a go at the Byzantine Empire from 500 to 1500 AD, from 1100 to 1500 under Islam’s blessing and mandate. These bastards rely on war of attrition. One must hit their bases and centres of supply as any educated young military officer is taught anyway, but not allowed to carry out on the field by treacherous Pinocchio arm-chair Commanders, elected by Pinocchios majorities.. The Turks used to carry all their supplies with themselves as they were nomadic tribes anyway. Byzanthium could never hit their bases as they did not have any fixed one, or these were too far from Constantinople. Genghis Khan was the same as Karakorum was at a six month travelling distance from Constantinople. With the air control we have at the moment we can find their bases and destroy their military capacity, but we must hit or better remove their civilians too as everyone of them is a war resource, unnlike ourselves. Notice that in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, we did/do not hit them as soon as they gwent/go acros the border. Nixon ordered bombings and artillery fire over Cambodia but was somehow impeached with Watergate just a couple of weeks after this decision. What is going on with Americans?
I am afraid we need a new MacHarty, MacHartism to-day in the West with some thorough cleansing. for western loyalty.
Also a stressing of Duty as a pre-requisite for Rights.
In Australia, we have a Prime Minister Mr. Rudd, a small, cutish primadonna, who is wasting enormous resources of parliamentary time and energy in ghost-issues as AWB andSaddam Hussein, and recently, by having fake e-mails originating from his Treasury Department, creating a scenario similar to the Nigerian Scam within the Commonwealth Government.
Are we now to doubt, as honest Mr. Turnbull failed to do in his good-faith, the truth and legality of every document now being issued from within the Australian Government?

Even a Roman Dux was allowed immunity until the end of a War but the Romans considered war as a serious issue not like our Pinocchios in command crawling up our-opponents-voters’ asses. How did Pakistan recently fight the Talibans and reduce them in three weeks? By doing what I suggest. Line-up all your air-strike-force, tanks and howitzers and devastate. Even if one were not to win in the sense of occupying which is not necessary anyway, the opponents will and capacity to harm us would be devastated for years to come. Who would want to occupy those god-forsaken mud-traps anyway? The alternative is that the war becomes one of attrition and goes on for centuries. However, Moslems can do to Moslems what we are not allowed to do to them. Did anyone threaten the Pakistani with criminal charges as we have been doing with the Israeli? No, because the Pakistanis are playing a double role of Instigators and make-believe allies. ( remember who was behind the Mumbai events in India ?). What they are probably after is for the USA to hand out to them the latest weaponry systems. These military/historical issues fascinate me. Sorry to be carried away as I do. What started it? One cannot expect to be popular to everyone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post 125. Young Australians being cheated out of their Job-Opprtunities..

Young Australians being cheated out of their Job-Opportunities.
It is easy to be labelled a racist today when one may only be a   lover  of one's own  culture ( everyone's human right ) or someone defending his right to find a job and work in one's own Country.
Australian Office Jobs have ben exported to India, for example, where English is taught as a second language, and I personally consider this a betrayal perpetrated by Australians against Australians with the connivance and complaisance of our well-to-do, patrician looking, ex-sheep shearers, pseudo-humanitarian, insensitive Australian Politicians with their idiotic smiles.
Most of the times the English spoken by these Indian communicators cannot just be understood.
People from Islam, India, China, Asia in general, Africa, of different cultures from ours, who wish to live among us without reciprocating, as we have no future in their countries, as they are really the ultimate absolute fanatical   lovers  of  their  culture ( this includes religion in their case which makes them worse than racists ), label us in the West as racist as soon as we raise any complaint, opposition or difficulty with their invasion of our countries.
In fact, Mr. Waleed Ali, a young islamic/australian lecturing in Politics at Monash University, when marrying an Australian- born indo-european woman, required her to embrace Islam and wear the veil/scarf.
Yet, although we as well as he, all know how culturally limited, sectarian and discriminating his people are, he feels the right to judge us in the West, speaking of racism when we are just trying to defend our birth-rights.
Integration for these liers and hipocrits is one in reverse as it appears as if we, in our own Country must adopt their culture and religion when they condescend to mix with us, and not vice-versa.
Australians, wake up before it is too late!
How biased and hypocritical can these
sophistical reasoners be? As much as the stupidity, ignorance and sense of inferiority of our Australian, well-to-do, so called elites allows them to be.
I, a migrant, of the italian/european culture am finding all this disturbing.
Australia is bringing in migrants in accordance with very liberal policies, yet there are illegal ones coming by the boatload.
Recently, Indians/Asians have been coming in by the thousands, by the trick of enrolling in private Schools or Colleges ( local Australians may be at fault here ), teaching various Trades and Activities for fees of say 10,000 dollars also promising Residence/Citizenship at graduation. They employ dedicated Lawyers to pressurise the Immigration Department.
Bribing and Corruption should not be ruled out.
When jobs are scarce this is  adversely felt by the local young Australians who find themselves disadvantaged and discriminated against in their own territory.
So, some Indian students have been seriously punched up. I am not excusing/condoning violence, however, we are talking about cheating, survival and deaf and blind, uncaring, Government Officials and Politicians here.
Yet, the talk by local ethnic people is about
No, no, no, no.This is not true.
It is really and truly a matter of survival of the local youth and of cheating by illegal infiltrators masquerading as students, bribing their way into their territory and job-markets, robbing them of their birth-rights, something that these dishonest immigrants are not prepared to and cannot reciprocate with, in their own cultures, in their own countries.
Who is the real Criminal then?
What I suggest to all these outsiders in Africa, Islamic nations, Asia, etc. is that they stop their excessive, unbridled, irresponsible fucky-fucky that is causing them to have to spill out of their countries robbing others of their birth-rights.The trouble is that these people expect to continue their demographic expansions in the countries they migrate to, which means trouble in the near future when they grow in number. Historically, Islamists have actually adopted demographic expansion as the means to take over their host nations in the name of Islam.
It is happening today in Indonesia under our own eyes and the Uighurs are trying it in China.
I respect China which has already recognised the need for population control.
India is really overpopulated and Indians have been criminally destroying their flora and fauna for centuries.
Vegetation and animals have also rights and St.Paul in Romans speaks about all Creation desiring salvation together with humankind.
I agree with St.Paul and I advise Islamists Indians, Africans and sundries to begin a vast policy of demographic control.
How they do it is not my problem.
They can continue their unbridled fucky fucky to their heart content, however, they should reduce procreation as this causes wars and mass destruction.
Migrations in the name of irresponsible population growth must end as these are, NOW and in the long run
Incidentally, a policy I would recommend Australians to implement is that Australian Citizenship/Voting be granted only after, say, five-ten years, during which time potential immigrants would be screened and appraised for their suitability. This would not however bar migrants from all the material benefits enjoyed by an Australian Citizen.
Dual-Nationality should be strictly ruled out once a migrant opted for the Australian Nationality.
This would also discourage our Politicians to crawl up migrants' asses in order to acquire their votes, which is the source of errors and biases of judgment and policy-making in relation to how a migrant should integrate into Australian Society.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post 125. An expansion of " The Perfect Prayer ".

Attention all you thinking ( non-brainwashed ),
Hebrews and Mohammedans-:
This invocation can help you understand why you have remained limited
in relation to the understanding of, respectively
the Yehwah of the Hebrews' Old Testament
and the Allah of the
Mohammedans' Q'uran.
Consider, please, Genesis 1:1, 2.
and the fact that the Christian Gospels
are essential to a complete understanding
of both the Old Testament and of the Q'uran.
Allah ( pure Spirit or ruah elohim ), is of paramount importance, however needs mediation by someone more than mere human beings such as laypersons, Rabbis, Mohammed or Ministers, Pastors, Priests.
Funny hats, rituals, sacraments, memorisation of texts and prayers, do not help either, without a mediation from the Word, through the
Father and the Son.
Even the Q'uran admits Jesus was conceived through the intervention of the Holy Spirit ( an Angel of Allah ).
Allah, rationally and logically operates in Generation, Creation and Making through the mediations of Jehovah and Jesus in virtue of their close associations with the WORD who is the only Being of the same spiritual nature as Allah ( generated not created or made ).
Jehovah is in fact the Elohim, whose holding of the Holy Spirit, as the Word, allowed Jehovah to Make humankind
and to Sustain Creation-in-Time.
Respectfully speaking and thinking, a divine Mediator is required, as Allah's and Jehovah's powers cannot be approached by unmediated/unrepresented humankind.
Even Mohammed recognised the existence of Angels who operate and execute Allah's Will ( the WORD ) on behalf of Allah.
Could the greatest Being ( ATEN/ALLAH ) in the whole Cosmos be conceived to operate and execute with ITS own hands and receive messages personally ( un-mediated/unrepresented) being IT a pure SPIRIT and ITS invisible/hidden power being such that it destroys any ordinary living being approaching IT?

Can any life form survive meeting a Being whose power is greater than any nuclear explosion, whose spiritual power is infinite?
So, what is this self-delusion that one can pray to, communicate with Allah, who is a purely spiritual power, without the mediation or representation or advocation of a divine Being such as the WORD, who is Spirit in operation-in-Time, associated with
Yahweh-the-Father and Jesus-the-Son?
Please allow me to tell you, who are so self-deluded, your approach is both insulting and stupid and not to be tolerated to-day when understanding and knowledge have increased, written messages have been completed,
meant to be synthetised by the three peoples of the Books, LOVINGLY and in mutual respect, not in satanic bloodshed.
So, get the facts/truth correctly and stop killing one another for a lack of understanding, and scheming against us the West, oh misguided Jews and Islamists, before it gets too late.
Do you ever ask yourselves why you have lustily kept on killing one another for centuries and desiring to subdue all others in the name of your limited/defective understanding?
In fact, while we in the West have been changing and progressing, in spite of the corruption of many, you are still chained to an incomplete and unsatisfactory interpretation of God.
While saying this to you, I also admit the West is also in need of Ethical Reformation/Renewal and a re-evaluation of its Democratic Constitutions.
I am inviting both Jews and Islamists to work together with us in understanding and working for God.
Remember we are the three peoples of the Books.
If you refuse, your own blood is on your own heads.

Perfect Prayer of
Recognition in Invocation.

Hail Holy Spirit,
image-less, hidden, pure, restless, free,

ubiquitous, omnipresent,
outside Time,
un-mediatable by, un-involved with humankind

the Father and Jesus.

Hail Holy Spirit,
holder of all forms of Life,
Powers and Energies-in-Time,
through Time,
originator of Time,
Generator of the WORD,
who, as Spirit in action, operation, and creation
Created the heavens, earth and worlds.

Hail WORD,
who as spirit in operation,
are Yehwah ( Yahweh/Jehovah ),
Father and Maker of the human race,
and who, as spirit in operation,
are also Jesus the Nazarene,
Son and Mediator.


Note-: Amen the ancient egyptian attribute of Aten, borrowed by the Israelites, does not mean ' So be it ' as Haem does so.