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Post 273. Sexual Abuses.

Comments  by   Blogger-:  The  Roman  Catholic  Apostolic   Church   is   a   valuable,  irreplaceable,    yet- unequalled,     from   now   on   even   non-imitable,    educational   Institution,   carrying   out   essential  good  works,   considering   the  down-hill  trend  of  western   and   global   morality.    
Yes,     one  must  admit  there  are  members    within    it   who  are   grossly   unworthy   of   its     high   standards  and  Traditions   and   these  men   and    women   should    just  get   out  or  be   kicked  out,  to   resume   lower   positions  in  Society. 
This  should   be   so  in  the  impossibility    nowadays   to    apply   the   ancient     prescribed   correctives.   
Unworthy  members   are  not  a  novelty  in   such  a    vast  Institution    such   as  the   RCC  is.   The  Reformation  of    whole   Abbeys  and  Monasteries  has  been  a  continuous    activity    all   through    the   History  of   the   Church   and   measures  taken    were  very  drastic   and   harsh  at  times,    such   as  a   democratic    society    would   not  accept   to-day.
In   Civil  Law    rapists    were  castrated  in  Normandie   in  the   days   of   William  the  Conqueror.
And  modern  societies   are  the  least  qualified   or   justified    to  criticise  and ever  claim  a   right  or    capacity   to  tell    the   Roman  Catholic  Church    about   how   to   solve  its   problems    in    view  ot  the  general  failure   of  these  same   societies    to  solve    their  problems,    like    corrupt   Politicians   and  Police,    certainly  not  caused    by   the  Roman  Catholic  Church.
So,  in  the  name of  the  RCC   I   say   to   you   Mongrels-: "  Shut   your  traps ".
It   is  clear  that   many   among  the   Bishops    whose  task  has   been  to   select   the   applicants   to   the   lofty  and  prestigious    Church    positions,    related   to  the   functions  of  the   Roman  Priesthood,    and    Religious  Brotherhood/Sisterhood    have   failed    in    their   duties   either   because  of   their    own    lack  of   capacity,   of   their  own   mediocrity,     or   as   the  result  of  the    application  of   Mumbo-Jumbo   Rules  and   Beliefs   to-day    made    obsoleted   by   the    impossibility  of   applying   the    prescriptions,  penalties,    corrections    once   considered   to  be   essential   to  Reformation,     made   possible/allowed  then  by  a   social/institutional   fabric   that   had   its    justification   in   the   morally   strict,   stoic-like,   spartan    in   so  far   as   the  application  of   corrections    were    concerned,    yet   compassionate  in  so  far  as    the  understanding   of   human    frailty   was    concerned,   in    the   ancient   Roman  Age   and   in  the   Middle  Ages,    now   superseded    by    democratic   interpretations   of   human   rights  not  consistently     matched    by    their  complementary   human   duties,     which   deny  the   Church   the   application    of   the    ancient    correctives   and  physical   penalties.
If   the  Church   were   to    apply   the    ancient  correctives,     the  general  public    would    rise  and    condemn  harsh   measures    in    the   name   of    modern    human   rights.
Many    blame    the    forced   celibacy   of  Priests   and   of    the   Religious    for  the   distorted    sexual   practices    of   some   Religious  persons.   Yet,   marriage  is  not   a    guarantee    about     orthodoxy   in  sexual  mores,    nor  faithfulness  to    the    marriage-bond  as  sexual  libertinage  and/or  sexual   un-orthodoxy   has  never  been  greater   than   what  is  witnessed   to-day   among   our  modern  married  couples.
So   what  are   you  Mongrels  talking   about.
I   believe   the  RCC    needs    Reformation   as    every   Religious  Institution   does,   all   the   time. 
But  I  love   the   RCC  passionately,    as  I   do   good    girls,   its   hospitals,    its   good   religious,   its    ethos,   its  potential   for  good.  The  RCC  is  the   best!
As   I   hate   passionately   the   Mafiosis    who    tend   to   corrupt  it!
Now    coming   to  the  victims   of    sexual   abuses  or  paedophilia.
There  is  a  Saint  of  the  RCC,    Santa  Maria   Goretti,     canonised   in   the  1800,    whoas  a  young    girl    was  stabbed  to  death by  her   would-be    abuser    for   refusing   co-operation,   submission   to  his   intent.
It  takes  two   to   Tango   is  the  old   saying.
Most   of  these  abuses  and  are   abuses,    occurr    repeatedly   for  a long   time,  even years,   during   an  institutional  life-time   of  the    victim.    Most  of  the  time,    the    companions  of  the  victim   know  about  it,  see  it  occurring.    Age   does  not  really  come  in   as  I  know    that    a  normal   male    child    becomes   aware  of   sexuality,   not  clearly  so,   but   clearly  and   intuitively    enough     even   when   only   six-seven.
I  had  when  six  and  a  half,   while   attending    first    Elementary,   the  experience  of   an  Egyptian   young   man  esposing   himself   to  me    on  a   College-Bus,   who  was  attending    the    higher  classes  (   Gymnasium or  Lyceum)   at  the same  Catholic   College   of   the  Freres (  Brothers)  de  Bab-El-Louk  I  was  attending.   I  immediately   knew   it  was    an   evil/base   act   and    objected   and  reported   it  to   my   father   when   on  Leave   from   the    Royal   Navy    as  it   was  then    WWII.   I  was  not  popular    with   the  Freres who    considered  me,  in  spite  of  my   British   Citizenship    a    Mussolini,  wing  to   my     surname,  an   Italian   form  of  the  de  Ferrariis   surname,   which    is   paradoxically  a   romanised   Breton/Celtic   surname.   The  French  Freres    were  in  fact  obsessed      with their    PR   with   their   'fuckumitic'   Islamic  Egyptian    students.   I  have  had   to   put  up   with   these   idiosincrasies  all   my  life........But   there   was  no  repetition   and    I   went  to  Italy    soon   after   when  the   WWII   ended.
As  I  said   I   could  have    had  a  propensity   for  popularity,    going    with   the    waves,  and    co-operatd   with the   'fuckumite '.   
I  did  God's   election   and  Grace.  Let   us   analise  motivations,   temptations,    in   addition   to  natural  propensities  one  is  born    unfortunately   with.
It  takes  two   to   Tango.   There    must  be   acceptance   and    response.    The    abuser     generally   offer   some  inducement.......
privilege,   favouritism,   etc.  The   abused    accepts  as   he/she    is  attracted   by  thre  inducemenrt.    The   scenario    would  not    continue   unless   this   were    so.   I   doubt  in  fact   that    the  element   of  pleasure    would  exist  as   an    attraction   on  the   side  of  the   abused   who    at    that  age   is  not  ready   for  the   general    brutality   of   the   event.  The   abusers  are  on  the  other   hand    con-artists,   dissemblers,  liers  ajnd  this   is   where     I   criticise  the    Church   for its   incapacity   to     filter    these   bad  elements.  
But this  is  where  the   Mumbo-Jumbo  of  the    Middle-Ages  comes  in   to   allow   all   the  charade   to   take  place, that  has  no place   any  longer   since   the  complementary  corrective     system    has   become  obsoleted   and   cannot  be  used   as  considered  to-day  to  be   too  harsh  and    anti-human   rights.
In  the   Middle  Ages,    if  one   survived  the  Inquisition,  which     decided   about  the  redimeability of  the  offender,  one  ended   in   an   Order    with   a   harsher    discipline  than  the   state   in   which  one  had   committed   the  infraction.   And  that  was   no  picnic......just take   my   word.  To-day  most  Priests   and   Religious,  at   least   in  Australia,   live  in   much   better    conditions   and   with   higher  standards   than   those   I    live  in.  Every   state  of    life  has   its    advantages   and   disadvantages.    There  cannot  be   Reformation    without    self-deprivation,   renunciation,    some    self-induced    or   voluntarily  accepted   hardship.                       


Sexual   Abuses.
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From an outsider's point of view, the under-reported cases of pedophilia in the Church by Italian media fails to give readers the breadth and depth of the phenomena. And it also seems to me that anybody dealing with that issue is viewed as an enemy of the Church. Case in point: last Thursday, Santoro showed the problem on Annozero. As is in Santoro's style the issue was dealt with frankness and thruth. It must have been traumatizing for believers to take it all in but, going from there to Paragone accusing Santoro of trying to detach believers from the Church tells me that Paragone, at best, missed the point. Santoro doesn't denounce the Church per se, nor does he underestimate the Church's mission as caretaker of the poor and the weak, nor does he necessarily crucify the individual pedophile. Santoro merely points out how the hierarchy of the Church covered-up a sin and how the victims were abandoned. I know it's not an easy thing to accept, but it's also a hard thing to deny. Yet, there is more to come: if reports of women forming a movement seeking justice for having been sexually abused by priests is correct, the Church hierarchy had better brace for second scandal. Even though studies say that 81% of the victims were boys, researchers also say it takes thirty years for a victim to report hers or his child abuse. If they're correct the Church may be forced to ride the sexual abuse storm for years to come since female servers were only allowed to serve in the seventies.
Posted by: Louis Pacella | May 22, 2010 08:57 PM


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