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Post 266. In 2010 AD?.....In Europe?....... Unbelievable!.

Comment-:   If   this  can  be  proved,   why  does  not  some   godforsaken   Anti-Corruption  Organisation   in   United  Europe    take  action  in  the  name  of   HONOUR (  DOES   ANYONE   OF   YOU  MONGRELS   KNOW   TO-DAY   THE  MEANING  OF  THE   FEUDAL   WORD ? )   Democracy   and  of  decency?   
It  does   not   exist   I  heard  someone   say   from  far away.
Well   for    god's-sake,   create   one  and  make   sure  no   Mafiosi   get   in   it!
After  all,    whatever  happens  in  Italy   or   elsewhere in  Europe    affects   all  Europe!   
And  the   Civilised   World!
I  have  already  commented  elsewhere   that,   in  my  opinion    there   are  by  far,    too  many   Deputates   at  Montecitorio,   the   seat  of   the  Mafiaistic   Italian   Parliament.   Only  recently,     a   Spanish  Political    Reformer    commented   about  the    fact   that,   even  in   Spain,   where   some   reform  is   ongoing,    there   are,     compared    to   Japan,   which  has   approximately  three   times   the    population    of  Spain,   an   inversely   proportional    surplus   of    Deputates,   i.e.,    the  Spanish  Parliament    could  be    trimmed    down   to    one  third   of    its   present   size,    with    enormous    financial   savings. 
I   would  then   abolish   the   high    retributions   and   pensions,   some  of    which  have   actually  become   hereditary  in  Italy.   I   am  certain  the  Italian   Bureaucracy    costs   vastly    more   than   the   ancien  regime's   one   of    Louis   XIV.    Then  I   would   not   give  Parliamentarians   exemption   from   military  Service     which  I   would    make    compulsory,    even   if   Conscription     for   Military    Service    had    been   suspended  in   the  Nation.
Active  Military  Service,    voluntary  if  need   be,    should  be  a   prerequisite   for  Partecipation   to   Parliament   and     Public   Office.
I   envisage   a  United  Europe   in   which   qualified,  trained   representatives   of    all  past  aristocracies    participate  in  political  debate   in   a     Monarchic  Legislative    European  Assembly,   however  their  members   to  be   the   first  to    perform  Military  Duties    in  active   combat    if /when  necessary.    I   would  even   go  to the  extent  of    preserving  their    semen  in   criogenic    conditions    against  the    eventuality  they  get  killed  in  action,  in  order  to   ensure   their   having  offspring  as  I   value  these    individuals.  This   to    counter  their   objection    that  they are  too   valuable   to    risk  in    war.   We   could  do  the  same   with  our   footballers,  if   you   wish.........ja,aj,ja,ja..........  In   vitro-fertilisation   can   reproduce  their   kind   at  public   expenses    from   suitable   aristocratic ladies........... ja,aj,ja.,ja,aj.........but   I  am   being   serious  this   time.    like  the  den  of   stupid,   historically   misinformed,     historically   biased,    but   well-meaning  peasants   it   is   (  the  Mafiosis    are  the  goat-herders,  a  trogloditic   race   apart),     maliciously,   insultingly,  critically   compares   the    present   scenario  in  Italy   to   that  of   the  Feudal  System   in   the  Middle-Ages.    He  is   wrong    because,    whilst    the   Feudal  System   was   absolutely    necessary,    coherent   in   its   times,    given   the  then existing    world-scenarios  (  i.e.,   Islam, the  barbaric   invasions,  say  of  the   Magyars........etc. ,   Islam   and  Co.   are  there  also  to-day..........)  and  was   founded  on   mutual    ties  of   privileges,    however     corresponding   to   mutual  duties    and   honour    and   worked,    the  Italian   System  is   anachronistic,     illegal,   dishonourable,     wastes   resources,   does   not    work,    and  its  members   are   the   most   cowardly    human   beings    on  earth  (  inspiring  the   whole   Nation   to   cowardice ),   benefiting   from  privileges   disproportionate   to   their   contributions   and   services.............if/when   any   given  at  all.
I    suggest    supplies    some   comparative   data     regarding   ratios  between    number  of  Parliamentarians     and   population   for    severall   Nations   in   the   world.     

In   2010 AD ?...........In  Europe?...........
Unbelievable !

A fish always starts to stink from the head down and in our case, Parliament is the head. Deputies and Senators don’t serve their Country, but rather their master, their benefactor. Italy is a vassallistic-democratic system. All the Deputies and the Senators have been appointed by the party bosses. The individuals that actually control Parliament, and therefore the Country, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The Pdl and the Pdwithoutanel have essentially established a parliamentary dictatorship. Certainly none of the Deputies or the Senators are likely to request an immediate review of this election law that prevents the citizens from directly electing their preferred candidates. Certainly none of them resign out of shame. None of the institutions are about to intervene, least of all Morpheus Napolitano. Yet with the current electoral law still in place, fresh political elections would be absolutely useless. Little more than a rip-off and a waste of public funds. It makes no sense whatsoever to go and vote with an unconstitutional law in place (just in passing, why hasn’t our Divine Constitutional Court not said anything?). At the end of a legislature, it would be far simpler and better for Casini, Berlusconi, Bersani and the others to get together in chambers, decide who whose names will appear on the party lists and then simply inform the people. The net result would be precisely the same and at least then they wouldn’t have to inconvenience tens of millions of Italians. We’ve gone back to the days of the vassals and serfs, just like in the Middle Ages. "Vassallage was a type of individual relationship that was established in a vassal-beneficiary system. It was essentially a private "contract" between two people, a vassal and a master: during a “homage” ceremony, the former would declare himself to be the latter’s “homo" and, as such, would benefit from the master’s protection in return for his loyalty and service to his master". The feudal system granted immunity, the privilege of not being subject to the control of public authority as long as he/she remained within the confines of the feudal seignory." The Italian vassallistic-democratic system is precisely the same, including the privilege of parliamentary immunity. But today perhaps it has got even worse. Although I have no way to prove it, I suspect that the modern "contract" between the vassal and the "homo" for the al location of a parliamentary seat may well be financial in nature. A million Euro or some other serious amount of money in Exchange for a guaranteed place in Parliament. It wouldn’t be at all surprising, nor improbable for that matter. Those that hold the seats could sell them or auction them off to the highest bidder. A parliamentary seat is a tangible asset, worth hundreds of thousands of Euro a year, a guaranteed pension, high visibility and all sorts of additional benefits. It has to be one of the best investments ever, far better than any fund or Government bond. There must be many people who would be willing to pay the price. Our Parliament has become an economic re source that should be turned into an Election Lottery. The prize would be a five-year stay at Palazzo Madama or Montecitorio. First prize would be the post of Prime Minister. In this way, the State coffers would be much better off, as would our democracy.


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