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Post 260. Italia Italia vituperio delle genti.......!

  Italia,  Italia   vituperio   delle  genti.......?
I just read the summery of the Piazza Fontana many trials and subsequent comments.
If Italy wants to control its own destiny, then you must have another Il Duce. One who will chop off the heads of the Mafia and do away with Democracy. The only other solution is to split up into various nations again.
you need someone much more ruthless than Silvio.

Posted by: David B. Monier-Williams | May 9, 2010 03:13 PM

Blogger's   Comment/Essay-:  I  have   decided   this   time   to   begin   this   Post    with   the  Comment   made   to   the  that   follows   this  Essay,  i.e.,   " Piazza  Fontana,  we   knew  it    all   along " ,   by   a   gentleman   called    David   B.   Monier-Williams   with   whom   I   could  not   be   in   greater   emotional  agreement,   except  that    United  Europe/the  World    could   not   rightly   allow   Civil  Wars (   as  wisely   shown   in   the  Balkans  recently  )  and   the  rise  of   'Duci/Francos '   who    are   not   any  longer  produced   anyway   in   the  atmosphere   of    
' Pane,  Amore,   Fantasia  and  Arse-Hole-crawling '  of   a   degenerate   West,   also  considering    the   fact    that   the   World   lacks   to-day   the   resources    for   more   bravados,  political  experiments   and    Revolutions,   something   Islamic  minorities   have  not  yet  realised............
the  poor   mongrels  with  he   funny  hats   and  dresses  I   envy  them...........................
Given  the   dependence  of   modern   western  masses  on   a   high/consumerisic/materialistic/ utopian  (  ' the  Pinocchio   syndrone ' ),   unsustainable   standard  of  living,   particularly  in  now   obsolete,  anachronistic,   practicaly   resourceless    Nations   such   as  Italy,  Greece,    Portugal,  Ireland,  etc.etc.etc. ,   just  to    stick   to  the  Western  part  of  the   World,   it  is   unthinkable    to   talk   about  their    existing    as   Independent  Political   Entities   controlling,  as  Mr.  Monier-William   blindly,    if   heroically   suggests,  (  is  he  being  sarcastic? ),    their  own  destiny
Italy   owes  1400   billions  Euro!
With  China,  Japan   and  India    being  now   able   to   copy  anything   Italian   craftsmen   can    think  of,   even    whale-ball's-skin-human-ball-suspenders,    there    is    absolutely  no  way   Italy  can   repay   this  money.
Maybe  the   Italian  Mafia    could..........................
So  a  National  Duce  in   each  of  these   Nations   is  out   as   a   solution,  except  that   I  would  have   a   special     European  Defence  Force  Unit,    closely   supervised,   using  Martial   Laws  and  Capital  Punishment    to    hunt    and  neutralise  the  Mafiosis  at  all  levels,  recycling  their   enormous  capitals  and   cleaning  up    Europe   at  least.
These  enormous  earnings    are  generated  by  the  exploitation  of    human   sin,  misery   illness,   and    corruption. There   is  therefore  an   enormous  surplus  of  money  in  the  hand  of   people    who  are  unfit   in  one  way  or   another   to    own  it   and    spend  it. 
The  Mafias  exploit  this  dysfunction  and  aim  to  perpetuate  and  to encourage  it    thus    destroying    any   goodness   a  Civilisation  may   have   attained.   
 Every  citizen   must   decently   work  to  eat!
The  sale  of   sexual  favours   should    cease!
Reduce   populations  so  everyone  has  a  chance   to   a  decent   job  without  having   to  crawl   up   someone's   arse   and/or  having   to  sell   one's    body's  sacred   orifices  in   the   streets.

I   would  next  reduce  the  Italian   Parliament  and  Senate   to    one  third  of   their  present   size.
Doing  away   with  Democracy  is  not  the   solution,   as    there   is  no  other   known  political    system   that  has   worked   yet  in   the   History   of  the  West.   
However,    Democratic    liberties/human   rights   must  be   dependent  on  the  satisfaction  of    complementary   duties   so  as  to  maintain   an   equilibrium   between    the    liberties  of  the  individual   and    those  of  the   collectivity  and   vice-versa.
St.  Thomas  of  Aquina    already   recognised   this  truth  in  his  Theology  in   1300!
Liberty  or   freedom   is  an  ethical  sub-category   below    the    idea  of   Justice.
This  is   where  the   French  Revolutionaries   and  their    apes  the    American   Founding  Fathers    went   wrong   in   1798   when  they    elected    LIBERTY  as  their   god! 
So,  the    Pinocchio-like  Americans   should    replace   the   Statue of  Liberty    in   New  York  Harbour    and  on  top  of  the  Capitol    with  one   to  Justice.    Just   replace   the    torch    with   a  save  money.
They   had   even   abolished  FAITH   electing  PURE  REASON  as  an   ancillary   god,  but  they  realised   they  had   gone   too   far!
However,   again,    given   the    unbalance   existing    in    the   modern   application  of  Democracy,    Faith  in   whom   in   what?
So,   all  that   is  needed  is   to  try   to   reform  Democracy  and  this  requires   the  control   of   Mafia-Power   that   present   unbalanced   Democracy  cannot    avoid   from  encouraging    to   rise   and  to   infiltrate   all    levels  of  the  Government   Structure,   and  of   the    Investment  Sectors.
Remember  after  all  that  the   U.S.A.    has  the   FBI  and  the  CIA   and   some  other   secret   Organisation    to   watch   those   two  like    a    redundancy-fail-safe-engineering   system.
Just   remember    the    film  " Serpico "   and  now   the  Australian    glamourisation   of   Crime...........the   T-V  serial   " Underbelley ",   unusualyl  good,   technically    faultless,   however   useless  as   all  it   shall  achieve  is   some  Australian/other  Police   to    try    what  the   film   condemns.
Australians  and   modern   anglo-saxon (  and  their  pupils ) mentalities  and  characters   are  to-day,  educationally-wise,    pure   blanks,    ready   to    be    inscribed    by   what    natural  lusts   and   ambitions  dictates,   titillated   by the  huge  money-making    advertising   through   the   corrupt,    ethically    blanketed  out   media.
Their  greatest  ethical  effort  is  jealously  and    enviously   hitting  "  The  Tiger ",   that   poor    black    golf-champion's  love   for  mistresses.  
The  only   difference   in  their   favour  is   that   they  are  less  affected   than   their    couterpart   in  the  PIIG   Nations,    by scarcity   and   necessity  and   still   ispired    by  some   still   surviving   Celtic/British/Templar-like  tradition.
In  "  Underbelly "  for   example,  this  tradition   is   represented    by   the   appearance  at  some  stage   in  the    film,   when    the  leadership   becomes  somehow    aware  that   something  may  be  wrong,  of  the  Scottish/Australian-Police-Bagpipe-Band!!!!
It  is  just   magic   my    dear   boy!
Perhaps   this   could  save   the  PIIG   too!
Begin  by  abolishing/suspending    all  Privacy-Laws  in  the  Banking   and  Financial   Systems,  Organisations,   Institutions,   etc..  The   surgery  required   necessitates   the   surgical  knife  and   painful  excisions.
Finally,   Mr   Monier-Williams    suggests    a  return  to   individual   control  of  their  own  destinies..........ja,aj,ja,ja,ja,ajjjjjjjjj............(  to  be  laughed  in  the  Spanish  way.....agh,gha... ).   
Does  he  refer  to  the  abolition  of  the    magnificent,   ancient,   historical    ideal  of  a  United   Europe   that   was   the  Romans'   ideal   which   would  be   RETROGRESSIVE     and   stupid?
Again   the  lessons  of  History  no  one   studies   to-day  must  be  understood.
Let  us  the  true   Westerners,  if  any  left  at   all  in  the  ocean  of   orientalised   mongrels,     stop   from   accepting  and   believing  the  idiotic  if  skilled   (   there  is  a   chasm    between   peasant/craftman-skill   and   intelligence/understanding)  Hollywood--interpretations  of   Roman  History    spooned   to  us  for  generations  past,  by  the    obsessed    Yiddish    Film  Directors   and  by   their   pupils    our  own   orientalised   Producers,    who    wish  to  paint  all  Roman    Culture    and  Ideals  as    corrupt   and  degenerate  as  if   we   to-day  were  all   Latter-Days' Saints!
The  Roman   ideal  of  a   United   Europe  must  be  separated    to-day  from   any  of  the  Roman    shortcomings   which  were,    even  in  their  times,    not  as  bad  as   those  of  their   barbaric   opponents   they    civilised,       shedding  all   Yiddish/Saracenic,   orientalised    feuds  and   biased   criticism,   and   petty   local   hopeless   narrow,   nationalisms   (  un-synthetised   religious  Celtic/British  revivals ),     through    the    increased   historical   awareness  of    Westerners.
Like  their  Saracenic (  Mafia)   counterpart,  i.e.,  the    minority (  not  greater  than   10  %)  in   control  of    Islam,   the  Hebrews   have   similar   religious  and   character-traits  in  so  far as  they  keep   a   feud  going   for   ever   seeking    rightly  or   wrongly   revenge.   This  can be  evidenced  even   to-day   in   Corsica,   Sardegna,   Sicily,  Calabria  etc.    where  Islam   practiced   ethnic   cleansing   for    a   century.     
And  what   is  the  worst,   they  abuse  in  these    negative  trends  such    a  noble   religion    as  the   Monotheistic  one  of  the  People  of  the  Books.
The  proof  that  religious  differences  have  nothing   to   do   with  their   feuds   is    to   be    observed  in  the   Saracenic  descendents   left  by  the  retreating  Islam  (   1000 AD)  in  South  Italy (   Puglie,   Calabria  and  Sicily )  who   carry   in  their   DNA  (   memory   resides  in  the   human  DNA)  an  eternal    desire    to   harm  and  to  sabotage    any  Italian    effort   at    an  Italian   solution   to  the  problem  of  the   eternal,  intrinsic   scarcity   of    resources  of  geografical    Italy,   a   solution  that   can only  be   found  in  a  United   Europe,   the   ancient  Roman   ideal,  one  in    which   there   is  no    place   for   Mafias   whose    soul   has   no  civilisation   except  the  Global    exploitation  of  their   fellow  human  being.
I  believe  that   a  theological  unity   is   possible  between  the  three  people of  the   Books,  and   is   to  be    found   in    focusing    on  the    Monotheistic  God   being    the  Holy  Spirit.
Given   a   recognition  of   the  God   being  One  and  the  same   for  all,     mediation    should   then   be   a  matter  of    personal   choice,      and  this  is   where   different   churches   may   have   their    place.
Separation   between   Church  and   State   and  the  irrevocable,  eternal,    elimination   of  the    possibility   of    it   ever  becoming   a   politically    debatable   issue   in  relation   to  a  theocratic    religious   solution   for   all,   irrespective    of   and    outside    voting  by  number,    should   eliminate   any   attempt   by  any   group   to   predominate    over    other   religious    goups,    and    eliminate   the    attempt   at  take-overs    through    population   increase,   that    in    a  Democracy    allows    a    majority   to   impose    the  majority's    decision    on    minorities.
In   Nations   where Immigration   is   an  existing  policy    the  Immigrants     must     have  the   intention   to    integrate    and   should    not     conspire   and  collude    to    form  and  perpetually   maintain     religious   and    cultural    ghettos,    which    give    the  wrong  desire   to  eventually  somehow   take-over    from   the  original   host-civilisation,  population. 
This  is   common  sense  and  a  part  of    ethical    good   manners  and   behaviour,   and  has   nothing    to   do    with    Racism.
If   anyone  who  belongs   to  a ghetto-like    culture/religion,     intending   to  preserve     and   perpetuate   such  a  ghetto-like    culture/religion,    wishes    to   charge  me   with   Racism,  I    shall   counter-charge  such   anyone   with  being  a  lier   and   having   the   intent    to   ' Violate    my    right   to   preserve  my    integrated   culture  and  civilisation   in   my original  territory '.  
I   am,  as  a  European    who  knows   his   own  history   and  origins,   and    this   alone     is  the  essence of   NOBILITY,  being  proud  of  and  grateful   for   all   contributions,  the   product  of    a    dozen    cultures  with   which  my  anscestors  have    integrated   and    interacted.
I  HAVE  SIMILARLY  iNTEGRATED    WITH   AUSTRALIANS   and  I  can   prove   it  as  I  am  bearing   the  inevitable    psychological  scars.
I    am   quite    happy    with   the  Australian   leaders    I   have  now,   with  the  Monarchic   Westminster-type   Government,    and   with   my  fellow   Australians,  and    although   I  may  democratically,     mercilessly    criticise,     passionately    insult   and  prod   them  all,   (   sometimes   I  feel  bad   about  it   and   wish  to   apologise,    however  please  remember  I  am  a   qualified    Australian    Bachelor  of  Theology   and  believe  it   to    be  my   duty   to   speak  like   a  micro-prophet )     I   do  not    wish   my  descendents   to  become   slaves    in  the   future    of   any   ghetto-like   Civilisation  or   Culture    or   Religion   that has   failed    in  History   elsewhere,    allowed   to  rise  to  power    by    democratic    voting     through  having    built   up   a    majority  of  mongrels   through  subsidised   baby making. 
Let us  keep  a  balance   between  the  present   ethnic  ratios,   with   a  majority   of   Australians   whatever  the  word  Australian   may   mean,    and  I   am   hoping   this   is    going  to  be   a   matter   of   ' Holy   Spirit '   rather    than    Race,   Culture    or    Religion.
As   to  Silvio   Berlusconi,    he   is   just  a  mediocre   Statesman  in  a  resources-poor,   mediocre,  self-deluded,    Pinocchio-like  Nation.
Same  for   all   the   PIIG  &   CO.
We  are  all  being   influenced   by  the    master-Pinocchio/MAFIA    of   us  all.............the   U.S.A.  
Please  note  I  am   not   anti-anything   except   MAFIA.
May  God  have   mercy of   us  all!

Follow the link to read the post:

    Piazza  Fontana,  we   knew  it    all   along .       The United States won the Second World War, this is something that no one would dispute. It happened back in 1945. Since then 65 years have passed. They loved it so much here in Italy that they have never left even though, as everyone knows, house guests are like fish and after such a long time they begin to stink. Ever since the Portella della Ginestra affair, the CIA has always played the role of the butler who is always the first person to come under suspicion, even though he is innocent of any wrongdoing. Three guys went to South Africa to interview General Maletti, former head of counterespionage for the SID. Maletti stated that, behind the events of Piazza Fontana, lay the shadow of the CIA, the American secret services that wanted to destabilise the Country in order to bring about a swing to the right, as occurred in the Greece of the Colonels and Pinochet's Chile. Today, in Italy, there are still tens of American military bases, American nuclear bombs and the biggest American Military base in Europe is currently under construction at Dal Molin. Just yesterday, Mafia turncoat Antonio Di Perna said that "Perhaps Enrico Mattei (former President of ENI, Ed) was murdered because he was a thorn in the Americans’ side ". The Italian armed forces have become the United States’ askaris in senseless conflicts from Iraq through to Afghanistan. Dear Americans, the War is over and even the Berlin Wall has fallen. Now go in peace.
Interview with Andrea Sceresini and Maria Elena Scandaliato, authors of the book entitled: “Piazza Fontana – Noi sapevamo” (Piazza Fontana – we knew it all along).
Andrea Sceresini: "My name is Andrea Sceresini and, together with Nicola Palma and Maria Elena Scandaliato, we co-authored the book entitled “Piazza Fontana – Noi sapevamo”, which was released just a few weeks ago. I believe that it still makes sense to talk about the events of Piazza Fontana today, 41 years later. It still makes sense because we are talking about events that have never really been properly explained and because these events are symptomatic of an era, namely the era of the Strategy of tension, of terrorism and of the limited sovereignty that existed in Italy during the 1970’s and thereafter; a situation that has somehow dragged on until now and that, unsurprisingly has never been properly explained. We have never really been able to understand the truth about what happened, about Piazza Fontana, about the various attempted coup d’états that took place in Italy from the early Seventies (in other words from the Borghese Coup) through to the mid-Seventies, or about the other bombs and the other slaughters that killed tens and tens of people during the 1970’s.
The meaning of Piazza Fontana today
Yes, it has meaning. It has meaning because a recent survey conducted amongst a number of young people in Milan revealed that the majority of high school students are convinced that the bomb in Piazza Fontana was indie placed by the Red Brigades, so it has meaning because they are part of what should be the public culture of this Country. "
Maria Elena Scandaliato: "The motives behind the slaughter are the same as those behind the creation of the entire strategy of tension, namely to create a kind of social tension in Italy that would somehow justify authoritarian control of the population, similar to that which occurred in Greece but in a different form, and there was no need for a military coup like the one that occurred against the colonels in Greece just a few years earlier.

So these are the reasons, which can essentially be traced back to the Cold War that was taking place in Europe at the time and that was of particular concern to Europe, also because we must also remember that, at the time, Italy had the strongest Communist Party in all of Europe and so, after the hot autumn of ’69 and following a series of conquests and social battles, the communist threat had to be eliminated and the strategy of tension met this need, which was not only an Italian need, but also an international and an American need. Not only were we a member of NATO, but we were also NATO’s aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean, so we had to be an indisputable, firm and strong point of reference. That is why the strategy of tension was implemented and, in some ways, it was a winning strategy.
Andrea Sceresini: "According to what Maletti says, and according to what the Magistrature states, or rather what the Magistrature suspects because a final ruling has never been issued in this regard, the United States supplied the attackers with explosives. The attackers were the neofascists of the Padua-Veneto cell of the “Ordine Nuovo” (New Order) organisation and the Americans supplied them with explosives and logistical support. All of the American bases in the northeast were somehow involved in actively supporting the neofascist groups by providing them with training , arms, ammunition and men. These facts already emerged in the years immediately following the Piazza Fontana attack, for example, there was the Rosa dei Venti inquiry conducted by Judge Tamburino in '74, which revealed these facts, as did the Salvini inquiry.
So the Americans provided the logistical support, the explosives and, above all, gave the attackers carte blanche to act, which they did totally independently. It was not some CIA agent that placed the bomb in Piazza Fontana, but rather a bunch of Italian neofascists, armed with American explosives, that carried out the attack.
Maria Elena Scandaliato: "There is no doubt that since the Seventies, American interference has continued unabated, and there is also no longer anyone who denies this. In the Seventies, there were those who even denied the existence of any NATO or American military bases in Italy because of the very real risk of a nuclear war, in which Italy would have been a prime target due to the fact that this Country was one of the prime missile launching sites. Then there was also a left wing that continued to question whether or not Italy should even be a member of NATO in the first place.
Today, this is no longer the case, yet the American forces still remain in Italy, and no one even questions it any longer. In my opinion, they are even more deeply rooted here that before, yet no one questions their presence, neither the right wing , oh well, no one from the right wing is ever likely to question it , but not even the left wing questions their continued presence. All the parties of the Italian political spectrum steer clear of discussing the American presence, above all the rules and regulations by which the American and Nato bases continue to maintain their bases in Italy.
Nevertheless, the risk of Italy landing up in the middle of a potential nuclear war is still very real, even though no one talks about it, even if no one bothers to raise the issue of this very real risk.
Andrea Sceresini: "There are still many unanswered questions, and even after having spoken with Maletti and various other members of the secret services, as opposed to individuals linked to the far right wing terrorist organisations, etc., we realised that everyone is very scared to speak out. There is the truth that many of them admit to knowing, but have never spoken about. There are certain records of questioning sessions held with individuals linked to, for example, the “Rosa dei Venti” inquiry, which are still classified as state secrets today, 40 years on, and no one knows what these individuals actually said during the course of these questioning sessions. People are afraid to talk about what really happened, even Maletti. For example, we visited Licio Gelli and he told us that when Maletti came to Italy in 2001 to testify with regard to the Piazza Fontana attack, he only had so many days of safe-conduct, let’s say ten days in all. He testified, after which he went to visit Gelli at Villa Wanda, where the two met and Gelli asked him: “What the hell are you doing here in Italy? You must go back to South Africa immediately. Tomorrow you must catch a train, go to Marseilles and then climb on a plane bound for South Africa because it is dangerous for you to stay here”.
This is pretty much the attitude held by most of these individuals, so what is it precisely that is so unmentionable? Is it perhaps Andreotti’s involvement? I don’t think so because, after all, Andreotti has in any event been bad-mouthed regarding every other affair as well, from the Pecorelli affair through to his alleged Mafia connections, so obviously there is something far bigger that is probably still going on to this day. Maletti told us that one of the individuals that were in Piazza Fontana on that day later became a minister in Berlusconi’s previous government, which is also mentioned in this book. Which means that these individuals are pretty much still around today, the very same people, the structures haven’t changed, nor have the situations, so confessing, telling the whole truth would create problems for political stability, even today. This is proof that anyone who does indeed know the truth would do better to simply keep quiet.

What sense is there in remembering
Maria Elena Scandaliato: "People want to know the truth with regard to an affair that is part of public memory. For example, we are talking about Ordine Nuovo as an extreme right-wing, neofascist organisation that claimed tens of innocent victims in their attempt to achieve the objectives of what we could classify as pure terrorism, in other words, to sow panic and terror amongst the population by means of indiscriminate attacks. We’re talking about major and extremely serious attacks here, attacks that actually killed tens of innocent people.
What Andrea was saying earlier, namely that if you ask the average Milan university student who he/she believes was really responsible for placing the bomb in Piazza Fontana back in '69 he/she would say that it was the Red Brigades, makes you realise that everything has been taken away. If you speak to the average 20-year-old with an average general knowledge, they don’t even know what the “Ordine Nuovo” is. Yet, if we put the lives of so many innocent victims on the other side of the scale, these youngsters should know about the Ordine Nuovo, at least as much as they know about the Red Brigades, but none of them know about the former!

This is serious, and it is proof of just how much the communal memory has been totally covered up, put into a box and dropped into the sea. The Italian public and political memory, the communal memory that they talk about these days is nonexistent, it is mere fresh water, it has no meaning, it’s empty, without any content, indeed, in our opinion, there is no communal memory.
Andrea Sceresini: "Then there is the matter of the many other CIA operations in Italy that no one knows anything about, for example, the operation codenamed “Blue Moon”, which no one appears to know anything about but that nevertheless emerged from the case dossiers at the time of the Rosa dei Venti trial, but also from those relating to the most recent Piazza Fontana trial. Blue Moon was an operation conducted by the American secret services in Italy, involving the introduction of heroin into the student movement and aimed at distributing the drug amongst the youth in order to reduce the militancy of the workers, the students, etc. According to the documentation, this operation was actually conducted, although no one appears to know anything about it. We also knew nothing about it until we read through the court documents, yet heroin claimed something like 6 or 7-thousand victims in Italy during the Seventies. Obviously there is a common desire not to know, not to go digging, not to find out anything about these things, not to remember them and not to hand them down to the next generation.
Maria Elena Scandaliato: "These, namely the bombs and the slaughters, are the foundation on which the Italian Republic was built, and this is something that we must not forget. Then, if we want to go digging for those even before Portella della Ginestra, this is what was going on, even a long time before. Today’s Sicily was built on these very same foundations and today’s Italy, Berlusconi’s Italy where there is no political opposition in Parliament, where there is essentially one single party, which I believe is the case, I san Italy that rests on these very same foundations, namely on attacks, on the strategy of tension and on the limited sovereignty imposed by the United States. This is Italy as we know it. We can better understand why Italy is what it is today by taking a closer look at these foundations.


I just read the summery of the Piazza Fontana many trials and subsequent comments.
If Italy wants to control its own destiny, then you must have another Il Duce. One who will chop off the heads of the Mafia and do away with Democracy. The only other solution is to split up into various nations again.
you need someone much more ruthless than Silvio.

Posted by: David B. Monier-Williams | May 9, 2010 03:13 PM


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