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Comment   from  blogger-:   I  am  sick  and  tired  of   South Italians (   The  Southerns'   Movement ),    Hebrews   Moslems,   Australian  Aborigenes  and   ex-African-colonised  people    using   errors  of  judgment committed  in  the  past   by  some     westerner   seen  as  an    oppressor,     in  order  to    minimise   and   justify   their  PRESENT   ongoing,   unacceptable   lack    of   co-operation    and   dysfunctions  in  a  changed    and  milder    social   climate,      that   were  probably   the    triggers   of   the    errors    their  oppressors    desperately   committed   faced    with  the  same    type  of  behaviour.
Black  Africa  has   got  its  independence   and  freedoms.   What the  hell  have  they   been   doing   with   it?    The   Zulus   who   invaded    South  Africa   from   the  Zambesi    border   in  the  days   of  the  Boers,  doing   so    as  the  result  of  their  criminally   irresponsible  demographic    expansion,    that   is  going   to   result  in  trouble    to-day,   producing  AIDS   in  the   meanwhile    also,   where  not  the original    residents    as   the   Ottentots   were   there  when  the   Dutch    established  their  trading    towns   there.
The   following   article   motivated  by   the  Southerns'  Movement   does   not   address   the    problem   of  the  MAFIA    which   is  like   an  octopus    infiltrating  and   corrupting    all    levels  of   authority  and    government   in   Europe.
The  lying   Southerns'  Movement  calls    the  'picciotti',   the  Mafia   pawns   killed   at  the  time   when   Garibaldi   fought    banditism   in  South  Italy,  on  behalf  of  the  Savoja,    'southern patriots '.........................Where  were  these   patriots   when  the   Army   and  Navy  of  the  Bourbon  Monarchy  surrendered  in   droves   to   Garibaldi's    'One Thousand'?    They  were   helping  Garibaldi    fight   the    Bourbons   who  had  been rather  hard   on   Mafiosi,   knowing  that   Mafiosi-bosses   would  have  been  allowed  to  purchase    the   feudal   lands   of  the  Sicilian  Nobility,   vilified   by  Yiddish    Film  Producers,    who  are  more  corrupt   and    compromising    than  an  African  hyena,  once    Feudal  Laws   were   abolished,  as  the  Savojas  had  already   been  compelled   to   do   in  Piedmont.     These  Mafia-bosses   were  able   to   purchase  these  lands   cheaply  as  these  were  auctioned,   with  money    they  had    stolen   for    centuries    acting  as  disloyal,    conniving,   oppressing,  treacherous,   soulless,   Middle  Men    on  behalf  of  the  Nobility    which  they   had   forced   through  terrorism,   acting    both   ways,   upward   and   downward,    to    use  them  as   Middle   Men.  The  same    scenario    occurred   in  the    Balkans  and  Russia   where  the    Hebrews    there    were used   as  the   Mafia  was  in   Southern  Italy,    with    the  same   results.    However,   the  ruthless   Czars,    ignited/allowed  regular   racial/religious   pay   back (pogrom)   by   the    oppressed   population.     As   soon   as   the  Piedmontese    began    to  be  hard    with    criminals,   they   suddenly  became  'patriots'.    The  same is  happening  now   when   United  Europe   must  eventually   become   fed  up   with   the   OCTOPUS  and  demand   ACTION.
Ahhhhh..........they are  RACIST...........they  refuse  us   quarter..........they refuse  us  INDULGENCE..........we are  poor............we  have always  been  exploited  by   the    invaders  of  Sicily.......ahhhhh............Garibaldi   shot  our    'picciotti'................Mussolini  persecuted  us..............Hitler   hated  us...........we have  never   done    anything   wrong............even  the  Pope   says   so............
These    lyers   and  I  am  including  all    those  people   mentioned   above,   have  learnt   the  Art  of   Sophistry   and  never   address  the   PRESENT,  i.e.,   " What  about  the  problem    NOW,   TO-DAY ? ",  but    slip   through   their    questioner's    hands    by    pointing  accusing   fingers  to  the   PAST.  They  arrogantly   refuse     to  answer   a  specific   question  about   the   NOW   and   point  to   a     RECENT   PAST  as  an   isolated    event,   rather   than,    as    there   is  no    wrong   in   trying  to  sort  out  a  problem    by    studying its   History,   by    going    back   far   enough   into  History  so  as   to   be  able   to   find  the  truth    by   a    wider    historical   area   of   integration.   The   Mafia   and  its  terrorism   has  been  there  since   1000  AD.
It is  about  time  that,   with  modern  resources  and   some    application   of   Martial   efficiency  and  Laws,    'a  la  Garibaldi '  the  Mafia  gets    dismantled   for   good,    never   to  rise   again.
Garibaldi   joined   for  a   while  the  Piedmontese   Regular   Army  as  a  Colonel  and  is  known   to  have   hanged   on   the  spot,     soldiers   who   had  raped    women.
Let   no    'stronzo'   Sicilian   peasant  ever  slur   Garibaldi!
The  'picciotti'...............patriots?   WWII   it  took   one  Australian  soldier   with  a   303   and  a   three  feet  bayonnet   with   a  salami   hanging  from  it   to lead    1000   'picciotti'  prisoners.
They  were  behind  the    surrender   of  the   whole  of  Sicily  to  the   Allied  Forces.   Compromise  with  them   and   you  become    like  them,   you  stupid   Anglo-Saxons. 
I  admire  General  MacArthur   as   an  enlightened   American,  unfortunately  a  rarity,   who   understood   Japan's  stability   necessitated   the  retention  of  the   Monarchy.
Apparently   all  the   Italo/American  Officers/Apes   from    the  Bronx   and  Brooklin   must    have    biased  American  thinking   in  Italy  after   WWII. 
Anglo-Saxons  deserve  to-day   the    fruits   of   the   stupidity  by   which   they   lived    since    the  end  of  WWI.
If  United   Europe  falls    you  are  in  the    shits   ohh Yanquees!
Start   crawling   up   China's   or  Russia's   arse-hole.
But  I  respect    the    Chinese  because  they   do  not  hesitate   when   harsh  measures   become  essential.
The  Russians   do not   compromise   with   terrorists   either.
Ahhhhhhh......but   we  are   much   much   cleverer..........than  them.   making    and   blowing   up   financial   disasters. 
We   want  to   win  their   heart  and   souls.............
Let us  laugh   together   ad  libitum........
Mafias   would  not   last  for   long   there,  although  I  am   also  aware   some  corruption  is  developing  there  too.
But  I  like  the  way  they  discovered,  exposed   and  dealt   with  that   Chinese/Australian  Minister   they  proved    had  accepted   a  one-million-dollars-bribe.
Another  of  the   Australians'  many   jokes. 
 The   following  Article   motivated    by  the   Southerns'   Movement  does  not   address   the  problem  of   a  South Italy   no  one   can  invest  capital    in    for  fear  of   extortion   rackets    and   sabotaging   terrorists   and  criminals.   Actually  I  did   not  know  such   a    movement  existed   ( probably    part of  the  Mafia-propaganda ),   although  I  am  aware  of  several  Monarchy/Duchy/Papacy-Restoration-Movements   in   Italy,     one   even   working   for  the    restoration   of  the  Papal  Territories,   which   could    renew  all  that  went   wrong  in  the   course  of    European  History   since  Charlemagne  usurped   the  Merovingians'   crown,  and  I  am  referring  here  to   the  rise  of  separate   Monarchies    competing    and  warring   one  against the other   untill,  recently  enough,   WWII.     
It  does  not  address   the  issue  of   an   ever   rising    Southern   population    spilling  over  like   a   virus,    with  a  ghetto-like   mentality.
Surely  there  must  be   something   wrong    with   sections  of  the    Southern  Communities     which  have   harboured   for  millennia   these   criminal  elements,    procreating   beyond    the   capacity  of   their   resources    to   sustain    them,   invading  the  North   of  Italy   with  their   surplus  populations,   stressing  it   to  the  limit.
Some  scholars,   naively,   in  desperation,   in  times  of    lesser   knowledge,   in  the  past,    thought    that  perhaps   there  might  be   some  genetic    reason   causing   this  criminal  behaviour,   either in  the  DNA  or  in  the  brain.
And  perhaps  there  may  be   such  a  one.
If   on  the  other  hand,  if   scarcity   of   resources   are   the reason   for   all   this    propensity  to   crime  and  illegal    activities,   double   morality   (   the   correct   one  for   their  own,    an   evil one   for   everybody  else   who  is  expendible  and  exploitable ),    hypocrisy   face-to-face    the  Roman  Catholic  Religion  they  have  polluted  and   are  destroying,   why   keep  on  procreating   like   rabbits   or  rats?   
The   Lombroso  Museum,  although   perhaps  not    supplying  the   seeked   explanation,    reminds  us   to-day  that    there    is   INDEED     a  problem    and   invites    visitors    to   think   about  it    and   find   an   explanation.
It  should  make   Mafiosi   think  too,   but  all  they   wish  to   do is   to    sweep   it  under the  carpet  and  maintain  the   status   quo
A  similar   function  is  supplied   by    the   Concentration  Camps  of   Holocaust-memory   in  Germany  and  the    Museum  of  the  Holocaust  in  Jerusalem.
I  advise  the   Hebrews   to   ponder  carefully    about  the  Holocaust............not  in  the  biased,  simplistic   way  they are   doing.
The   interviewee   does  not   come   up   with  an  explanation  himself  and  offers  as  a  solution   the   closure  of  the   Museum  or  places  the   blame  on   the   North   and  on  Garibaldi.    I  say  to  all  Terrorists   and   Criminals   in the  world  that   the   ball   is  in  their   court,  i.e.,   they   have  the onus   to   dismantle  and  cease   from  ther   activities,   not    the  elected   legal   Guardians  of    Law  and   Order.
They  are    outside   Humanitarian   Conventions   and  Laws. 
I  repeat,   the  same   purpose  as  the  Lombroso  Museum  in  Italy,  is    served   in  Germany   by  the    Camps  of    the  Holocaust  that  reminds  us   of    what   can  happen   when  people     keep  on    keeping  a  ghetto   culture   and   mentality    when    moving     to   live    in    someone   else     lands,  that  of  their   Hosts,    sharing  resources.
The   Hebrews    want  these  Camps  as  a    reminder,  a   good   idea,   but  I,   while   not  justifying  it  at  all,    advise  them   to   also  honestly  seek   the   answer   to  the   causes  for  the   Holocaust.      They  never   do  except  waffle  about  RACISM,   to-day  the  most  abused  word   together   with  Human  Rights.
 These  problems/issues  have  nothing  to   do   with  racial  prejudice    but   have  everything   to   do   with  the  arrogance  of   immigrants   or  local  populations   somewhere   who    somehow    tend   to    refuse  integration   and  persist   in   forming   and  perpetuating   their   ghetto-like-communities,   remaining   foreigners  in  the  land  of  their   Hosts,   else    barring   others   from    sharing  their  own  resources   while   claiming  their   human   right  to   share  in  those  of   the   people  they   antagonise   and    wish to  one-sidedly  exploit,    justyfying  themselves   by    purity   laws    and  religious  ideologies,   while   irresponsibly   procreating    at  to-day-unacceptable  rates    with   the  purpose  in  mind   to   eventually  predominate   and    take  over   their   hosts.   
 It  is  actually   Racism  in  reverse.    
 No........mine is  not  Paranoia,  although  I  must  admit    for  honesty's  sake    40+  years   in   Australia   have   caused  me to  become   a  bit  paranoid.   But   I  am  aware  of  this.  
History is   full of   such  cases  of   take-over  coming   to   fruition    to-day,    having  been   begun    perhaps    a  millennium   ago.
If  the   Islamic   Moguls    did   not   succeed  in   taking    over  India,   by  using  their  ruthless   Afghani   warriors,   it  was   because   of   the  intervention  of  the  English.
Tibet is   a different  scenario   and   the  Chinese   are   wrong  there.
Why   do  the  Uighurs   in  China   persist  in    using  Arabic,       a  language    which    has  never  been   originally   their   own?
Because  they   wish  to  use  the   clout    Islam   can  supply  them,   not  because  they  love  Allah.........Who is  the  Holy  Spirit  and  hates   lyers.    They  are  allowed  by   the  Chinese   to  keep  their  culture,   however   without  the   Islamic   bias  of  a  theocratic   solution    looming  in  their   midst,  that   would   eventually   demand    the  adoption of  Sharia  Law  in  lieu  of  Chinese  Law,  unchecked    demographic   expansion,   with  the  eventual   demand  of  secession   and  independence,   etc.,  but   should   recognise   the  right  of  the   Chinese    in    whose  lands   they  are  living,   by   accepting  Chinese  language   and   culture  as  the  principal  one,  like  I/we  the   honest/gentlemanly  immigrants  are  gladly  and   voluntarily doing  in  Australia.
I  am  personally  PROUD  of  my    dozens  of    anscestors  of  different/various   blood-groups   that   improved  my  breed.    
I    have  Italian    roots   yet   English   has  become    my   main   language   and  am  not    colluding   with  the  Italian   community   seeking   to  get    political   representatives of    Italian culture  to   power,   just   because  they  are  Italians,  regardless  of  their  merit.   The  same  is   done  by  most   ethnic    communities  in  Australia and    this   is   wrong/treacherous/bad-mannered   in   a    Westminster-type-democracy.
May  I  ask  my  fellow  migrants  of  various   ethnic   groups  what  the  hell   have  their   Countries   of  origin   they  abandoned  in  despair,   what  these  have  to   show   to   the  world,    to  justify  their   hubris   for    government   here   in  Australia?
As  soon  as   a    Suburb  gets   one    of  these  ignoramuses  leading,  Local  Regulations  and  Bylaws  get  bypassed,   violated,     probably    in  exchange  for  bribes,   any  landlord  can  charge  whatever   the   landlord   wishes,   compelling    migrants   to  overcrowd  by  as  much  as  four  times   the    health-wise   allocated   number,    Villa  Units,  Flats,  Houses, etc.  with    an  unavoidable  health  problem  (  even if  only  mental )   inside  these   residences    and  in  the   community  around.
This is  a   beginning  of  Mafia-rise,  how  Mafia   begins. 
Ohhhh   yes............the  value  of    Property  rises   tooo........howww   niice...........and  this  is   the    weacknes  of  Australians.     Money-worship.  You   are   cutting  your  throats    and   giving  away   your    birth-right    in  the   future   for  the  volatile   present!
Anti-ghetto   laws   should  be  promulgated    to  avoid    Suburbs  becoming    occupied   predominantly   by  one   ethnic    group  alone.    Coburg/3058  is   for  example  becoming  increasingly   Moslem  as   Moslems    buy   vacated  properties  and  businesses.    Coburg   market   has   become   almost   totally   Moslem.   properties  in  the  streets   and  in  a   Market  or  Mall,   should   be   bought   by   people  of   different  ethnic  origins   and    I  do  not  care   about  the     ruse   they    are    all   Australian   citizens.
This  might  temporarily   lower    values  of  Property,   but  it  would   represent    assurance   of   a    trouble-free   future   without    entrenched   ghetto-like  foreign  communities.
That is   also   the  reason  why   I  am  a  Monarchist,   since  the  Monarchy   cannot  be   infiltrated  and  represents   STABILITY.  
Wherever   an  ethnic  population   acquires   a  majority in  Australia  there  is   a    drive  to   elect  an   ethnic  Major   or  Councillor,   elected  by  collusion/conspiracy  in   a  biased  way.
To  return  to  the  Uighurs.............these    people   are  in  fact    a   Turkish    race  (  Gibbon  the  historian    speaks  about  them),      which  used  to  raid  China  for   millennia    and      was finally   allowed   to    take  up  residence    when  the  Chinese  had  their  hands   full    with    European  and  Japanese   invaders.     The   Uighurs  are   aiming   at   secession  using    intrinsic   Islamic  indoctrination   and    separatist  religious  ideology(  the  theocratic   obsession)  as   a   tool/strategy   for   future   secession.   
Why   should  the  Chinese    accept  this    farce?
Of   course  the  Uighurs  most  certainly    do  not  like   the    Chinese-demographic-limiting  Laws  that  exclude  their  ever   acquiring  a  majority.   What   is    wrong   with   their   remaining    a  minority   if   they were   willing   to   integrate  as  they   should?   Who  is  the  RACIST  here?    These  people   are    also   using,   when  convenient,   slogans    belonging  to  a  non-theocratic    democratic   culture,  i.e.,   human   rights,   freedom,  racism,   etc.   etc. 
Yet  Islam   normally    abhors   our  biased   type  of   unreformed  democracy    and  I  do  not  totally  blame  them.
Criticisms  and  condemnations  require   examination   of    all   aspects  of  the  issue.  If   one  is  incapable  of   doing   so,   or  has  a  vested  interest  in  lying  as  the   Southerns'  Movement    has,  one   should    shut  up  or  be   exposed  as  a   lyer  or  an  idiot.
For   example,  in  Palestine   both  the   Moslems   and  the   Hebrews   are   wrong    because   the    fundamental    issue  is    their   clinging  to  their    obsoleted   religious   ideologies.
The  second  issue  there,   as  in  most parts  of  the   world   to-day,  is   irresponsible  demographic   expansion   in    a  scenario  of  historically   limited   resources,   which  are  getting    scarcer  as   global   warming    proceeds.
No use   for  the  Hebrews   to  keep  on  hankering  about  the  Holocaust   in  order  to  get  sympathy or   justification. 
No  use  for  Islam   to  keep  on   clinging  on  to  its  obsoleted   ideas  of   History    based  on  Q'uranic  Dogmas   by   which   any  land   conquered   by  Islam  must    remain  Islamic.
Their  opponents   can   say  the   same then  and   adieu  peace! 
Islam   must  be  confronted   with   the    historical   truth  that    all   those   lands    outside    Saudi  Arabia  have  been   conquered   by  the   sword   after   700   AD.
By   right,   Turkey   should  then   go  back   to  Greece,  or  at least  Cyprus.
And  Islam   illegally   destroyed   all   existing  Titles  of  ownership  and  carried   out  a  great  deal  of   ethnic   cleansing.
These   are   crimes  and   illegal  acts   by  any   civilised  language.
I   must  admit  the  Hebrews  of  the Diaspora  were   the   victims  of  Roman   ethnic-cleansing,  but   they   asked   for  it   by refusing   appeasement   with  the   Roman  Empire  which   crucified    trouble-makers  (  unfortunately  Jesus  also  was   judged  as  a  trouble-maker,   however  in  Justice,   Pontius  Pilate   gave  the    Jews   a   choice  between  Jesus   and  Barabbas.   Please  don't   give  me   your  crap   you    ex-Lady-Professors  of  mine   at  the  United   Faculty of  Theology-Melbourne,    justifying  the   Hebrews   in  exchange   for  yearly  cheques/donations   the  United  Church  receives  from  the   Jewish  community,   for  teaching    anti-Roman   interpretations   of  the  trial of  Jesus )   and  by  their    never-ending    unrest  and  claims   to    esclusive    election  by   God  as  the only    pure  and   worthy  race  in  the   whole   world.
Islam  must   abandon  similar    views,  and   theocratic  obsessions,    irresponsible   demographic   expansions,  and  be   humble    about   the    lands    it  occupies   and  ready   to   share    with  reformed    Hebrews.
This  is  the  way   to   consider   these  issues,   synthetically,   not   by  unilaterally    hitting   some  recent,   isolated  issue  (  the  Lombroso  Museum  or  the  Holocaust or  the  Roman  Empire )  without   addressing    the  causes  that  led   to    the   outcome   of  the  issue    being   considered.
That is  tantamount  to    hiding  or   corrupting   the  truth.
  My   comments   are  being  rejected    every  time  I  try   to    upload  these   on  the   blog.    It  has  become  an  automatic  process.    The  Italian  Republic  is    really    carrying  out    undemocratic    censoring    and    this   is   a  further   proof   of    their    being   a   false   democracy.  

Southern  Italians  of   the    Southerns' Movement,   do   the  world  a  favour-:   Secede,  piss-off,   live   with  your   damned  MAFIA.
United  Europe  does  not  necessitate  a  United  Italy  in   which  only   the  North   pulls  the   cart  of   the  economy,  Rome    deciding   where  the   money  coming   mostly   from  the  North   goes.  I  am  not   saying   S.I.s  are  not   good  workers,  or  that  they  are  all  Mafiosi,   what  I  am   saying   is  that   the    South    is  not   pulling   the  load   together  with  the  North,   by   remaining    dominated   by  the   Mafia   culture  and   mentality.  The  Mafia  is   a   Southern-responsibility,  not    a  Northern  one.  Either  the South  does  something  about  it  or  Piss-off.  
O.K.?  Capisce?
The  Southern  Movement   against  the  Lombroso  Museum.

What if there was a Museum in Berlin dedicated to Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi mastermind behind the idea of the superiority of the Arian race?. And what if this Rosenberg Museum displayed the remains of the Jews that were deported to the concentration camps, including their skeletons and their skulls cut open as proof of their inferiority? What if there was a museum in Turin, which there is, dedicated to Cesare Lombroso, the master mind behind the idea that northern Italians are superior to southern Italians? And what if this Lombroso Museum displayed, which it does, the remains of the southern Italian patriots, labelled as criminals, who were killed in their tens of thousands during Piedmont’s occupation of The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies? Their skeletons and their skulls cut open as proof of their inferiority, displayed in cabinets in their hundreds, instead of being buried in their homeland as human decency would demand. This lazy, racist Italy that is unaware of its history is celebrating 150 years of unity. The Piedmont Regional Administration should shut down this Museum, or at least return the southerners’ remains to their places of birth.
Interviews with the Southerners’ Movements held during the demonstrations against the Cesare Lombroso Museum in Turin.
Mobilisation against a would-be scientist
- "We are here today to demand the closure of the Cesare Lombroso Museum, a museum dedicated to a would-be scientist from Verona who declared that we southerners are members of an inferior race, a theory for which there is no scientific basis. We are demanding that this museum be shut down because it is an insult to the people of the South and to Southern Italy as a whole. "
Blog: "Well, they say that it is part of our history?"
- "No, it is neither part of history nor part of science. Cesare Lombroso used his theories to justify the colonialisation of the South, which has continued on to this day. I’m from Naples. "
Blog: "So why are you here? "
- "I came here to demand the closure of the Lombroso Museum. "
Blog: "But what precisely did Lombroso do? "
- "Nothing to me personally, however, he kind of said that my ancestors were genetically inferior, so he essentially considered the entire population of the South to be genetically predisposed to become criminals because he claimed to have discovered some sort of inferiority trait in the occipital fossae in the corpse of Criminal Villella, one of the Southerners who was fighting against the Savoian invasion of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. According to Lombroso, this was a trait displayed by delinquents, unlike the inhabitants of the North of the Peninsula who, in his opinion, were not delinquents due to their biological and genetic predisposition. To now remember this man and celebrate his life as they have done here in Turin with the re-inauguration of this Museum, which had fortunately been shut down until November last year, is, in our opinion, an affront to not only to the thousands of men that died, but particularly to the hundreds of corpses that are now obviously only skeletons and skulls on display in this Museum. I visited the Museum on 9 December and I saw this shameful spectacle, … and it really is shameful, because he (Lombroso) is a historian that should be viewed as an abomination, also because he was scientifically denigrated and his ideas have no scientific foundation whatsoever. "
Blog: "However, at the time, he was considered to be an eminent authority. "
- "He was indeed so educated that the Germans, more precisely the Third Reich, adopted his racist ideas as the basis for their theories regarding the inferiority of certain races and indeed, in the case of the Germans, the concept of the supposed superiority of the Arian Race. But his theories were even utilised in the United States, so much so that on Ellis Island, the Island where the immigrants used to disembark, northern Italians were classified as whites while the Southern Italians were classified as “white niggers. "
Blog: "Where have you come from? "
- "I am from Sicily and I’m a member of the “Insorgenza Sicilia” movement. "
Blog: "So why did you come all the way up here? "
- "Because this where the Lombroso Museum is located, but obviously we are here for political reasons, because everything that happened 150 years ago can still be seen to this day, naturally in other forms and in other ways. Today, the South is not being invaded using weapons, but rather by means of entrepreneurial colonialism, which has found a strong ally in the Mafia organisations that exist in the South and on the Islands. "
Blog: "But what precisely does Lombroso have to do with any of this? "
- "Lombroso has a lot to do with all of this because he stands as the symbol of a State that comes in, destroys the area, humiliates the people of the area and then proceeds to steal their wealth. This has to be justified in some way, and was to use the Lombroso ideology, namely that the Southerners are somehow inferior beings. Today, the justification is that the Southerners don’t have any entrepreneurial ability anyway and that they are not capable of providing a better future for themselves or their kin. For us, naturally the Lombroso Museum not only represents colonialism as it was 150 years ago, but also as it exists today. "
Blog: "Where are you from? "
- "From Mantua. "
Blog: "And what are you here to demonstrate against? "
- "To protest against the Lombroso Museum, because the man was a would-be scientist that did some terrible things. He was essentially a forerunner for what the doctors were eventually doing in the German Lagers. "
Blog: "So you are demanding that this museum be shut down once and for all. "
- "What we are demanding is a bit of a re-think in order to bring some clarity to Lombroso’s ideology, as well as to shed more light on what was, and essentially still is the destruction of the South by people like Lombroso, who never fought in any of the battles but who, instead, through his research, gave rise to what eventually became the Pica Law, which established that all southerners could be killed and massacred. This was their opinion, which was fuelled by hatred. "
Blog: "So you also think that Lombroso wasn’t a nice guy. "
- "Shame, Lombroso was only doing his job. Pity he wasn’t so smart after all and had managed to convince himself that southerners were inferior human beings after conducting some very strange research. He was a confirmed racist long before the days of the Nazi theories. "
Blog: "And people believed him? "
- "Yes, during the 1800s Lombroso was very successful, and this is the greatest pity of all, namely that he was so successful. "
Blog: "In your opinion, should a museum like this not exist? "
- "No. While this museum may well be part of our history and while it may well document certain past events, and everything relating to the past has to be respected, studied and made known, we should nevertheless take into account that this museum houses certain relics, hundreds of skulls of men and women of the South, which were brought here simply because they were deemed to be inferior human beings so, you understand, you cannot simply … this psycho-physical determination, this philosophy that was so fashionable in the 1800s. Do you have a large thumb? Well then you must be a criminal. Do you have a small thumb? Well then you must be a good fellow. These things are totally ridiculous … "
Blog: "But your marked Sicilian accent makes me think that you…"
- " No. I live in Alessandria, in the Province of Alessandria. I’m very happy here ,but I am merely disgusted and nauseated by the fact that still today we continue to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Italian Unity, namely a sort of Renaissance of the very same Savoias who came down South to conquer us. I’m a transplanted staunch Southerner now living up here in the North. I love the Northerners and I respect them, however, I would like to see this Republic becoming a true Republic, in which everyone is treated with equal dignity. For example, the current Deputies and Senators sitting in Parliament at the moment, those apparently representing the people of the South, are almost all bad people who really don’t give a damn about the interests of the people they supposedly represent, but are in fact only concerned about obeying orders from the party offices, so they build up their client lists. Can I say tell you something? I would replace the skulls of criminals, of our heroes that were labelled as criminals, with those of the Deputies and Senators of this Republic of ours!"
- "I am here to demonstrate against this Lombrosian ideology and thus against this fake Doctor, Cesare Lombroso, after whom a number of squares and streets throughout Italy have been named! "
Blog: "It would appear that while you are here to demonstrate against this Lombroso Museum, what you are actually demonstrating against is a sort of general malaise."
- "Undoubtedly! The malaise of the South, which is indeed the malaise of Italy as a whole. Italy as a Country is busy dying. The Italian system, meaning not this Country’s nationalism but rather Italy as a productive system is dying. This structural dichotomy has resulted in absurd levels of growth in the North while the South has been totally abandoned, thus the overall level of wealth has never changed, the Northerners become wealthier while the Southerners have their backs against the wall.! "
Blog: "And where do you come from? "
- "I was deported to Milan in 1954. "
Blog: "But where were you actually born? "
- "I was born in Casanova Monterotaro, in Foggia Province. As regards the Lombroso affair, which is truly a shame for the entire Italian system, you must take into account that this man was a fake doctor, and I say fake because he was subsequently shunned by the entire International scientific community long before he actually died, on the basis of whose theories the Germans unfortunately built their own theories about the Jews, namely based on physiognomy as you all know. So certain ethnic groups, certain races were persecuted, at least partly due to this man’s theories. This man, who was subsequently disowned and indeed even laughed at worldwide because he was more of a witchdoctor than a real doctor, made his fortune during the military campaign of 1861, down in the South, by getting people to him an incredible number of corpses of insurgents, of soldiers of the Two Sicilies who were fighting to defend and protect their territory, their homeland, which was eventually conquered by Piedmont, hiding behind Garibaldi’s army as we know. "
Blog: "But are you against Italian Unity? "
- "We are certainly against this type of Italian Unity. We are against it because even my sons that live in Milan are unable to find work, which means that the original plan has gone totally haywire. It is useless to try to hold the Renaissance together with Scotch tape, with glue, with Garibaldi or with Cavour, we all know that Italy’s wealth has unfortunately remained unchanged, or even shrunk thanks to the rate of emigration to foreign countries. "
Blog: "So would you, like the Lega, want to see two separate Italies? "
- "No. Unfortunately we are not quite as strong as the Lega, even thug the Lega is merely a leftover. Personally speaking, we members of the “Per il Sud” organisation refer to it as the fourth phase of the Renaissance, namely the one where everyone grabs the money and runs! If you think that there are 18 million of us southerners here in the Centre-North and another 20 million of us down in the South, you will realise that we in fact make up the majority of the Italian population, without even counting all the people that have emigrated abroad, and yet, for the past 150 years we have had no Government to show for it, that is the weakness of the Italian system. "
Blog: "So you also don’t like the Lombroso Museum then? "
- "Absolutely not!"
Blog: "Why not? "
- "Because it is a racist museum, because it stands as a symbol of the Italian Piedmontese invasion of the South and because this museum has no right to exist. That’s why I have come here to demonstrate my objections. "
Blog: "From where did you come? "
- "From Rome, but my parents are Southerners and therefore I am also the son of the Sothern Diaspora. "
Colonialism masquerading as Renaissance
Blog: "In your opinion, does any museum do any harm to anyone? Should we not study certain phenomena like the of Lombroso? "
- "Of course it should be studied, by all means. However, Lombroso’s theories were used as the basis for a type of racist, anti-South culture that was very widespread in the North of Italy at that time and that continues unabated to this very day. Don’t forget the fact that, until just a few years ago, there were signs up in this city, namely Turin, saying: “We don’t rent out our property to Southerners”. "
Blog: "But what do you have against Garibaldi? "
- "Garibaldi was the one that invaded our lands as a mercenary, so he was used as a mercenary for this act of aggression and colonialism that is now being called the Renaissance, namely the Uniting of Italy "
Blog: "Where are you from? "
- "I have come here from Rome, but I’m originally from Caserta. "
Blog: "But wasn’t this demonstration meant to be against Lombroso? "
- "Lombroso is one part of it. Lombroso is a symbol of racism against the Southerners, a symbol of the colonialisation of the South. "
Blog: "But that sounds like a slogan worthy of a member of the Lega! "
- "The ‘tricolore’ flag is the Freemason’s flag, the flag of those that occupied our land, so I have no problem shouting any slogan that you may consider to be those of the Lega! "
Blog: "Where are you from? "
- "From the land of Bari! "
Blog: "What did Lombroso actually do. "
- "Lombroso was a prime example of a racist and a know-it-all, whose theories formed the basis for the Pica Law that killed people and was the expression of the phenomenon of that era, which was called criminality but that was merely our compatriots resisting the Piedmontese invasion. I am here because, after 150 years of false history, it’s about time that we began to remember what really happened "<
Blog: "But what does Lombroso have to do with it? "
- "He has something to with it because he was the tool that was used by certain people to crush the South to further their own interests. "
Blog: "But he was just trying to be a scientist. "
- "You can’t say that he just wanted to be a scientist because there was very little that was even remotely scientific about his theories. It has been proven that it was merely another way of labelling people as criminals when they were not really criminals, but merely partisans defending their territory that was being occupied by virtue of that undeclared war! "
Blog: "And you’re also here in the streets because?? "
- "Because I am the promoter of the Lucio Barone Committee, which first launched the idea of demanding the return of the bones of the “criminals”, of the Southerners that are being displayed shamelessly in this so-called Lombroso Museum, which I have renamed the Lombroso Prison because no one was allowed in for any reason whatsoever, except for pseudo-scientific purposes that have never been dignified by any scientific authorities, and to display the human remains as a public mockery with an entrance fee. I wrote an open letter to the Provincial Premier of Piedmont, Mr. Cota, to which I never received any response but in which, in addition to informing him of this affront to human dignity that exists in his Provincial Capital, as if he didn’t already know all about it, in memory of those soldier-farmers that defended their territory at the expense of their very lives I also asked whether he would be prepared to meet with me to shake hands as mere citizens and not as Provincial Premier. "
Blog: "But don’t you think that it is important for people to know what happened all those years ago? Just so that they can understand … "
- "Certainly, that’s why … "
Blog: "But that is precisely what museums are there for! "
- "Museums can serve this purpose without necessarily displaying the remains as if they were some sort of trophy. You should know that some time ago, when the Piedmontese Sabaudo Army arrived and conquered the South, after having killed the “criminals”, the Piedmontese snipers started having photographs taken with them holding up the bodies of these so-called “criminals” for public viewing. This is the very same mentality as the one that lies behind the Lombroso Museum, where the intention is to confirm a kind of superiority based more on the wealth of the powers of the time than on real value … "
Blog: "But what did Lombroso do? "
- "He bad-mouthed the Southerners, which is already enough to make us mad, Furthermore, he was appointed as University Lecturer for political reasons after the advent of Italian Unity, in Piedmont, because the North needed some sort of racial or scientific justification for the atrocities being perpetrated down South. Lombroso provided the North with an alibi in 1863, thereby also laying the foundations for the Southerners’ resignation with regard to this State that, still today, 150 years on, still finds us addressing the same old issues, the same old problems of emigration, unemployment, organised crime in collusion with the politicians, lack of infrastructure and the draining of money from the South to send up to the North. This is the real problem of the South and one that has to be addressed once and for all . "
Blog: "But at the time he was considered to be a scientist, so this could be a museum in memory of his mistakes. "
- "It is indeed a museum in which his mistakes are remembered, but that doesn’t mean that we have to display the Southerners as if they were still atavist criminals, as he portrayed them at the time or where we try to remember or deny that Lombroso tried to study the Southerners so as to prove their supposed genetic inferiority. "
Blog: "But why the megaphones, why all the banners? "
- "Why not? Why shouldn’t we? "
Blog: "Why are you here? "
- "We are here to protest about the re-opening of the Lombroso Museum, a State funded museum that does nothing other than remember and celebrate a scientific error according to which the Southerners are all atavistic criminals. "
Blog: "The museum’s supporters claim that the museum also explains the errors committed by Lombroso… "
- "No, that’s absolutely not true. In reality, the Museum reveals and traces Lombroso’s work by means of pictures and fanciful commentary, but nothing is said or written about the fact that, in the final analysis, it was all a big mistake committed by Lombroso, so it is merely an exhibition and a celebration of an historic scientific mistake! "
- "To protest against the Lombroso Museum. "
Blog: "What did Cesare Lombroso ever do to you? "
- "Isn’t it strange the we all know, indeed the entire world knows what Hitler did to the Jews? So I now want to know from you whether or not it was precisely the same thing that Lombroso did to the Southerners. "
Blog: "But Lombroso didn’t actually kill them! "
- "Lombroso portrayed them as innate criminals, after which Cialdiniand many other wonderful guys came out and killed us! "
Blog: "In your opinion, don’t we also need a museum that also remembers Lombroso’s mistakes? "
- " A museum that also remembers Lombroso’s mistakes you say? I really don’t think so. I think that this museum is here to celebrate the Renaissance, nothing more and nothing less! "
Blog: "I see that there are a number of different banners here today. Is this not just an excuse to protest about a different kind of malaise? "
- "It is not an excuse for anything. These people just want to demonstrate in favour of the truth, the kind of truth that has been kept hidden for many years and that we are now revealing in a very civil manner out in the streets, so we would very much like everyone to join us! "
Blog: "I have come from Brescia Province."
Blog: " Do you have Southern origins though? "
- "Yes, I’m Neapolitan by birth. "
Blog: "So why are you here? "
- "I’m here to participate in this demonstration against the Lombroso Museum. "
Blog: "But what did he ever do to you? "
- "The first thing they should do is change that Museum’s name … "
Blog: "What did Lombroso ever do to you and why are you so against him? "
- "He came up with this theory that, because of the shape of their heads and the existence of these little trenches at the base of their skulls, all Southerners were also intellectually inferior to the rest of the Italian people. "
Blog: "So you reckon that this museum should be shut down? "
- "The Museum doesn’t have to be shut down, but it would only be proper that anyone visiting the Museum be told that those studies were based on crackpot theories and then that, instead of dedicating the Museum to Lombroso, it should perhaps rather be dedicated to the victims of his theories, also because his theories resulted in a myriad of killings simply due to his claim that all Southerners were criminals, which, by definition, deserved to die, often without the benefit of a trial. "
- "I’m here to protest because I believe that a grave injustice was perpetrated against us long ago and so I want to correct the perception of my history. I’ve almost reached the end of the line, but this was the last missing link in the study of the Renaissance. Now that I’ve had some spare time on my hands, I’ve spent the past few years researching this topic and I’ve discovered that this hell, our own personal hell comes precisely from there, from 1860. I have come up from Castelbuono in Palermo province.


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