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Italians,   even   those   who   are  aware  of   their  sad   political   and   ethical  plight  are  the   most   confused,  intellectually   brutalised    lot  in  the  West!  
One  needs  the   detachment,  isolation,  distancing,   revelations   I  have  acquired   in   30  years   of  existence  as   an  educated,    still   studying,    North- Italian  in  Australia,    observing  the  majority   of   fellow   South  Italian  majorities  in  this  country.
It is   wrong  and  misleading   to  talk   to-day  of   the present    Governing  Powers   ruling Italy   as  being  Fascist.
The  time   comes  in   every  Nation   when   a  healthy,  honest  uncorrupt    form  of   Fascism   may  be    necessary   to    set  matters    right   and    eliminate   corruption.
It   all  depends    from   the  leader (s)   Fate  has   made   available   and   from  God's-Will   regarding   that  Nation.  
Personally   I   do  not  believe  Italians   deserve  God's   consideration  as  the   stink  of  Italian   corruption   has  reached    even  God-the-Creator's  limits  of  toleration,  scripturally-  speaking   as   if   in  relation   to  Sodom  and  Gomorra.
Beppe-Grillo  The    Enlightened   or   Marco Travaglio   the   Journalist,   who   should   know  better,  but   is   another   mediocre    South  Italian,   halas,   should  not   commit   the  error  of    calling  out   against  Fascism  as  I  believe   Italy  is  being   ruled   by   MAFIAISM.  
And   the  only   form of  Government   probably  capable,   with  in   the   above  mentioned    caveats,    of    combating    MAFIAISM    is,   I  am  afraid,   a  brutal    Brand  of   FASCISM    or    GHEDDAFISM.
But   were  are  the  leader (s)?
Where in   Italy  can   one   find  a  leader  of  the  calibre  of   FRANCO  the  Spanish    Aristocrat?
It   is  a    genetical/intellectual  impossility  as   all   the  potential    possibilities  have  left  Italy  decades   ago  in   revulsion.
A  suitable   character,   albeit  somehow   ruined,    is   Vittorio   Emmanuele   IV   but  he  is  getting   old   and   tends   by   indoctrination   to  crawl-up   the   Southern   arse-holes     following  the   myth   of    an  Italian  Unity.  
Italy  should  begin  at  the  Alps   and   end   at  the  Romagna   and    Emilia   borders,   until   and  if   the  MAFIA   is   totally  and   brutally  eradicated.
Democracy    cannot    do   it!
Too  late!
The  cancer  requires   the    AMPUTATION  of   members.
Hi.......hi  yes  it   is   painful. 
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   by  Marco  Travaglio  on  behalf  of   Beppe-Grillo-:
Good day to you all. There would be a temptation to talk about the “clean lists”, because you have seen that Berlusconi has discovered the “clean lists” and he has said “now I’ll show you”. Up until a few months ago, to talk about “clean lists”, about not putting up as candidates, people who’ve been convicted, or sent for trial for crimes against the public administration or for serious crimes, was considered to be “justicialism”. All the newspapers, even the independent ones were writing “but no, you can make laws that hand over to the Public prosecutors or the Judges for the preliminary investigations, the selection of the political class”. After that, it was Berlusconi who said it. Then everyone is complementing each other saying: “A correct signal was needed, of course, how could it be otherwise?” It depends on who says the things in Italy. It’s interesting that it was us that started to say this, then before they arrest the whole gang even Berlusconi has got there. The PD has not yet got there. This is the interesting point.

Berlusconi’s clean lists
Thus it was Di Pietro that has been saying this for centuries, Grillo for centuries, we have been saying this in our books for centuries, now it’s Berlusconi that’s saying it. I’m told that those of the PD are not just saying it but they are getting ready to make a law to prevent the candidacy of magistrates in the place where they are working, that is the true number one emergency. Are we in Finland, in Denmark? Thus there’s a political environment that is so clean that we need to worry about where a magistrate should be putting himself forward as a candidate? Why’s that?
Because Di Pietro has put forward a magistrate as a candidate in the top position in the list in Apulia. Instead of worrying about what is happening in Campania where they have put forward a candidate who is a defendant in three trials and where unfortunately even Di Pietro has accepted for “coalition obedience” the indecency of the candidacy of one like De Luca who is a defendant in numerous trials, they are worrying about the candidacy of Italia dei Valori in Apulia because there, there’s a magistrate with a clean record who has been conducting investigations in relation to Fitto and in relation to people of the Centre Left and so thus he must not be a candidate there, naturally. Anyway, there, the one who is mayor of Bari is a former magistrate, Michele Emiliano, for the PD and he is also doing a good job, among other things, and no one of the PD has ever made any objection. There, there are candidates that are elected including the magistrate and writer Carofiglio who is a great person, naturally in the PD, and so all is well. Maritati, a former Public Prosecutor, the one who investigated in relation to the kickbacks with the “king of the clinics” Cavallari to D’Alema and then the kickback got ended by the Statute of Limitations and thus Maritati became a parliamentarian, still in Bari, but given that he is in the PD there’s no problem. Now that Di Pietro is putting forward a magistrate as a candidate, they need to do a law to stop him from doing that, or perhaps they even need to make a law in such a way that someone who is a candidate for the regional council in Apulia and who is from Apulia, has to be a candidate in the Aosta Valley, well away from the region that he knows and where he has worked. Naturally, that’s a great move that is a demonstration of what I was saying earlier, that it’s not the principles that count. What counts is simply who at that moment you are trying to eliminate or create damage for.


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