Monday, April 19, 2010

Post 242. To Duena Almudegna Adznar!

 To   Duena   Almudegna  Adznar!
 Oh Almudegna, of my heart the Queen,
of thy fiery and proud gaze I dream,
that of noble, daring matadors,
flamenco dancers and guardia civil remind me,
who the heart of Spain make pound with strong and noble beat,
that like the castanets and quick-stepped beats of
flamenco-dancers and their long lament
in the still and warm nights of Andalusia
express the anguish and longings of human hearts
by love-wounded for fiery women such as Thee.
Surely Thou must be a scion of some ancient knight who the Reconquesta from the Moors possible made it be!
Were I again young and sprite to be,
I would surely gallopping be at a fast beat
on my destrier to Thee reach there in Andalusia
where the skies are bleu and the sea meet
in a perpetual embrace that separation cannot feel
and one are such as I long to be..............with Thee!
On my destrier I would take Thee up to the vales in the Pyrenees,
were springs clean waters give
and the
thin  air  is   thin  and clean
to make matadors, flamenco-dancers and guardia civil
together with Thee


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