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Post 232. Beppegrillo is the ultimate pain in the ass!

Beppegrillo  can  be  at  times  the   ultimate  pain   in  the  'arse '!

He  and  his collective  of   worshippers  of  PANE,  AMORE   ET  FANTASIA,   are  getting  it   right   when   calling  us   to   fight  the    MAFIOSIS  in  our  midst,   however   I   doubt   that  they  shall   ever   get  anything    done   by   words,   papers    and   signatures,  except   a  very   short-lived    self-glorification  and   something  to  brag   about   with   yet  more   words   and   bullshit   when    meeting  together!
The  same   applies   to  their   counterpart,   the   ' fuckumitic '   Leghisti   del  Nord   o  della   Padana,  who   do   not   trust  beppegrillo  and   vice-versa............(   the  etenal   story  of  Italian  divisions   and    mutual  mistrust   is  perpetuated.    And  the  cretins   accuse  me   and  my   family  and  all   Italian  migrants   abroad,   of   having  defected   leaving  them  in  the  shits  (   la   cacca/mierda/merde  ) of  their   own   perpetual   doing   and   being.    
May   You  go  and  get   fucked    by  Mafiosis   en  el  de  drio   even  in  Hell!  ).   Sorry   noble   lady-readers,   if   any!
They  are   forgetting  all    this   democratic  paper-works   may   work  occasionally  in  the   USA    where  they  have   the  CIA   and  the  FBI   and  who  knows   whatever  else   to  do  the    necessary   dirty   work.
Yankwees,  please   tell   these  Italian   grongos   the  facts  of  life.....................will   you?
Good  on   Thee   Yanquees!
Yellow-bellies   dell'ostrega!
They   got  it  wrong   when  they    call   the   yellow-bellies  of  the  World   to   disarm   the  West.
Before  the  West  were  to   do  this    there   should  be  a   global   agreement  on  the   Population-control   in  places   such     such   as  Asia,  the   Middle-East  and   Africa,   etc.
The  everlasting   struggles  in  Sri-lanka,   Palestine   and  the    Zulu ( the   Ottentot  pigmies,    not  the   Zulu   are   the  original   dwellers  of   South  Africa )  versus   Boers,    as  an   example,   would   cease  were   the  people  involved    begin    to   stabilise   their  present   populations,   nay   even  reduce   these.
Send  their  religious   leaders   to   do   forced   labour  if   they  disagree!   So  help   us   GOd  the  Spirit!
Death  is    such   by   any    means  of   killing,  it  makes  little   difference, (  it   sounds   almost  Shakesperian)   and   from   what  I   can  percieve   around  me,   I   would  not   cry  over   a   wiping-out  of   a  majority  of   our   irresponsibly   globally  fornicating    masses,  and   give   the  human   species   another   try   at  a  better  Civilisation   maybe   with  a  few   hundred   years   delay  in    the  re-trial.     Some  mongrel  shall   surely   survive  and  start   all   over  again,   maybe,   hopefully   mutated   and   equipped   for  a   better  try.
Why    does   not  Grillo    and  his   waffling   journalists  and  reporters,     probably  all   enjoying  and   sampling   in  the   Italian   sun-downs  the    services   from  the    150,000   poor,  poor,  poor    abused    foreign  prostitutes  of   various   genders,  yes   there   are    males,  females    and    hybrids........sexually  servicing   for    a   cleaning   up  of   Italian  streets   and    consciences?
AAAhhhhh........but   it  would   be    unpopular   and   would   loose   them  readers   in  the  same   way   it    would  loose   votes   were   they  already   sitting   there  at  Montecitorio,   the     CLOACA (  sewer)  MASSIMA  (  large ),   the   everlasting   and  self-propagating,  perpetual   TRUE   glory  of  the  Romans,    waffling   in   lieu  of  the  ubiquitous   Mafiosi.
Better  it  is   to  live  a   split-personality-type   of   life,   with   absolutions  of  sins   magically   allowing  the   'status   quo'   to   endure  and   an  endless   chain  of    'confessions  all'italiana'   required  for  the   absolutions.  it   not? 
One  cannot   however   eradicate  the  Mafia   without  a   blood-bath   or   Serbian-like,  or  Franco-like  cleansing,   the  confiscation  of   all   their   resources,    the   sending  of  the  members   of   all   their  extended  families  to  the    exhile  of  the   borders  of  United   Europe   or   make   of  them  a   gift  to  Gheddafi,   to  work  in  his  oasis,  in  Lybia.
With  the   blessings  of   Don  Ciccio,  the   secular  Mafia   boss,   hopefully  in  HELL  or   the  religious   one,  of   course.......take   your,   no......take   both  as  they  are  mutually   compatible!
Why  does   not  ' er  Grillo '   concentrate  all   his  powers  on    trying   to  get   Palestinians  and    Israeli   to   cease   from  the   4,000  years  old   blood-feud?
Too   complex   for  his   hair-brained   journalists   to   cope   with,   full   as   they  are    with   Latin   and  Greek  Syntax,    enough  to   wipe   their   asses   with?
This  conflict   alone  is  equivalent   to   the   whole   arsenal   of    nuclear  heads   in  the West.
Why  does   Grillo   not    call   for  the   liberation  of  the  people  of  Iran   so  that   they   also   can   call   for   nuclear   disarmament?
Why  does  not   Grillo    call   for  a    global   move   to    demographic-growth   control,   i.e.   India,    the   Zulu  of  South Africa,   Islam   the  latter  using  it   as a   weapon   for   taking  over   their   original   hosts,  i.e.,   Malesia,    shortly  Indonesia   and  perhaps   Italy  the  way   things  are   going  on  in  Calabria?
What  are  these   unilateral   demonstrations  we   Democratic  idiots    allow   our   yellow-bellied,   hairy-brained   ex   goat-herders  and   'tratturi's (  a ' tratturo'  is   a  mountain   trek    travelled   by   sheep-herders  in  Abruzzo )    peripatetics   to   voice,   but   Treason,    Sabotage  in   a  repetition  of  History   in   relation   to   what   went  on  in    Ancient  Greece  and  Magna  Grecia  (  Italian   Greece ) after   the    end  of  the  Golden  Age  of  Pericles?
Italian  Journalists   appear   to   not  have   learnt   their  History 
(  Magna  Grecia....and  Pericles/Temistocles  )  in  the  Gymnasium/Lyceums    when    probably  more  interested  in   what  their  female  colleagues   wore   under  their  skirts   owing  to  the  repressive    sexual     preachings  of   Vatican    bent   on  cretinizing   them,   emasculating  them,   in   readiness for  Mafia   rule......................................and  the  wafflings  of   yellow-bellies.
Grillo,  concentrate   on  our  opponents   not  on   our   allies   Thou   miserable   ' meridionale '   grongo.
Why  did   you   marry   an  Iranian  lady   when   you  had   a  choice   to  marry  one  of  our   magnificent   females?
How  can  I  trust   you  in  not  being   biased,     even  receiving    financial   aid   from   al  Qaeda  or  Iran?
Sorry  but  it  begs  the   question!

Follow the link to read the post:

Article    from   Beppe  er  Grillo  
(   the   King  of   the   ' tratturi '  of   Abruzzo  et  Molise).   

Italy is a nuclear power in terms of franchising. After the end of the Second World War, we obtained a licence from United States. In our Country, there are American warheads that are ready to be loaded onto a bomber aircraft and dropped on any rogue Country of choice. Over the past five years, this blog has revealed all possible information regarding the nuclear depots at Aviano and Ghedi Torre, which house some 90 nuclear warheads, including aerial photographs of the bases, the type of weapons, services, interviews and documents.
A US Department of Defence report estimates that the destruction potential of these weapons is equivalent to 900 Hiroshima bombs. The report was drafted by Roger Brady, commander of the Air Force in Europa, after a B52 transport aircraft erroneously carrying six atomic warheads flew over the United States. The report highlights: "problems with support structures, the depots' perimiter fences, the lighting, the security systems and the fact that the bases are guarded by young men doing military service with only a few months of training behind them".
A number of years ago, at the Ghedi Torre base, a group of youngsters held an improvised picnic for half an hour before being identified. It was a test to check the security measures and was later documented by a Swiss-Italian television service. Our neighbours have always been concerned by the possibility of a nuclear incident so close to their home. It could happen. The impossible is always waiting to happen. An explosion due to human error or a terrorist attack would wipe Northern Italy and a number of neighbouring Countries off the map. Farewell Padania.
There has been no reaction in Italy, yet for the Pdl and the Pdwithoutanel, who on a weekly basis worry about Iran having nuclear weapons, hosting sufficient nuclear warheads in our Country to wipe out life in Europe should be an issue to be addressed urgently. It's a matter of life and death. Even Time magazine, in a recent article entitled "What to do about Europe's secret nukes" asked the question: "Is Italy capable of delivering a thermonuclear strike?" According to Time Magazine, in the event of war , Italy could gain control of the B61 thermonuclear bombs situated on its territory, this by virtue of an agreement signed during the Cold War Era, .
The presence of nuclear weapons on Italian soil is contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), as well as being anti-history, given that twenty years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. These “Made in the USA” bombs must be sent back to their Country of origin. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.
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Italy has the mafia and America has the military industrial complex. Both of these institutions rely on secrecy and intimidation to get their way. Due to the power of the military industrial complex or Iron Triangle in America, there appears to be little hope of a grass roots movement starting in America to rise up and challenge the vested interests allowing the military to be so powerful. Italians need to rise up and demand that the US military close its bases in Italy. This will difficult however with thousands of Italians relying on the easy money and easy jobs given to them by the US tax payer. Good to see at least some people benefit from the out of control military spending by the United States For every job in Italy for the US military is one less opportunity for an American worker. And Europeans wonder why America has no public health care. It has public health care for the americans living aboard in the constellation of military bases dotting the world. 827 at last count, costing over 100 billion dollars a year to maintain.


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Scaglia............Thou arst a BIG LUMP OF SHIT! The ultimate tersite the homeric character of the ultimate yellow-belly.Do you receive financial aid from Al Qaeda too?


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