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Post 222. The new Oligarchy-: The MAFIA.

Blogger's  comments-:  Perhaps   it  is   good   to   listen  to   what  these    ' sons  of   pimps '  have  to  say  on   global  issues  as  it  may  reveal   something  of  their   meretricious   souls  and   DNAs.  
Of  course,   as   most  in  the  West   have   done   since  the  French  Revolution,   the   focus  is  always on  FREEDOM   rather   than   JUSTICE!
Even   the   Founding   Fathers  of  the   American  Nation  led   by  that   libertinarian,     female-slave- fuccker (  Thanks  be  to  God  it  was   only  the  females)   Thomas  Jefferson,    chose   FREEDOM   rather  than  JUSTICE  as   their   GOD!   
The proof   is   the  statues  of  LIBERTY  in  New   York-harbour   and  on  top  of  the  Capitol  in  Washington.    
The  poor,  unknowing   masses  in  China,  Thailand   and   Cambodia,   everywhere,   invoke  FREEDOM   rather  than  JUSTICE,   not  realising  that  it  means   the  FREEDOM   of  their  future  exploiters   who  are   stirring,  urging   them,    to   abandon   every   shred  of  morality  or  restraint    and   to  justify   and    normalise   the  negative  aspects  of   FREEDOM,   rather   than    EQUALITY   IN  THE  USE  OF  RESOURCES   for   all. 
What  saddens   and   amazes  me  is   the   naivite'  of  the  Buddhist  Monks  leading   these  masses, who  should   see   through  the  charade,   but   do  not.   Obviously,   the stirrers   have  infiltrated   them  as  they  also  have    Roman  Catholicism,   and  Christianity  in  general,    when   any   lump  of   shit   can    build  a  CHURCH.
In  fact    the  FREEDOM   they  are   invoking  is   the  one   of   people  who  are   all  born  equal,   except  the   wealthy   who   are   separated   from   the  poors   and   form  a  class  of  their   own.
And   wealth  generally  means   MAFIA,  since  FREEDOM  inexhorably  pushes   the   moneyed   hyenas   to  the   leading  positions  in   the  Nation.   Take  Australia  as  an  example,  as  one of  the  best   Democracies   in  the  World,    at  present,  yet,  where   medical  care  has  become   increasingly    divided   in   private  and  public,  since   WWII,   the  public  having  to   cue   for   three   years    for    specialised  medical  treatment    for   skin-cancer ( i.e.,   Mac  Callum-Hospital  in  Melbourne ) and    Legal  Action  is  prohibitively  expensive.
Yet  Australia  has,  a  so  called   Labour  Party   which  is  nominally   supposed   to  protect   the   ordinary    fellow   and   support   the    equality   of   resource-distribution,  except  that  it  has   become   infiltrated   by  professional  politicians   determined  to   reap   the    fruits  of   affluence,    i.e.,   Receiving  preferential,    exclusive  medical   care,    education  in  private  colleges   for   their   children,    privileges   of  various    sorts   unknown  to the  ordinary   citizen   etc.
Now,  pay  attention  please,    while  the  aristocracies   the  French/Bolshevic  Revolutions   indiscriminately  crucified   were   willing   to   fight  and   die  in   the  defence   of  their  Nations,   these   leaders  of  ours   rarely   go  to  war   and  have   parliamentary  or   some  other   sort  of   privilege   ensuring  they   are   not   called   to   fight   and  risk   their   precious  lives  as   everyone  else  may  be  called   to   do.
This  is  probably   the  reason   why   Australia  has   suspended   Military  Conscription    which
would  be  an  excellent   way   to   educate,    generate    communication   and   cultural  exchanges  between  the    various  ethnic   groups  we  are  indiscriminately,  dangerously,  ignorantly/unknowingly (  lack  of   historical   understanding/knowledge )   importing   into   this   God-forsaken    Country   of   ours.     
The  teaching  of   World/European-History   in   Australian   Elementary   Schools   has  been   further   shrinked   so   as   to   produce   the  emptiest   possible   proletarian,   Australasian   brains   in   which  to  better  plant  consumerist-drives   and  the   Pinocchio-character-enhancing-referential  witnesses   from   the   world  of   female-male-throllopy  (  in   which   sodomy  is  an   inevitable  offering   in  the   sexual  menu ),    cricket,    football,    tennis,   Ned-Kelly-fans,   the  Eureka   Stockade,  the  Skippy-Cangaroo,   the   Koala-Bear,  Crime,  etc.
Every   criminal   leader   among   us  is   shouting  FREEDOM    even  if  this   means  to  the  masses,   if/when   the   Economy   cannot   support    the    charade.......................freedom   to   starve,    to   be  exploited,   to   be  shamefully   and  obscenely   manipulated,   and   this  includes  primarely   your   daughters   who  are  made  into   throllops  in  the  name  of  FREEDOM   (  some of   our  most   beautiful,     gifted   women  are   ending   in  pornographic   media   which   is   in/by  itself,   an   insult  to  God  the  Creator,   who    gifted   them..............  ),   and   to   get  some   crumbs   from  the   pimps'  tables   if  one   crawls  up  their  orifices   and   kisses   their   hands,    salivating  -:  
" I  love   you.........
I   kiss   your   orifice    
(  bacio   lo  culo..........) 
Don   Ciccio!" 

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The  new  Global  Oligarchy-:   

Italians living abroad can rest in peace. The "Italiani nel mondo" Task Force set up by Sergio De Gregorio is absolutely unbeatable. A foundation he heads up “thanks to the commitment and passion of his Parliamentary colleagues such as Amato Berardi, Esteban Juan Caselli, Nicola Paolo Di Girolamo and Basilio Giordano, all of whom hold posts as vice presidents and founder members”. In addition to the now infamous Di Girolamo, ambassador for the 'ndrangheta’s expansion worldwide (and in Parliament), this group of hand-picked parliamentarians also made use of Giordano, a calabrian who emigrated to Montreal and the first of the accused now facing prosecution, of De Gregorio, who was under investigation for colluding with the Mafia and whose case was archived back in 2009 and of Caselli, elected in Argentina but whose election is now under investigation due to suspected electoral fraud. The Group has only one objective: "To establish a worldwide PDL", as stated on a number of disturbing manifestos. All Parliaments, from the United States through to Australia, must have their fair share of statute barred offenders, individuals under investigation and finally sentenced criminals whose appeals have been rejected within their Party of Love. It was almost mission impossible, however, the Sopranos don’t know the meaning of the words “impossible”, or “ridiculous” for that matter. When all the Italians living abroad voted for the Popolo della Libertà party, it was “a great surprise”, even for someone like De Gregorio. But they say that “time is a gentleman” and he later stated that: "Our role…always alongside the Berlusconi Government, a leader and a statesman, the only person capable of giving direction to our Country’s international politics...". Furthermore: "The Campania Region needs a new type of ruling class that can govern the region with serenity and dignity... Mara Carfagna? Why not: she’s young and has the ability to build up a rapport with the residents ". The “Italiani nel Mondo” guarantees things. The first arrest warrant for Di Girolamo on charges of election fraud, infringing the citizens’ political rights, collusion to defraud in relation to electoral documentation and providing false personal details was issued back in 2008. At the time, De Gregorio stated that: "The Senate decision to return the documentation calling for the exclusion of Senator Nicola Di Girolamo to the Immunity Committee is an act of guaranteeism that pays homage to the democratic traditions of our Country... Vacating a seat that was clearly and manifestly an expression of the will of the people could have had an very different effect to what the magistrates intended ". Senator De Gregorio has been awarded numerous awards for his work, not least of which the "Ostia nel mondo" award organised by Tonino Colloca, President of the “Anco Marzio” Association, for his promotion of the “Made in Italy” brand, as well as Italian culture around the world. The voice of the "Italiani nel mondo" association is transmitted via the "Italiani nel Mondo Channel" on SKY channel 888 and is a “point of reference for Italian communities all over the planet”. Anyone can tune in and listen to De Gregorio’s opinions on major issues such as: "Small to medium-size Italian Companies invest in Hong Kong" "Working towards integrating the Balkans " "Finland, strategic crossroad for European security " "The Middle East, Russia’s strategic position " and then the best of all: "Italy must not lose the battle for the Arctic Ocean ".
Ps: Don’t miss out on De Gregorio’s worldwide blog

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