Monday, April 19, 2010

Post 241. To a Han Princess!

To  Yolanda  Liu,  
lost  on  the   mountains  of   
The  Montserrat   
north  of   Barcelona:
Un miraggio incantator tu sei oh Yolanda,
piccola degli Han la Fata che'.........
virtuale solo rimaner tu devi
per poter 'essere dell'eternita' d'un sogno,  
che'   solo,
soltanto come un sogno
possibil realta' rimaner puote.
( translation):
An enchanting mirage 
Thou are oh Yolanda, 
oh petite HAN-Fairy...  
who of the virtuality of dreams 
Thou should remain, 
as only thus, only as a dream, 
as only in a dream possible reality 
Thou can eternally be.


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