Wednesday, November 10, 2010

post 310. Jerusalem, Costantinople/Istanbul and Islam.

Jerusalem,  Costantinople/Istanbul  and  Islam.

The Palestinians  are  making  a   claim  to  Jerusalem  which  the  Hebrews   conquered   fairly   when  against   odds  of   100   to   one   they   defended   their    freedoms,   honours   and   lives  threatened  by   the   coalition  of  Islamic   Nations   surrounding    Jerusalem,    at  the  time   when  the     treacherous   Anglo-Saxons    of  Britain    left   Palestine    biasing  the  outcome  of the   conflict    against the  Hebrews   by    leaving  all  their   military  equipment   and    bases   in  the  hands  of  the  Palestinians   and   Jordanians.
Islamic  Nations   are   trying  to   fool   the  West  in   believing   there  is  no    permanent  Islamic   coalition     by    half-heartedly  participating  in  the    war   against    anti-terroristic   activities   of  islamic   para-military   groups.    If   Islam   were   honest,    godly,   terrorism   would   disappear    to-morrow.    However   Allah   is   judging  Islam   and   world-events  are    proving    it.
The  West  also  needs,  like  Islam   and  the  hipocritical    Jews,   reformation.
I  am  neither  pro-Islam  nor   pro-Judaism,     but   am   a  western   Christian   who   believes   the three  people  of  the  Book   should  be  one    and   cut  all   the  Mambo-Jumbo   each    hipocritically   and   idolatrously     preaches.
May   Allah/God   be  my   witness.
It   seems   to  me  that  if  the  Palestinians  want  Jerusalem,   fairly  conquered   by the   Hebrews  then    the  Greeks   and     Christian    Europe   should    be  able   to   claim  back   Costantinople/Istanbul   from   Turkey. 
The  Turks    then  leading  Islam   conquered  Costantinople  in   1543  AD     after    fighting   the    Bizantinians    since    650  AD.
There  was   no   issue  of  honour,  freedom,   justice  at  all    in  the   wars   Islam   waged    since    650  AD   against   all    their   neighbours,     only   religious   fanaticism/idolatry/ideology,  greed   and   malice.  
If    Islamic  Nations   and    the    Hebrews    keep  on   being    unable    to    cease   from  their   murderous    conflict,   I  suggest  the    Free,  Democratic     World   withdraws    islamic    and   jewish   sovereigneties  until   these  mongrels   regain  their   religious  sanity.
La',  ila  la',   ilaa  Allah!


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