Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Post 306. More menon the ground and heavy firepower in Afghanistan.

More  men   on the   ground  and  heavy  firepower  in   Afghanistan.

The Defence  Department's   grongos   and   Army   are  talking   about  the  need   fore    more   helicopters   and  jets.
Helicopters ,  tanks  and  armoured  vehicles    are   worth  millions  of  dollars  and    should  not  be    offered   to   the   enemy   for  destruction     by    neglecting   to     empower   our    soldiers  by   the   simple  and  relatively    inexpensive   use  of   personal-fired   rockets   and  portable   artillery   in   everyday    desultory   combat  action.    Afghanistan   is  littered   with  the  charred   remains  of  Russian   armour.     The  role   of    the  helicopter  is  to  be   performed    in  tactical   emergencies,  or    within   the   scope  of  large  strategical   movements  in   which    damage   to   the opponent   can  justify  our  losses.
Damage  to   the  Talibans   can  only   be   inflicted    by   damaging   their  line  of   communication,    logistics,   supply    and   this   means  their    villages,   water   wells,   crops,    orchards   etc.

The  first    duty   in   humanity   of   our   people,    politicians,   lay  and  religious   leaders   is   to  be   directed   towards   the   nations   in  our   Civilization,   the   fundamental  premises    being  that    we  must    make   sure   we    keep  reforming   ourselves    ethically   and  religiously.
For  a    Civilization    like   ours  which     developed    and  reached   its  peak   through,  with   and   in   Christianity,     the   pristine,  original    Christian   Ethics   must  be    always    gone   back    to   for  the  purpose  of   reformation,   even   if    one   were   to   find   oneself   an  atheist   or  an   agnostic   in  relation    to   God's   existence.
For  a   civilized    human   individual   there  is   no  alternative    but    to  dwell   in  Ethics. 
Whoever   wishes   to  be  uncivilized     please   do  us  a  favour,    piss  off   and   renounce    civilized   achievements   and   join   the  barbarians   whoever  these  my  be   and  cease   from  waffling   about  human   rights    which  can  arise   from   Christianity  alone.
Christianity   does  not  mean   a  literal    application   of  Jesus'    self-immolation    to    death  for   a   whole   nation  or  Civilization,    this remaining   a   choice   for    an    individual.
Christianity    does  not   mean   the    abolition   of   the   Old  Testament  with   its    harsh    commitments    to    fight,    vanquish  and  eradicate     evil,     even   materially  and  physically,  when    an  opponent,  a   life-destroying     anti-social   individual  or  people,   generally    called   in  History   Barbarians  threatens    the   collective    to    which   the  individual   belongs   and   for    which   the    individual   is   duty-bound    to    fight    vanquish  and   destroy   evil   for  the   sake  of    others.
Jesus'    death  on   the   Cross   does   not  necessarily    need   every  Christian   to   die     on  the   cross    without    reacting     physically   to    the   evil    in    the    world,   exactly  like   Jesus   did.    It    would  be  arrogance   and a   form   of   escapism.    There    is  no    avoiding   the   Cross    which   takes   different     aspects    for   each   one  of   us.    One  of  our   soldiers    dying    in   a   war   against   a   Barbarian   dies   crucified.
So,    both  attitudes,    the    one    about    passively   abd   humbly   turning  the  other   cheek    for   a    blow   or   the   one    of     an   eye   for  an   eye    are    still    available   as   a   choice.
The   choice  has   to   be  rational,   courageous,    and    considerate   of    our   responsibilities     as    individuals   who    are  members   of   a   collective    duty-bound    to  oppose    evil  in   all   its   chamaleontic     chamouflages.
Let   those   who  can  hear    and    see   spiritually    understand.    


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