Friday, August 13, 2010

Post 294. Most Appropriate to Our Present Era of Manure and its Leaders.

Most  Appropriate   to  
Our   Present   Era  of  Manure,   
its  Snivelling-for-Votes,   Arse-Osculating   Leaders,
and  its  Devotees............
The  Democratic  Masses......
The  only  redeeming   factor  is  my  freedom   to  express  this  insight  of   mine,  supported  from    the   quote  of   a   quote   about   one  of  Shoppenhauser's   universal   sayings,   
shared   with   Kelley  L.  Ross   Ph.Dr.  
on   this   blog.
Quoted   from
 Hence arises the fact that everything better struggles through only with difficulty; what is noble and wise very rarely makes its appearance, becomes effective, or meets with a hearing, but the absurd and perverse in the realm of thought, the dull and tasteless in the sphere of art, and the wicked and fraudulent in the sphere of action, really assert a supremacy that is disturbed only by brief interruptions.
Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, Volume I, ยง59, p.324 [Dover Publications, 1966, E.F.J. Payne translation]

P.S.   You  are  allowed  to   disagree.........!


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