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Post 285. An Exaggerated view about Nuclear?

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Blogger's  Comment--:     Australians,    specially   the    ladies   among   them,   tend   to   go   overboard    in   anything  they  believe   or   tackle.   It   is  a  genetic   trait.       This   can  be,  as   everything  in  our    world   subjected   to  scarcity    necessity   and    entropy  (  degeneration )  either   bad  or   good.    It   was   good  in  the  Australian-lady-surgeon    who    carried  out   the   difficult   cataract   eye-operation    to   my  left-hand-eye    which,    although   being   larger  than    the   average   has  a   medium-   sized-lens-pouch   (  average-sized-pupil)   and  had  to   fit  this  large  lens    into  a  relatively    small    pouch   under  a   microscope.      But  they   can  also   be   horrible (    bordering  on   the   criminal  ) pains  in  the   ars-hole(  have   you   ever   suffered   from   haemorroid ? )............and  I   know    through  personal   experience   from  the    pack   of   Australian   feminists    trying   to  take  over  the  Theology-College-Faculty,    aiming   to   re-write  the    Bible    and    declare   God    a    female    on  the  steps  of  an  Austrian  feminist  Theologian   called   Fiorenza   Schlusser.   I.......the  naive   Templar    tried   to    reason    with  them,  I   even    naively   joined  a   class    on   
' Feminism '    and  the  year   after   a   class   about   'St. John Gospel '  taught   by  one  of   their  leaders,   but    their  reactions   were  of    the   islamic   type    (  the   word   assassin    derives    from   the   arabic ),   bordering   on  the  terrorist-strain.  But  being  a  stolid,  stoic,   spartan-like   fellow,  I   survived,  and    eventually   graduated  as  a  Bachelor.

I   am  not   an   expert  in  Nuclear  Science,     however  I   remember  reading    about    two  processes     (    fission    and   fusion ),     one   of  the  two   being  able   to   neutralize    the    radioactivity  of  nuclear   wastes  produced   by  the    first  by  re-processing   these   wastes.    By  the   way,  I  have  also  been  trained  as   an  Engineer,    although   my   real   vocation   has  always   been  Theology,   the  Queen of  Sciences. 

Mrs.  H. Caldicott    does   not   mention   this  important    fact.   
Moreover    we  are    worried    about   IRAN    not    Iraq   and   why   the   lack  of    a  mention   of   IRAN   in  this   Post   by   beppegrillo?
Is  it   because  his   wife  is  Iranian? 

It   would  be   in  the  interest  of  Islam   to   discourage    us   in   the  West   from    trying  to  break   through   to  the   second   Nuclear  Process    which  still   requires   research.
Why  does  Iran,    with  its  large   fossil  fuel  reserves,  insist   in   Nuclear  research?
Do  not  tell   me............those  among  us   who  are   either   stupid  or  treacherous   ( in  the  pay  of  Islam),   that   there    has  not  been   a  resurgence   since   WWI   of   Pan-Imperial-Islamism.
Islam (  Iran ) is  buying   time,   trying   to    reach  a  stage   when  it  has   got   both   nuclear   and   fossil   fuels   so   as   to   blackmail  us  into   submission   by  also  leveraging  on   China   and  India   which  are  hungry,   energy-wise.
In  fact,   to  be  effective  in  detail,   in  a  future   war,   one  needs   fossil   fuels,   given   that   one    side   has   it.
My  ansestors  (   the  de  Ferrariis) have  never  been   slaves  and  have  never  been  fanatical   to  the  point  of   refusing   to   collaborate   with    reasonable,  good-willing   people.
This  is  in  a  nut-shell,    the  message  of  the   New  Testament,   however  the  Old   has  not   been    abolished    by  Jesus   and  can  be  used  in  default. 
I   would  not  hesitate   to   use   a  Nuclear   weapon  against  a  fanatical  enemy   having   a  frame  of  mind   similar  to  that  of  the    Japanese   Samurai  of  WWII.
Mohammedan    masses,  like  the   Japanese  or   German   ones  of   WWII-fame,   appear   to  be    slavishly   following   their    fanatical  Islamic   leaders,    without    trying   to    regulate   their     obsoleted    beliefs   and   aims,    by  revolting.
We   are    swamped   with  their   refugees (  numbering  millions)  but  no  one   among  them   asks    for  training  and   weapons    to    fight  the    mongrels   who  are   a  minority   among  them.
They   claim   they  cannot    fight   against  their   brothers. 
But    why   come   to  us  and  ask   to  share   our    resources?
What a  gall!
Our    obsessive   and  distorted   humanitarian   attitudes    which    ignore  the  plight  of  our  soldiers,    refuse    the    severity  of   war-measures   that   include  destruction  of     villages,  water-wells,    trees,    crops,   which    are  logistic   material    for   our  opponents,    to  be   carried  out  in   the middle  of    winter  in  Afghanistan.   By   all   means    remove  and  relocate   the    inhabitants   where    you  can  watch  them. 
Force  the  Talibans    away   from  their   mountains,    by   cutting  off   their  supplies,   removing   their  womenfolk.
Learn   from   the   Pakistani  Army  that    sanitized   Taliban  occupied    territory   in   a   couple   of   months,   by    using    150 mm.   howitzers   against   the   infested  villages.    
Ataturk  of  the   Turks,  once  a  leader  of  Islam,   recognized   and   accepted    the   need  to  reform  Islam   and   to   co-operate   with   the  West   as  he   knew   Islam    with    its   di-centralised    religious   hierarchy,     is   incapable  of    uniform   and    consistent    ethical   formation   and   reform,  and  was   corrupted   to  the  core.
Why   does  not   Islam  follow   his  lead?
Ataturk  even   adopted   separation  of  State  and  Religion,   theoretically   abandoning    the  theocratic  obsession   that   results  in  imperialistic   drives.    I said  theoratically    since    Turkey  is   still   riddled    with  Political  Parties    hankering   to  a    return   to  the  ancient   Islamic   ways.
People  like   Mrs.   Caldicott,    and   typically    most  Australians   and  Anglo-Saxons,    can  only  see  one   issue  at   one  time,    owing to  a  faulty  education-system   that  makes  of  their best  minds    narrow   specialists  who  ignore   the   wider  horizon,  therefore   being  unfit   to   comment.
Please   stick   to  Medicine.
Nuclear  is   Expensive.  Of   course  it  is   as  it  is   still   experimental.
However  if    our  opponents   are   involved,   so  must   we.
The  first  car  and   steam-operated   loom   were  also  more  expensive  than   their    animal   or   hand-operated    counterparts.
Mrs. Caldicott  is  right  about   Berlusconi  and  the   Mafia   and  these  problems  need   fixing.
She is   also   indirectly   correct   about  Italy  in   relation  to   actual    nuclear-energy-production   as  Italy   is  unsuitable,   lacking   space    for   waste-storage,    being   mountaineous,     having    water-resources    criss-crossing  one  another   all  over  the  country.   Italy  has  however    the   best   Nuclear  Scientists/Designers  in  the  World   and    should  carry  on   research.
Another  place    most unsuitable   to   Nuclear  Production  would   be   Bangladesh.   If  it  is  true   Israel   has   accepted   to   build  one  there,    I  say  it is   criminal.
By  contrast,   Australia    is   the   best  place  in   the  World   where   to  build   Nuclear  Power  Stations,   as  it  has   the   prime   material,   the   dry,   rocky   space   where   to   store   the waste,   easily   guarded   due   to  the  isolation  of   the  possible   places,   the    empty,    desert-coastlines   where  to   locate   de-salination  plants   for   the   required   cooling  of  the  reactors,    also   producing    sweet   water  as  a   sideline.
So,   che  cazzo   are  we  Australian  grongos  waiting   for?
The   way    beppegrillo   and  Caldicott   are    talking    they   mean   a   total   sabotage   of   western   nuclear  capability.    Why   don't   they  write   about,    agitate    and    organize     street-manifestations    to    ask  Iran   to   stop  and  dismantle  their   Nuclear   Power  Station   and   to  ask  Iran   to  participate  in  the  movement of    Nuclear  Weapons  non-  proliferation?
This  is   why  they  lack   credibility   and   trust-worthiness. 
Yes............many   have   fallen.......victims    of nuclear   radiations,   but this  is  the  result  of    the    corruption   of   or    the   stupidity    among   the  leaders     who  have  not    made  sure    structures  and    processing  facilities    to  be    over-designed   and  fail-safe.

Caldicott    should   get   involved  as   a   medical  person  in  the unpopular   issue of    the   excessive  demographic  expansion   and  the   fact   that,   without    fossil   or  nuclear   energy,   in  the  presence of   Global-Warming   and  rising   sea-levels,   with   most    rice-bowls   of  the   world   being   flooded,    the  present   world  population   shall   have   to  be  reduced    to  one   third  of  its  present   number.    And  even   so   animals    shall  have   to  be    resorted   to  competing   with  us   for   their   feed   for    much    of   the    work   required,    perhaps   even    the  re-introduction   of   human   slavery     becoming   necessary.
Think  about  it   Caldicott!
There  is  no   issue   that   can  be   considered   in  isolation.
So   do   not   accuse  me  of   a   lack   of   focus  and  of   digressions.

The    leading  minorities  in   Islam   (   i.e.,   Osama  Bin  Laden),  less   affected  than   our  leaders   and  even   proletarian    politicians   from   centuries  of   substance-abuses   ( mainly   alcohol )  and  lavish  imperial   standards  of   living   (   this includes  people    like   Caldicott),  appear   to   be   more   aware  than  us   about   the   looming   future,   although  they indulge  in  encouraging   demographic   expansion    to  foster  de-stabilisation    and    disorder.

Follow the link to read the post:

   Nuclear  is   not  the  Answer.
( beppegrillo's   title)
An Exaggerated   view  about   Nuclear?
(My title)

To sit down and have a discussion with Italian nuclearists is not just useless, but counter-productive. It’s the classic story of the one who starts up a discussion with an imbecile. Anyone observing from the outside sees two imbeciles talking. Nuclear power was turned down in a referendum, full stop. It cannot be re-introduced by lobbyists and political lackeys, The people of Italy, who are used to putting up with almost anything, don’t want it from an instinct of survival. In the country with the most powerful mafias in the world who would manage the waste products? Nuclear costs more than any other type of energy: who will pay for it? In a few decades, uranium will run out and its price will go up from one week to another. It is the LEAST renewable type of energy in the world. Helen Caldicott, the author of:” Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer to Global Warming Or Anything Else”, explains the dangers of nuclear power for our offspring and theirs. Unemployed, with no pension and nuclearised.
Interview with Helen Caldicott
H. Caldicott: My name is Helen Caldicott. I’m Australian. I’m a paediatrician a children’s specialist and for four years I have been involved in the medical implications of nuclear power an nuclear war, as well as being on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and practising medicine as well.

Blog: Why are there still so many countries in the world, like UK, that are continuing to include the nuclear option in the energy mix?
H. Caldicott: Well a lot of people are quite ignorant about the nuclear fuel cycle and the radiation effects within the body and all the side effects from nuclear power from uranium mining to milling to enrichment to building the reactor to the reactor producing large amounts of routine radioactive emissions that produce radiation that then concentrates in the human food chain and then in breast milk and then bones and the lungs and also radioactive waste which lasts for about half a million years and over time will absolutely contaminate the food chain so people will be eating radioactive food and babies are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to radiation than adults. Foetuses thousands of times. And people don’t understand that this is a medical problem and most people do not have the biological information to understand it. Hence the nuclear power industry has been pushing a huge propaganda campaign saying that they are the answer to global warming because they produce no carbon dioxide. They actually do produce a large amount of carbon dioxide as well as they will produce epidemics of cancer, leukaemia and genetic disease in all future generations.

Blog: So how much do nuclear power cost considering all the costs that society pays?
H. Caldicott: Well a nuclear reactor itself costs about 12 to 15 billion dollars now to build but that and all the other parts of it, the enriching of uranium, the huge amounts of insurance that is all paid for by the government, the government subsidises the whole nuclear power industry – the costs of the medical problems down the time frame are not included. The costs of looking after patients, particularly children with cancer and genetic disease are never including. The costs of storing radioactive waste for half a million years are never included. The transportation of radioactive waste is never included. So that it's so much cheaper to conduct or build renewable energy sources like wind and solar and geothermal and co generation and high grade efficiency in the use of electricity.

Blog: Is there a safe nuclear power option at all?
H. Caldicott: No, absolutely not. There are absolutely no safe nuclear power options. If you read my book, "Nuclear Power is Not the Answer to Global Warming," you'll understand why when you have read the book. There is no safe nuclear power. And equally you have to talk about costs to build nuclear power plants, but I'm sure Berlusconi doesn't understand what I'm talking about.

Blog: So who wants nuclear power?
H. Caldicott: Pardon? Who wants nuclear power?

Blog: Yeah, who wants it?
H. Caldicott: The politicians have been dealt a big a propaganda campaign and maybe some money, I don't know. The politicians are scientifically and medically illiterate. In other words, they understand no science. Like Berlusconi, what science does he understand? Does he understand medicine? How long it takes to get cancer once you're irradiated, like five to six years. Does he know the results for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
So most politicians are corporate shills, if you will, of the nuclear power industry. Like they are of the oil industry and the coal industry. They go where the money is, not where the people's future and well being and health is.

Blog: What about military lobbyists behind the nuclear option?
H. Caldicott: Well, of course nuclear power was founded in the Manhattan Project to produce plutonium to make bombs. And then nuclear power was an offshoot of that, because the people who built the bombs felt so guilty about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where they killed over 200, 000 people in a flash of light, that they thought if they could harness the atoms for peaceful purposes they would feel less guilt. I knew many of those men; I worked closely with them. They hated nuclear weapons, and I can tell you that their guilt was not assuaged by the time they died. And they knew, they knew, how dangerous it was and is. They're all in their graves now.
You should also know that every nuclear power plant makes 250 kilos of plutonium a year. Plutonium lasts for half a million years, and you only need five kilos to make yourself a nuclear weapon. So any country that has a reactor can make over a hundred nuclear weapons a year if they want.
That's why people are worried about Iraq. That's how Israel made its bombs. That's how Britain

Blog: Is there at least one example.... made its bombs. That's how Pakistan and India made their bombs. That's how China made its bombs. Nuclear weapons and nuclear power are part of the same industry. Once you've got nuclear power plants, you can have nuclear bombs.
H. Caldicott: Does Berlusconi want nuclear bombs?

Blog: Is there at least one example in the world of correct management of nuclear waste?
H. Caldicott: No. No country has solved the problem of nuclear waste, nor will any country ever solve the problem. Because whatever you put it in copper, steel, concrete within 50 or 100 years, that will rust and break apart and nuclear waste will leak out into the environment, the water, concentrate in food, milk, meat, vegetables. And people will be eating radioactive food. Their babies will be born deformed, as babies are being born deformed now in Fallujah and Basra in Iraq, where they used radioactive weapons and still do. In fact in Fallujah, the doctors are telling mothers not to have any babies, because almost all of them are born grossly deformed, either with no brain, or single eyes, or no arms. I mean, that's what the future holds.

Blog: What should common people, normal people, citizens, do discard the option of nuclear power? Any options for that lobby?
H. Caldicott: Yeah. First, they must be well informed. It's imperative that they understand the information. I have to suggest I know my book has been translated into Italian that everyone who listens to this should read "Nuclear Power is Not the Answer to Global Warming." And once they've read that, they need to spend some days with their feelings, working out what they're going to do. Truly we need a revolution against this really ghastly, wicked nuclear industry. It's much worse than tobacco, much worse than smoking, much worse than asbestos.
People can use their democracy by going to see their politicians and educating them. Take doctors with them dressed in their white coats with their stethoscopes. Go and see Berlusconi; take over Berlusconi's office.
Italians are good, I think. They're passionate people, they really care about life. They can work out what they're going to do to make sure their country closes down all the nuclear power plants.

Hi Beppe,
I'm Fatih from Bangladesh.
Recently our government has made a deal with Israel to plant nuclear power project to solve our electricity requirements.I think, we are going to more bad fate, and some right ways are still now available to produce power hare. Thanks to remarkable writing!


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