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Post 291. La', illa la', illaaa Allaah! The Trinitarian Formula of Chalcedon needs reconsidering for World-Peace's sake..

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Fathers of the Church >
On the Holy Spirit (Ambrose) >
Book I 
 (The  Catholic  Encyclopaedia). 
31. Therefore they who think that the Holy Spirit 
ought to be numbered among all things,
because they read that all things were made by the Son
must needs also think that the Son is to be numbered among all things, 
because they read: 
All things are of God. 2 Corinthians 5:18 
But, consequently, they also do not separate the Father from all things, 
who do not separate the Son from all creatures, since, 
as all things are of the Father, so, too, all things are by the Son.
And the Apostle, because of his foresight in the Spirit
used this very expression, 
lest he should seem to the impious who had heard that the Son had said, 
That which My Father has given Me is greater than all,  John 10:29 
to have included the Son among all.

Fathers of the Church > Against Heresies ( Irenaeus of  Lyon ).
Chapter 2 The world was not formed by angels, or by any other being, contrary to the will of the Most High God, but was made by the Father through the Word. 

Note-:  I   suggest    ' The  Holy  Spirit '  as  the  Word (    Spirit  in  operation,  beginning   with  Time )  generated  the   world  a  nihilo.    Not  yet  the  Father    who    made   scriptural  Adam   out of   biological  Adam.   
I  cannot   see   anything   heretical  about   what  I  am  suggesting.

La',  illa  la',  illaaa   Allaah! 
The  Trinitarian   Formula  of  Chalcedon  needs   reconsidering   
for  World-Peace's  sake.
I  love   Hebrews   and   Islamists.... 
 they  are  
my  Sisters  and   Brothers!
(  Especially  the  'girles ')
 My   fundamental  concern/motivation    in  my   present  Trinitarian,  theological   speculations  is   to   make   Christianity   and  the  Trinitarian  Formula  of  Chalcedon   acceptable   to  Islam   which  appears   to  me   to  be  the   historical   heir   of  Arianism/Gnosticism,    in  so  far  as  Jesus'  identity  is  concerned.  

I  am   considering  a  new   approach --:   
The   HOLY  SPIRIT  is  the    universal,  timeless   generator   of   all   forms,  transformations,   aspects   of   all   types   of   Energies.................................
the  islamic ALLAH,   
the   hebraic,   scriptural    RUAH   ELOHIM 
(  the Breath/Life  Spirit of  the Helohim ) 
...................of   Genesis   1........i.e.,  ruah   elohim   merahepheis   al  phenei   hammaim...............the    breath  of  the  Helohim    went   to  and   from  over  the   face  of   the  waters..............The  Helohim   had  not   been   incarnated    yet   by  the   Word   in   Yahweh (   and   his    Elohim)   to    make   Scriptural  Adam   out  of    Biological  Adam...........the  Breath  alone    moved   and  Genesis  (  incomprehensibly  so  even   to  the   writers  of  Genesis )  is   referring  here  to  a  stage  of   Evolution   still   millions,  millions  of   years   ago,   before  the    evolution  of    Biological  Adam   in   ca.   75,000 BC.      
The   WORD  is   the  Holy  Spirit    working   in   time.   
YAHWEH/JEHOVAH  is  the   Father,   the   Maker  (   the  Holy  Spirit/Word  alone  is  the  Generator ),    like  Jesus,   a  chosen   human  person   in   whom  the   WORD  incarnated   in   ca. 6000  BC   and   made  Scriptural   Adam  or  Homo  Sapiens  Sapiens  out  of  a  mutation  of    the   Biological  Adam  or  Homo  Sapiens,   evolved    out  of  Evolution   in    ca.   75,000  BC.     Jesus,  like   Yahweh,   the  Father   is   the  Mediator,   the Advocate,   the Paraclete,  the   Exemplar,   the  Referential   Witness,   come    to   further  reveal,   aid  and  clarify. 
So  did   Mohammed.
Did   Jesus   fail   in   His   Mission?
This  appears  to  be   a  pertinent   question  to  ask,  
considering   the   bloodshed   caused   in   His  name  since   His   Birth,   and  through   the   disagreements   about   His   and  his   Father's  true  Identities.    The   Father is   such   as the  maker   of  scriptural   Adam   and  all   scriptural   humankind   from   Adam  onwards.   
As  a  contrast,    the   HOLY  SPIRIT   created/chose  to   not  generate-from-it-own-substance   the  Cosmos  out  of   nothing,    a    nihilo,    as  we  sadly  know  and  realize,  as   the  Cosmos  has  never   been  divine,    but   was   made ( not  generated)   imperfect,   subjected    to    scarcity,   necessity  and  Entropy. 
However,   according   to    theologians   such  as  Teilhard   de  Chardin,  in   concurrence   with   St.Paul  and   St. John,   the   Cosmos'    subjection  to   physical   Entropy   does  not   exclude   an   in-parallel/in-some-other-dimension    building   up   of    a   spiritual/glorious/divine   New  Earth     regenerated   in   Enthalpy. 
This is  the  meaning   of  the    word   SAVING.
Anyone,  anything  SAVED,    becomes  part  of  the  Enthalpic  New   System  of   things  and  beings.
The  Trinitarian  Formula   is    correct  in  so  far as  there is  only  One  God,    and  we,    the  people  of  the  Books,   i.e., Hebrews,    Moslems   and   Christians,   agree   with  Mohammed,   may  his  name   be   blessed,   
i.e.,  the   One   God  is   the   HOLY  SPIRIT/WORD  (  Holy Spirit/Allah  in operation ),   however    the  latter   divinizing    the   human   persons    whom  IT (   Allah  has  no  gender  as   Allah   is  pure  Spirit ) incarnated  into,  i.e.,   Yahweh  and  Jesus,   who   cannot   share   in  Allah's   generative-powers,   but  only  in   Allah's   making-powers   which    the  WORD  of  ALLAH   used  at  Creation  out  of   nothing,     a   nihilo,    outside  time.     
Arians,   Jews   and  Moslems  fail  in  so  far as  they  place  limitations   to  the  Holy  Spirit's   (  Allah's) capacity  and  freedom   to    assign   divinity  to   a  specially  chosen  human   being (   i.e.,  the  Father  and  the  Son ),    this   divinity,    empowering  the  said  divinized   human person  acting  on  the   Spirit's/Allah's   behalf   with   a    power-to-make  however  not  to  generate.    
Adam,   the   pre-Incarnation-human-bodies   of Jahweh/Helohim,   of   Jesus   were  made /asaah  out  of  the  Earth,  say   in   ca.   6000  BC,   the   word   adamah/earth  meaning   the  existing    resources   evolved   through   Evolution,    the  pre-Evolution-resources   made    by  the  Spirit   through   the   WORD,    the   ruah   elohim  of  Genesis   1,   in  time,    not  generated/baraa    like  the   Word   was,   outside  time.    
Sanctification/Divinisation/Glorification   can  also   apply  to  a  faithful-one   entering Paradise,     as  a  reward   for   faith  and  conversion.
As  with   some   Saints  of   the   Church,    sanctification   may    give   a  capacity   to  perform   miracles,   but   never   to     As  with   some   Saints  of   the   Church,    sanctification   may    give   a  capacity   to  perform   miracles,   but   never   to   generate  a   nihilo   or   to  make  a  new   being.
Conversion   is   necessary,  through   believing,  being,    willing  and  acting;
'Faith  alone ( Sola   fides )  shall  not  do  as   "  Even  Satan  believes,   has  faith   in  Satan   and  knows   about  God,   however   defying    God  ".     Gratia  and  right  being  and  right    willing   and   acting   are  all   required   and  the  seal  of  a   true   conversion. 
Sacraments  (   similarly   to   Sola  Fides )  are  a  beginning-to,    aids,   stimulation-to,    props,    crutches-like,   but  do  not  constitute   conversion
Mafiosis...............please  pay  attention! 
Neither   Hebrews   nor  Moslems  can   object  to   this  meaning  of   the  word  
' divinisation/glorification '   used   by    St.  Paul,   Saul  of  Tarsus,  an  Israelite  of  the  tribe of   Benjamin,  and  a   Pharisee,  a  true   Israelite,   in   his  Letter   to   the   Romans.    
On  the  other  hand   both  Hebrews   and    Moslems  are  correct  in  so  far  as   they,   with   Mohammed,   subconsciously    mean   to   object   to   the   ambiguity present  in  the    Formula  of  Chalcedon    in  so  far  as  it  appears  to   assign   to   both   the  Father  and  the  Son,   who   only   have  the   making-capacity  of   Allah,   the  same   generative-capacity   of  Allah/Holy-Spirit/Word   which   always  remains  the  exclusive   prerogative  of  the  HOLY-SPIRIT/WORD/ALLAH.
So   the  Formula   of  Chalcedon  needs    clarification,   reformation  and   reformulation.
The   Judaeo-Christian   millennial  misinformation and  confusion results   from   the    failure   to   separate    the   Breath/Holy-Spirit  or   Ruah-Elohim  in  Genesis   1  from   the   Yahweh/Elohim    who  came  much  later   and   whose    divine,  making-nature ( not  a  generating  one )   IT   constitutes.
Similarly  in  so  far  as  Jesus  is   concerned.
The  Trinitaran   Formula  of  Chalcedon   refers  in  truth,  only  to  the  the  three  Persons   as   being   all   the  One   and  same  WORD,    the  HOLY  SPIRIT   in  operation/making   in  the  Cosmos,    also  through  its   human   incarnations   of   Yahweh   and    Jesus. 
All   this  may   sound  heretical,   but.................
it  does  not  have   to  be  so  necessarily.............
since  it is  not  anti-trinitarian  in   spirit..............
I  may  be   a    nobody,      admittedly  so,  but,
again,   this   does  not  necessarily  make  me  wrong.........................
God    chooses  the  weak   and  the foolish  ones.....................
I  cannot  help   this   either.................aj,  ja,  aj,  ja, ja,  ja,  aj

P.S.--:   Consider   the   above   carefully    all   you   who  claim   to  be   mouth-speakers   for    God,   or  to  be    in   God's  Service,   as   the   blood   of   the   people  of  the   Books   may  be  on   your   heads.
End  the   theological,    man-made   divisions,  
all   human   foolishness!
The   blood   shall   be  on   your  heads!

La',  illa  la',  illaaa   Allaah!


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