Sunday, June 13, 2010


A  new   way    to   play   football   has   been    invented   by   the   Zulus   of   the   South  African    football-team,     in   which  there  does  not  appear  any  player  of  the   white  race.
Methinks   there   was   an   elderly  one   in   the  Reserve.
We'll  have   to   find  a  name  for    the  novel  SA  way,   as   it  is   not    football,   neither   is  it  Aussie  Rules   nor   Rugby.
I  watched    the  match   between   Mexico   and    SA  on   Saturday  night.
The  Mexicans   were  faultless,   real    virtuosos,     calm   well-mannered,   however,   the  Zulus   repeatedly   resorted    to   tripping   their   opponents,      running   from   a   distance    from   any   available   angle    toward   an  unsuspecting   opponent    focused  on  the  ball,    sliding    bodily,   with  outstretched    legs,       even    getting    under   the   opponent's   feet,      aiming  to    kick   the  ball   away    at   random,     rather  than    attempting   to  gain    possession    and  control   of    it. It  was  extremely   difficult    for   the   Umpire    to    intervene,    as  he  did,  as   the    margin    between  the  legal   and   what is    a  fault   is  difficult   to  ascertain.    Films   tell    however.
I   wonder   what  Archbishop    TUTU    thinks   about   his  proteges   as  he  was  there   dressed   like  a   larrikin   for    public  relations   purpose,    flashing   his    charismatic,    but  stupid   smile.
The  man  has  not   got   a   clue!
What  has   the   abolition  of   Apartheid    and   the  taking-over  by   the    Zulus   done   for  the   ghettos   where   millions    of  black  Africans   are  still  living?
Corruption   among  African   politicians   is    on   record.   Which  was  to  be   expected   as  this  is   African  History.
Is   anything  being   done  (   and  TUTU    has   to  say   and   do   something  about  this)  or  said    about   the   need   to  control   demographic   expansion   and   the   never  ending   spilling  over  of    desperate   and   hopeless   people    from   all   outside   South  Africa    into   this   Nation? 
One  cannot  fail    observing    fat,  obese,  Zulu   mamma  mias    about   50  years  old,    still    producing  babies    and   since  they  get   prematurely   deflowered   at   about    10,    one  can   assume   that  they   must   have  had    at   least    a   dozen   offspring    already.    And    they   have  the  gall   to   complain   about  their  poverty,   the   criminal   bastards!
No  one  can   solve   the    infinite,  unending  problem  of     migrants    spilling  over  into  SA  from   all  Africa.
God  only  can,   but  by    decimating   them    by   deseases   or  war.     
Have   you  heard   me.......oh   waffling   Mandela   and  TUTU?
 The   solution  is  not  in  getting   rid  of  all   whites  in  South  Africa,   or  in   achieving  a   chocolate-coloured,    miscegenated    population    there,    or   by   a    morale-depressing,   artificially  carried    out   levelling   of    the  human   spirit    in  those   who  have  a   bright,   noble,   creative   one,   but  in   addressing   the   Global  problem   of   overpopulation,     by  actually    reducing    the  present  level   of   population-concentrations     allowing   reserves   of   resources,     protecting  Nature,   encouraging   the   undeveloped    to  develop,   the    marginally   efficient   or    limited  ones    to   still    work,   slowing    down   the   pace   of    competition,     exploitation,   in    order   to  allow   this    reaching-upward/soaring   up   by  the   undeveloped   and   the  limited   among  us. 
Stop   the   capitalists   in   all   their  obsessive   maximizations,   efficiencies,    perfectionist   ways,   which  are   destroying    world-equilibriums.
Reduce    capitalistic   monopolies,    allow     many    to    partake   of   the    existing   work      available   and  required    with  smaller   scale    enterprises.    Stop    the   obsession   with  Large  Scale    Enterprises   that  give   some   among  us,    too  much  power   to   corrupt   and    destroy  resources   by   electing   their   own  political   puppets.    


At June 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM , Blogger joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

At June 15, 2010 at 9:40 PM , Blogger Templar said...

Joven, thank you for your esteemed appreciation. I shall certainly look up your Blog as soon as I can.
Keep in touch. Where do you live?
I believe we could call the Zulu-way of playing football
" Torpedoe-football ". but here and there others than the Zulus adopt it. i.e., the New-Zealanders did against Slovenia. The pressure/hubris to win at any cost corrupts sport.


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