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Post 288. No One Needs the Myth of Italian Unity!

   No  One   Needs   the   Myth  of  
Italian  Unity,
Only   the   Mafia!

Blogger's  Comment-:  Garibaldi   became  a      Colonel  of  the  Piedmontese Regular  Army  after   his  liberation   of  Sicily,  Calabria   and   Campania   following    his   beginning of  the   Campaign    for   the   impossible,    utopian,    misguided,    naive,    Mazzinian  dream  of  a   United  Italy,   already  infested   by   the  Saracenic   Mafia   that  had   historically   sabotaged   every    attempt  of  a   just  Government  in    South Italy,   including  that  of    the   pathetic    Bourbons.      Garibaldi ' s   1000  Red  Shirts,   were   a   para-military   force   secretly  financed   and   equipped   by   Piedmont,   of   which  Garibaldi  had  remained   a   citizen   notwithstanding    Piedmont   having   ceded   Nizza   to  France.
The   para-military   force  had  been    resorted   to,    to  avoid    the   complications   of   a  declaration  of   War   against    the  Bourbons,   involving   the   whole  of  Europe.
The   Papal  States    and  the   Mafia   encouraged   brigands  in  South   Italy,    and  Garibaldi    attempted    their  reduction,  using   the   strong   measures   that    alone  can    be  effective   with  the   Mafia   mongrels.    
Garibaldi    had    desertors,   rapists,   looters,   spies,  brigands,   terrorists,   Mafiosi   shot!
Similar   strong    measures    at   Caporetto  during   WWI , encouraged  by   the   Savojas,      when   Italian  soldiers   refused    to   fight   the  Austrians    kept   Italy   from    an    international    shame!
This  is  why   one   still    finds    propaganda   to-day    accusing  the  North   of    atrocities,  as  if   Mafia's  terroristic   methods  were    humane,  like   hitting  leaders    by   kidnappings,  even  of  their    children,   cutting  off   of   fingers,   ears,    murdering  and  dumping   of  the   bodies   in    ravines,    now  by  blowing   up    their    victims,   Hamas  and  Al  Qaeda-style,  with  the   available    high   explosives,    like   in  the  case  of    high-ranking,   honest,  State  Prosecutors    Falcone,    Borsellino,    Carabinieri's   General   Della   Chiesa   and  dozens  of   incorruptible   others,   the  true  Italians,    not  Saracenic   fake-ones. 
Garibaldi  was  born   in  Nizza,   North  Italy   when   this   was   still  Piedmontese.   The   Bourbons  of   South  Italy  were  then creatures   of   the   Austro/Germanic    Holy   Roman  Empire,   dismantled   together   with  their   Allies   the    Islamic   Ottoman   Empire   at  the   end   of   WWI    and  to   achieve   this  misguided   Italian  dream  of  a  United  Italy   desired   by  the   historically   ever-suffering   Italian  Aristocracies     who  had  been  always  betrayed   by   every   and   each  European   Power,   including  the  Papacy,   every  Austrian  influence  in  Italy   had   to    be   eliminated.  
However,   in  their   over-confidence   and   belief  in  the   innate    goodness  of  humankind,     no  account   was  taken  of  the  Saracenic underground,    white-teethed,   smiling,    cunning,   long  armed    ubiquitous,   treacherous,    extremely   wealthy,   wealth-hiding  MAFIA. 
Knowing   now   how   things  were   to   develop   it   would  have  been  far  better    for    Piedmont   to   stay  as  it   was   and  the  rest  of  Italy   to  remain   under    foreign  European   Powers,    since   all  these   considerations   are   purely   conventional    now   that   we   have  a  United  Europe   and   when   considering   the   rise  of  the   MAFIA   which is  like  an  octopus    wishing   to    strangle   the   whole  of  Europe.

Please  read-:  Kosovo and the wolves in the fog,  
about  the   Albanian  Mafia,   
strangely  tolerated,
  already  during  a  period  of   ten  years  now,
by   the  UN
and  by the  USA.

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It is  said  that   the  yearly  non-taxed-revenue    of  the  Italian  Mafia    alone,   is    the   same  as   that   of   a   Nation  like  the  level  of   hundreds  of    billions  of  Euros.
And  there   are   other     National  Mafias   in  Europe   and  in  the  World! 
 When   the    Feuds   were  eliminated    in  South  Italy  the   Mafia   bought    most   of    the  latifundia  at   a   ridiculous  low   price.    The   Aristocrats    who   had   been  robbed   and   sabotaged  by  their  Mafiosi    estate-supervisors   and   had   borne   the   weight  of  Royal  Taxation  on  Incomes   on  the  basis  of   free-land-tenure  of   their  feudal  lands,    could   not   afford   the   purchase of  their   feudal-lands.
These   lands   should  have  been   distributed   among   the  peasants.    
This  was  the  basis  of   the  Piedmontese   failure,   in   so  far  as  they   unwittingly    allowed   the  Mafia    to     rise    to    the rank   of   property-holders    with   access  to   the  political   ranks   in   unfair   competition   with   the   Aristocratic  classes,   since  the  Mafia   had  now   control  of  the    peasants    through  land-tenure   and   job-control.
Returning  to  Garibaldi  and  the  ubiquitous  problem  of    brigandage    resulting   from    the  losses  of   work  among  the  peasants   resulting  in   turn    from   the  manipulations   by  the   Mafia,  who    were  not   the  benevolent  and   easy   going  Aristocrats   but    were   enforcing   cruel   demands    of    increased     efficiency   and    hard   work   among  the   peasant-classes   often   undernourished    and    living  in    sub-standard   conditions   established   by    their    Mafiosi   supervisors    who  had  previously     extracted   their  personal    dues   as   well  as those  required   by  their   absentee-Lords   who  had   to   finance    the    expenses  of  the  Kingdom.     In  relation   to   the  Lords'   absentheism,   this  may  have  resulted    from   the  malicious   public  relation-wise    manipulations   of  their   Mafiosi   supervisors   who  placed   the   blame   for their    triple  extortions   on   the   Lords   and  the  Realm.     I  said   triple  as   one   was   for   the   hidden,   non-tax-paying-Mafia-treasure,  one  for   the  Lord   whose  Income   was   taxed   and  one   for  the   Church. 
Only   this  can  explain   the    abject   and   widespread    poverty  under  which  South  Italy  was  placed,  even  noted   by   the   visiting    English   Minister    Gladstone   and   other  travellers  through  Sicily,     from   which  it  is  still   suffering,    while   the  blame  is   being   placed  on   someone   else,    to-day......the   North.
It   is  about   time  the   bloody  mongrels    stop   the   damned    CHARADE.
With  a  United  Europe  there is  no  need  of  a  United   Italy,   as  all  Italian  interests,   both    North  and  South  can  be   protected   by  a  United  Europe.
However   finances,   accountability   and   responsibility   shall   be  separated    and  the  South   shall   have   to   stop   hiding   behind    and  depending    on  Northern    productivities   and   efficiencies    and   become   accountable    and  responsible   for  any   aid    given  it   by   Europe  as  a   whole,  becoming   directly    accountable   to  Europe.   The  Mafias   shall   be   chased,   investigated,    prosecuted,    by   European   magistrates  and    federal  policemen   not   by    corrupt   Italian  ones.    The   Southern-Mafia-infiltrated   Police    shall   not  operate  in   North   Italy   where   Northerners   shall   be    employed   and  the  practice  of   sending   Northerners  to  the South   and  vice-versa   discontinued.     Unregulated   and   uncontrolled    migration   to  the     North  shall  also   have   to   stop.  The  reduction  of   Mafia   influence  and  controls  in  the   South   should   hopefully   allow   and  encourage    migrations  of  European    capitals   and   entrepreneurs     to  the    undeveloped   South    thus   adding     its   contributions  including    the    confiscated    enormous  wealth  of   Mafia,  to  the  welfare  of  Europe.
Stop   the    fake-Italian   Myth  of   a  United  Italy.
Stop  the  ROT!    

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Gaeta and Wounded Knee

As everyone knows, on 29 December 1890, at Wounded Knee the massacre of 300 Lakota SiouxGaeta, as almost no one knows, nor are they expected to know, another massacre was carried out by the Savoy army, in which thousands of women and children civilians died. Hundreds of thousands perished in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies during and after the war of occupation. Gaeta was the epilogue of the war. While the government of the United States assigned reserves to the Lakota people, the Savoys expropriated Gaeta and even today it is territory that is almost completely the property of the State. The celebration of the Unity of Italy is a farce if its origins are not remembered. Without the memory of the past, there can be no future for Italy. What does it mean to be Italian for those who don’t even know their own history?

Interview with Antonio Raimondi, Mayor of Gaeta, Antonio Ciano, an essayist on the Risorgimento and Luca Ciardi, an historian.

The end of a kingdom women and children was carried out by the army of the United States of America. Thirty years earlier, in 1860, at
Antonio Raimondi, Mayor of Gaeta: “A kingdom ended at Gaeta, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, rather than the birth of the kingdom of Italy, it was the end of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Just this idea, allowed me to turn upside down the accepted view of things, the history of the Risorgimento is a story told only on the side of the winners, the great personalities are Garibaldi, Mazzini, Cavour and still others, Victor Emmanuel II, are in so many squares in Italy, the main streets are dedicated to these characters, especially Victor Emmanuel II is to be found on horseback in many squares and streets in Italy. However, it seems that Francesco II was a “reuccio“ {little king}, and they even referred to him as “Franceschiello”, but this was in an affectionate way, then king Ferdinand II was a shady character. In the historiography of the nineteenth century, it seems that the Bourbons are a second class lineage.



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