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Post 293. Welfare State and Utopia.

 Welfare  State and  Utopia.
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This is  a  quote   from   an   historical  analogy  made   by   a   genial   modern  american   scholar  Kelley L. Ross.
.............................One of the most famous aspects of Diocletian's rule is the famous "Edict on Maximum Prices" of 301 AD. Since Diocletian himself explains the law as needed to prevent some from profiteering off of the basic needs of others, this is turns out to be relevant to many modern debates. The "greed" of those who make a profit while prices rise is still a point of useful political appeal for many politicians and leftist activists. It looks, however, like prices, especially agricultural prices, were rising under Diocletian because the tax burden had become so large that many people simply abandoned their farms -- Diocletian also tried forbidding this. Since Diocletian himself was not a sympathetic person to Christian writers, the charge of "greed" tends to get turned around, as the contemporary writer Lactantius, appointed by Diocletian himself as a professor of Latin literature in Nicomedia, the capital, says, "...Diocletian with his insatiable greed..." Lactantius' account of bureaucratic excess and behavior could apply in many modern situations:
The number of recipients began to exceed the number of contributors by so much that, with farmers' resources exhausted by the enormous size of the requisitions, fields became deserted and cultivated land was turned into forest. To ensure that terror was universal, provinces too were cut into fragments; many governors and even more officials were imposed on individual regions, almost on individual cities, and to these were added numerous accountants, controllers and prefects' deputies. The activities of all these people were very rarely civil... [J.J. Wilkes, Diocletian's Palace, Split:  Residence of a Retired Roman Emperor, op. cit., p.5]
Not only now are there whole countries where the dependent classes exceed the numbers of the productive classes (e.g. Italy or France), but in the United States the fate of the Social Security system will probably be sealed when the number of beneficiaries exceeds the number of contributors. These modern systems, although voted in by popular majorities who like "free lunch" welfare politics, are run by bureaucrats whose behavior, of course, is "very rarely civil" either to contributors or beneficiaries. And modern bureaucrats are protected from accountability by "Civil Service" status and their own politically active and powerful public employee labor unions. Yet politicians rarely characterize or criticize such people for their own self-interest or greed, although this phenomenon is now well understood and described in Public Choice economics. While the behavior of the bureaucrats is understandable, the harshest truth is that, with sovereignty no longer invested in a autocrat like Diocletian, the ultimate "greed" today is derived from the voters....................

To  the   above  insight   I  would  like   to  add   the    universally   neglected  one,  owing  to  its  unpopularity   with   voters,   hypocrits,   fools,    and  religious   hairy-brained   persons,   in  relation   to  the    unsustainability  of   the  present    rate   of    population-growth,    especially   in   underdeveloped/third   world    nations.  To  the   above   list   I   must  add   the  PREDATORS  in  our   wealthy   developed   nations,   who    become   richer   and  richer    by    preying  on,    oppressing   and  exploiting    the   ever   growing   multitudes  of   desperate,   hopeless    human  beings   queuing   for  a  non-existing   job,   facing    impossibly    high    costs  of   living,  piling   up    in    unhealthy    dwellings,  etc..  
Of   course,   a  population  explosion   also  means    cheap   sex,    the    falling  of    inhibitions,  of  moral  standards,   the  availability of  human   flesh   for   sale   as   human   beings   become   desperate    for   the   basics  of  life.
Beautiful   women,   the    crown   of  God's   Creation,  are  shamefully  loosing   their  natural    awareness  of  decency   and  normality   and   being  physically  and  mentally  abused   until   they  become    human  garbage.
For  how  long  is  God   going   to   suffer   these  obscenities?       
 Please    stop    your  idiotic/hypocritical  propaganda,    whoever   you  may  be,     about     charity   for    multitude  of   children   who    should  not  have   been  procreated  by   their   irresponsible,   criminal   parents.    Love   should  be  expressed   with   restraint   and   one's  sense  of  responsibility.    Fornicate   if   you  must,   by   all   means    but    stop   from   procreation   if   you  cannot   afford   the  luxury. 
Wank   yourselves!  
It is  a  lesser   evil.


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