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Post 327. Is the Australian a self-sabotaging hihly inconsistent society?

Is the  Australian   a  self-sabotaging  
greatly  inconsistent,   dissembling, 
all-white-washing   society? 

When   my  family  and  I  migrated   to  Australia   from   Libya  in   1959-1960-----------   no.....we  are  neither   Arabs,   nor  Libyans   nor  Middle  Eastern,    nor   Moslems,   but     basically   Celtic/Normans   of   the  Roman  Catholic   Faith,       not  the   Irish/Sicilian/Calabrian-Australian   strain   though ,   and  have   kept  our   culture    alive   for    millennia------------having    smelled    goatish   aromas    from  a   Gheddafi's    eventual    usurpation  of   power   from   the   Senoussi  Royal  House,     we   seeked   sanctuary     in Australia,  having   been    deeply   influenced   by  the   WWII-propaganda    of    the    gallant,   truth-freedom-loving   Australians   of  Tobruk   and    Kokoda-trail    fame.   I   guess   the     films    calling   for   migrants   also    helped   to  bamboozle  us.
But   we  did  not  have  any  better   choice   anyway  and  we   (   my  brother   and   I )  have    integrated  ( we  both  married    Anglo-Saxon  comments..............)   and    am   helping  Australia    by   not  being    a   sycophant,    speaking  the   naked  truth,   unlike  most  migrants    have    become,  including   my  brother.......the  YES   BOSS,   YES   OH  GREAT  ONE........THOU   ART   A   GOD  OH  MAGNIFICENT    ONE!
I  am  reminded  of  that   leader   from   Congo,  decades   ago,   NKRUMAH,   and  the posters  people  there  carried    saying-:   "  KRUMAH   KNOWS  IT  ALL.......KRUMAH   CAN  DO   NO  WRONG! "  
We   thought   we   had  been   distancing  ourselves   from   Islam   by   coming  to  Australia,  idiot  called   Gorton (  if    I  remember  correctly   or  is  it   Gordon?) with   the    crooked  face......they  say   he   ruined  it  when  a   fighter   pilot.......and   the    gigantic   Philippino  secretary  he   liked  ( lots   of    kissing   surface    I'd   say   and   vast  cleavages..........What?),   brought  them  into  Australia.
But   how   crazy  and   stupid    can  one   be?
His  knowledge  of   World  History   probably  began    as   for   many   Australian  Politicians  at  the   Eureka  Stockade   and  the  First  Fleet.
Yet     idiotic  voters,  with  alcohol-induced-brain-   damage  at    45--50,    made  him   a  Prime   Minister!

As  a  youth   in  Australia,    dependent  as   most  of us  are,   on  the  keeping   of   a  work  place,     obsessed   with    patching-up,   acquiring/improving     my    education,   I   had  no leisure  or  energy    to    see   the   realities   behind    the   Australian   Myths. 

Old   age,  solitary/isolated   leisure,    education,  training,    and  the    pension  for   which   I   thank   the     Australians,    are   allowing   me    the    gift  of   seeing  realities  and  truth   never   suspected    in  my   youth----------I  admit   they  are   not   totally    bad.......he.....he.....he.....,   but   for  how  long?..........Considering  all   the    incompetence,   stupidity,   inconsistency  and   self-sabotage   that  is    characterizing    this   Continent's    great   blunders..........I   wonder.      I  am  glad  I'll   be  dead   before    I  get   caught    in   the   inhexorably    forthcoming   crunch.     Like   our   anscestors,    we,   in  our   family,    have    a     sort   of       foresight,    etched    in our   DNA    through  centuries     of   European   History.
The   smell   is   strongly    GOATISH!

Take  the  issue  of   the   FIRES........Australians  are  rebuilding  the   houses     in   fire-prone        areas   with    highly   combustible    pine  timber,     and   allowing    gas   to  be  used   therein.
Why  not  use    steel   frames    and     corrugated steel    sheeting?      Why  is   not   electricity    only     allowed    which   can  be    cut  off    at   will?
I    spent   five  years   in  the   wilderness  of  Baileiston(  Nagambie)   and   built  a   steel    house  there    without   ever    causing   any   fire, and  know    what   I  am  talking   about............. 
Houses  in  nearby    Rushworth  and   elsewhere were    loosing   their  roofs      during     heavy    storms   with    high-velocity   winds,   yet  the      house  I   built   is  still   there.
I  recently  noticed     on  TV,    houses  in   Darwin   which  is  in  a  Cyclone  prone  area,    with    blown  up   roofs    and  it   appeared   to  me   that    some  of the   corrugated--roof--steel   was    too    thin,   judging   from  the  tears  in  it,     and  not   of   the    cyclone-type.   Have  you heard   about    HIGH--   TENSILE     FINELY    PROFILED   STEEL   SHEETS   (  'STRAMIT ' etc.  )??????    
I  know   what  I  am   talking  about   because    I    am    an  ex-engineer   and poured  over  catalogs   for   weeks    when   designing  the    house  in  Bailieston.
Also,  in    cyclone-prone-areas   nailing   should  not  be   acceptable   and  some    bolting     is required.     But........I  say.........where   is   your    mythological  intelligence/cleverness/cunning  oh   Australians?

The  reason    for   going   bush   was    surviving    retrenchment   by  those   nitwits  by  the  name  of   Whitlam,   Bob  Hawke   and  Keating,   Bob's   disciple,  who    idiotically  pushed  their  level   global-trading    policies    with   a   neighbour   such  as  Asia   where   workers   are   labouring  under   medieval    conditions.
And  Canberra  is   full  of    their   disciples.............
Shall  I  mention  names?
And  these  pen-pushing-lawyers    from  Canberra, destroyed  overnight   small Australian  manufacturers.
When   in   Europe,  in   2004,   I   was   continuously    apologizing   to   my    more    civilized,   better   dressed   relatives    for     being  able   to  wear   only   cheap  Chinese    clothing   and   whatever    else   I  wore.      Aaahhh    yes........I'll   give   you   oh  esteemed    readers   a   particular   example  of   a   complaint  I   have   about   Chinese     underpants  of  the    James  Bond   type,  seems   male  Chinese   may   have    smaller   balls   than   I,   as    one  of  my  balls    appears   to   always    not   be   able   to   fit  in  the   crotch   of  their   knickers   and   therefore    hang    hopelessly  and  helplessly    out.......bloody  uncomfortable  I'd   say......what?    Now  is  this    fit   for  an  Australian  male   deprived  of   adequate   Australian-made   knickers   designed  for   large--balled    Americans    and  Europeans?
It  must  be   our   diets    of    spaghetti  and   corn-  flakes. 
I  have   been  tempted    to   buy   female---ones    as  it  appears   they  enjoy     the  availability   of  generously    sized   ones.
How   comes?
Larger   posteriors?
But  then   I   would  be  labelled    either   a   feticist   or  a  transvestite  and   be  harassed   by  all   sort  of   sexual   deviationists!

Looking  at   the    Queensland---floodings........again    there is   there   a  great  deal  of   stupidity,  lack of   foresight,   self-inflicted   sabotage,  general    incompetence.
Yet,    the    answer    many  came  up  with   is  that    the   Nina  is  at   fault.
But   if   we   know   about  the   Nina  through  our  most  enlightened   Doctors   of  this  and  that  University   with   Doctorate  Degrees   and   what  not,   including   computers,    why can  we  not     plan    our    locations,    buildings,     drainage   systems,    whatever  may  required    by  using  that    celebrated   cleverness   our  Myths   tell   us    we  all    possess?
Bullcrap............and  they    are  all   going   to  stolidly    rebuild    exactly  as  it   was......and    wait  for   a  re-occurrence  of  the  same!
Australians    you   are   dangerous!
Why   not    rebuild    and   elevate   the    houses   or   change  location?    Too   expensive?
Perhaps   that  is   where   money   should  be   spent,   not  in    over-ambitious,  megalomaniac,   Broadband   many  in Europe   do  not  have  and  do  not   want.    Australians,    please   re-dimension    your   expectations   and    ambitions.
Finally,   the  greatest   Australian   inconsistent,  illogical,    stupid    utterance   that  I  have  been  hearing   for years   now,     no  one  appearing   to  notice  it,    warning  about    the    aging    population   of  Australia  while    pursuing    the    dream   of    the  prolongation  of  LIFE..........
So,   the  aging  population  is   not    sustainable,   they  also  say,    unless   we   bring  in  migrant---youth,    many   of    whom   are unemployable   and  a  dead   weight,    breeding    no-hopers   like    rattle  snakes,   who,  in   their  turn,    stress   the   system   with  their   extended  families    and  reunions,   of    ill  and  old   migrants,   these   youth     to  be supposedly  used  as   sacrificial./propitiating    offerings   to the    GOD  OF  ETERNAL   YOUTH,   while   billions  are  being  spent    not   to   relieve    medical--systems--overloads,   which   would    help  our  medical    staff   to  remain   human,    but   to    PROLONG  LIFE   for    people    who  are   totally   useless,  many  of    whom   have   abused    their    organs    in   excessive   and   futile   sporting   activities,  or   excessive   fornications,    or   by   the     epicurean    style   of    their    lives.
You  make  me   spew!
Sorry  to  be   so    hard,   but   you  really   worry  me!
I  am  not  a  Politician!
I  am  a  Theologian!
I  do  not   crawl   up  people  asses  or  cleavages!


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