Friday, February 4, 2011

Post 319. Is the Q'uranic 'bourka' a head dress or a simple Braa?

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Is  the  Q'uranic   'bourka'   a   head  dress  or  a    simple   Braa?
German  Islamic,   Q'uranic,   Scholarship  has    revealed  the  existence  of   ancient  Christian---Syriach  religious  texts  which  have  been  used   in  ca.   750  AD,  (  the   Blessed  Mohammed.........May  Allaah    keep  him   under  the   shade  of  Allaah's  wings,   died  in   ca.  632   AD )   in  the  redaction   of  the  Q'uran   by  Arabic   Redactors,     when  the  Arabic  Alphabet,   Grammar  and  Lexicon   were    compiled.
It   is  of  interest  to  report  that  the    'Bourka'  which   was  translated    in   Arabic    as   'head  dress'  was  in  the   Syriach  original  meant   to  be  a  sort  of  'Braa'   used   to keep  the  female's   and    perhaps    even   some   poor eunuch's   mammary  glands   from  moving  all  over the  place,    while   riding  a  camel........Allaah   forbids  it........
The   reference   to   the  'braa'   was  apparently,  says  the  German   Scholar,  too   much   for  the   arabic  sexual   sensitivities  of  those   times.   So   it  became   a  modest   head-dress.
Allaah   akbar!


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